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I am Vegeta ch 2

Chapter 2: Leave you with your pathetic life

“What? Does your Royal Highness want to fight with me? I tell you, you are not my opponent!” Cui smiled coldly, and the scornful color in his eyes was even worse.

“You want to fight…”

Vegeta did not hesitate at all. At that time, he took out an energy ball of light and went straight to Cui.

He did not think that this kind of power he can use.

Originally, Ryan, who was a human being on earth, thought that if he wanted to adapt to this body, he needed a long period of time. He never thought that he can adapt the power of Vegeta so easily, as if he was born to be a Saiyan.

“I will!”

Cui never expected, Vegeta actually agrees to fight.

When he was busy in his thought that was too late, Cui’s body hit by an energy streamer. After a few flashes, he finally escaped the energy wave attacks.

Because of the inability to prevent the energy waves, deep blue blood starts coming from Cui’s mouth.

“You idiot!” Cui was irritated, and suddenly the momentum increased several times.

Vegeta was a little stunned because he suddenly sensed the mighty atmosphere of the other side and the terrible fighting power.

The next moment, he saw Cui single-handedly waving forward, a ball full of energy rushing out.

Vegeta’s face changed slightly, and then he quickly flew into the air.

Wow, I can fly.

Ryan was so excited that his face was also can’t hide the feeling, this body has actually the 100% fitness.

When Ryan was busy to appreciate Vegeta’s body in his thoughts, he suddenly realized that there was huge energy coming from behind him, and the speed was so fast that he was stunned.

He knew that it was Cui who launched a rebellion.

The energy of this attack was quite powerful!

At this moment, it seems to be very difficult to avoid the opponent’s full blow!

However, at this time, Vegeta suddenly found that the energy in his body came out, and it was just as rocket-like.

Cui, who is already flying up, just prepared to start the fight with Vegeta, but at this moment it has become a stalwart.

Because, through his detector, he found that Vegeta’s combat power is gradually improving.

“One thousand, two thousand, three thousand…”

Finally, the detector showed that Vegeta’s combat power has been raised to 15,000.

“This…this…this is impossible! This is impossible!” Cui’s face was become pale, and the body slammed.

Yes, the detector must have failed.


Vegeta’s fighting power is obviously not that high, it can’t be more than a thousand!

This detector has failed at a critical moment!

Cui has not taken care of the value on the detector, and suddenly broke out with a powerful punch, like a dragon in a hole, carrying extremely powerful energy.

“Vegeta, you will die!” Cui screamed.

Suddenly, with a slow and merciless backhand, Vegeta slapped on Cui’s face.

Cui was shocked at this time.

Fast speed!

He clearly had punched him, but the result was a slap on the face from the other party.

So, was the value above the detector accurate?

Impossible, impossible, he is only a Saiyan, how can he have such a strong combat power?

Cui was shocked, and the whole body was pumping. It seemed that he refused to believe this fact.

Vegeta slapped him again.

“You…” Cui was full of anger, and his face was somewhat distorted.

This kind of face-lifting behavior has seriously hurt Cui’s self-respect. His face flowing with his blue blood.


Vegeta smiled softly, once again slamming his hand and slap on the face of Cui.

“Bastard, you completely irritated me, I want to kill you!”

Cui was furious because he was beaten three times by a five-year-old child. He felt that he will be blasted like a volcano. He was so angry that he started to tremble. The momentum of the whole body has increased several times again, and entire sky was filled with the light which came from Cui.

Then among the hands of Cui, there was already a condensed energy ball of light, and an arc of electric current surged on it.

Huge energy, as if like that will destroy the entire starry sky. All the Saiyan people who were present there were scared and stunned.

Especially Nappa, his face was become pale, as if the energy will be going to hit him.

“You can go to hell!” Cui looked at Vegeta and throw the energy ball.


Vegeta smiled softly, flew up and then slammed.


Energy light ball flew in the smoke, and the next moment, blood came out from Cui’s mouth, which was particularly dazzling in this blue sky.

Vegeta flew up and the small fist flicked down.

Cui seemed to be a shell, and after a loud bang, he fell heavily on the ground.

Because the energy was so high, more and more Saiyan people came to look for the scene, and after seeing the powerful scene of Vegeta, everyone’s face filled with shocking colors. At the same time, every Saiyan admired and feel very proud.

“His Royal Highness is only five years old, and he has 15,000 combat power. He is too strong.”

“Isn’t Cui Frieza’s dog? How dare they provoke our Prince Vegeta!”

At one time, many Saiyan people talked a lot, looking at Vegeta’s eyes, one by one like chicken blood.

Vegeta slowly came to the ground and smiled at Cui who was lying on the ground.

“Vegeta, spare me!” Cui feels that the bones of the whole body have to be broken, and there was no strength.

He never imagined that this five-year-old boy would have such a strong fighting power, and it is too far more than himself.

“If I will leave you this dog’s like life, how far do you think you will go!”

Vegeta smiled coldly.

As for killing him is nothing more than giving a small slap on Frieza’s face. Vegeta does not have worry about this.

All Saiyan people’s were shocked.

For a small time, the entire field fraught with a strange silence, only the breezy wind blowing, and a piece of dust was raised on the planet.

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