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I am Vegeta ch 1

Chapter 1: Crossing into Vegeta

“Where is this?”

When Ryan opened his eyes, he found himself in a strange world.

Ryan is a super fan of Dragon Ball Z. He remembered himself watching “Dragon Ball Z” anime, before sleeping……

Who would have thought that when he wakes up he actually found himself in a strange place?

Looking around, Ryan saw a black piece, his nose and mind were filled to a different kind of smell because space was full of moist smell, and then sensing his body, but it was a horrific discovery, there was no sense of discomfort on the body. He was full of explosive power.

“Did I cross the world?” Ryan gets excited in his heart and quickly stood up from the ground.

Suddenly, Ryan felt a sense of dizziness. Soon, his mind filled with a lot of information.

Yes, he actually crossed the world of Dragon Ball Z, and had the body of Vegeta.

This is the body of Prince Vegeta.

However, after Ryan learned about the current situation of Vegeta, he was no longer excited but he was depressed and almost vomit blood.

Oh, right now Vegeta is only five years old. It is no wonder that Ryan feels that his body is very small.

Wait, five years old!

Ryan, who knows the history of Dragon Ball Z, suddenly feels like a whirlwind, as if a hammer hits his chest and falls into a long silence.

Frieza destroyed the Planet Vegeta. That’s why, from the beginning of his life, Vegeta wandering in this vast universe.

Ryan quickly calmed down, he had to find a new way for himself. According to the history he knew, Vegeta goes to the earth, and fought a battle with Goku and after that, his strength starts to soar.

However, at this time Goku seems to be still in the womb of his mother, right?

When he was looking at himself, he just got cured from his serious injury. Because of the special blood of the Saiyan, his power improved.

That being the case…

“His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness Prince.”

Just as Ryan thinking about his whole situation, he heard someone shouting outside.

“Come in.” Ryan took a deep breath, and he decided to explore the strength of Vegeta itself.

From today, I am Vegeta.

The person who came was a teenager about fifteen or sixteen years old, looks a bit rough, Vegeta quickly recognizes, this boy was Nappa.

“His Royal Highness, Zarbon is here.” The screaming mouth said, the reason for this expression was that his nose and face were swollen at this time, it seems to have just fought with someone.

“Zarbon? Why he is come here?” Vegeta looked at Nappa and said to himself, then frowned. The history inside the Dragon Ball Z was not very detailed, especially about the story of Vegeta when he was a child.

However, Zarbon was a person he knows. This person looks handsome. In fact, he is very sultry and one of Frieza’s close-knit brothers.

Vegeta can be sure that Zarbon is coming at this time, certainly not a good thing.

Without paying attention to Nappa, Vegeta walked straight out of the cave.

Vegeta planet was almost the same as Earth, but because of the war, Vegeta planet has been somewhat degraded.

I thought that the planet named after myself would be destroyed soon. Vegeta’s mind suddenly gave birth to a strange thought.

If this planet exploded, would it be very interesting…

This idea made Vegeta a little surprised.

What I am thinking? It’s because if you become a Saiyan, you will be born with the inherent nature of killing?

Just as Vegeta thinking about his own nature, he heard a scornful voice coming from the side.

“Hey, presumably you are the prince whose named after the Vegeta planet? Your friend’s fighting power was good, it has reached more than 3,000, but unfortunately the level was a bit poor, completely vulnerable, just look at me I am completely fine.”

He is a foreigner who has indigo skin, fish-faced, a detector on the left eye, and looks strange, Vegeta looked at him, he is looking a bit familiar. Later, he found in the blink of an eye that Nappa was glaring at that man. Obviously, the scar on the face of Nappa was caused by this person.

“His Royal Highness, I forget to introduce myself, my name is Cui.” The aliens looked at Vegeta with a smile and said his name.

Cui? Vegeta remembered it.

Isn’t this the idiot that was killed by himself a few years later? However, looking at the current situation, it seems that the strength of this person is not low, it is estimated that the other party has already known the value of his combat power because of the detector, otherwise he will not be so arrogant.

Vegeta did not pay attention, turned and left, anyway, this idiot will be destroyed sooner or later, let him swear.

Was ignored!

Cui’s face has become a bit ugly.

“Oh, Saiyan’s from Planet Vegeta was a waste, that can’t even fight with me.” Cui arrogantly said.

For this insulting speech, Vegeta stops in his place. He smiled coldly then turned and looked at Cui.

“What? Do you want to compete with me? Do you know what my combat power is? Ah!” Cui looked at Vegeta with a contemptuous look, and the contemptuous look was beyond words.

“Let’s try!” Vegeta snorted and greeted Nappa. He whispered, “How much is this idiot’s fighting power?”

“You will…” When Nappa heard the words of Vegeta, he quickly used the detector to test the combat power of Cui and said, “Ten thousand or so, and prince fighting power is comparable.”

“Approximately 10,000…” Vegeta grinned, just as he wanted to try this body. So he looked at Cui’s eyes eagerly.

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