I am Vegeta ch 25

Chapter 25: The full moon again.

Jeice and Recoome nodded their head, and the flames were already running in their hands.

When the three were going to start, they heard a voice coming from afar.

“Don’t start, right now Vegeta is far away from you and he will appear in front of you within an hour.”

After Hearing this voice, Ginyu became angry.

“An hour? We are not dumb.” Ginyu screamed.

“Captain, what’s happened, why are you become angry?” Jeice puzzled.

“Stupid, we have just seen him half an hour ago, which proves that he is not too far away from us, and now he is saying that he is at a distance of an hour away from us, that means they are lying.” Captain Ginyu shouted.

“Anyway Captain, rest assured, their spaceship has been destroyed, so now Vegeta can’t play any tricks? And I have already investigated the current level of technology on the earth too. Even if they have their own spaceship, their speed will be very slow and they can’t compete with us. We can easily catch him.” Jeice smiled, but others are not agreed.

“Okay, then wait for an hour. But if he doesn’t appear after an hour, don’t blame me for destroying the planet!” Ginyu nodded and yelled.

After hearing this, Vegeta was finally relieved. In this hour, he could summon the dragon and realize his wish.

“Captain, we really have to wait for Vegeta an hour? We already waited for him half an hour, it’s too boring.” Recoome sighed.

“Of course it’s boring to wait, hey, I have a plan.” Captain Ginyu smiled and pressed the detector, his face flashed with excitement: “I found him.”

“Whom have you found?” Jeice and Recoome look at each other and then asked.

“Of course, I found the person who just talked to us.” Captain Ginyu smiled very cheerfully: “Oh, let me see, his combat power.”

“His combat power is only about 180, this guy is weak.”

“Captain, what’s the use of this guy? He is a waste.” Jeice said.

“Don’t say that, sometimes, waste things are very useful.” Captain Ginyu said, and then glanced at Guldo who is just reached there from afar, smiled at him, and continued: “You have Didn’t find Vegeta it seems that someone is helping him which is from earth, so if we seize the waste, can you find him?”

“Captain, I have already discovered the trace of Vegeta.” Guldo said and then inserted a sentence: “We can go to Vegeta directly. Why do you want to catch that person?”

“Idiot, when we will go to chase him, he will definitely hide his breath. And then we wouldn’t be able to find him.” Ginyu said

“The captain is wise.” Jeice and Recoome both nodded.

“Ok then let’s go now.” Captain Ginyu looked at Guldo. Then they quickly flew toward the location of King Piccolo.

Vegeta, who was flying alongside Kami, suddenly felt that Captain Ginyu’s action is quit odd, and then his brows wrinkled.

“What’s wrong?” Kami asked.

“The situation of Demon King Piccolo’s will be not very good. Can he hide his breath?” Vegeta asked in a worried tone.

“He can’t.” Kami shook his head and hid his own breath. He also just learned it recently.

“This is bad!” Vegeta’s heart sinks.

He is not worried about the safety of Piccolo, but if Piccolo will die then Kami who was the part of piccolo will also die.

When Kami will die, the Dragon Balls will also disappear, and then his own wishes will be lost too.

Vegeta quickly thought about how to save piccolo.

“You tell Piccolo first, he is in trouble, see what he say?” Vegeta suggested.

“I have already told him, he said he will hide.” Kami whispered.

“Hide. What a joke. They people have detectors. If he can’t hide his breath, it’s easy to know where he is.” Vegeta told Kami.

“What do you say?” Kami was shocked.

“You ask Piccolo, did he dig up the Dragon Balls?” Vegeta said.

Kami is connected with Piccolo by spirit he doesn’t need a detector or something else, even he don’t need to say something at all.

Soon, Kami shook his head which means the Dragon Balls are still in its original positions.

“Good, you tell Piccolo, that don’t dig up the Dragon Balls, just find a place to hide and don’t show up.” Vegeta said, and then the whole person’s momentum suddenly increased.


Ginyu Force, who was flying towards the direction of Piccolo, suddenly stopped. Vegeta’s breath was so powerful that it was captured by the detector.

“60,000 combat power of Vegeta!”

Seeing the value on the detector, Jeice and Recoome’s body were become numb.

“Captain, is the detector malfunctioning, how can Vegeta’s combat power reach 60,000?” Jeice could not believe this fact.

Captain Ginyu was also shocked for a moment, then smiled: “It is not a malfunction, he easily kill Burter, and prove that his combat power is not a problem. This Saiyan is really not simple.”

“Captain, he raised his combat power to such a high level, what we should do now?” Jeice puzzled.

“I don’t know.” Ginyu shook his head. After a little while, he suddenly told to his force: “Guys immediately pay attention to the movements in the sky, just make sure that will not make a full moon!” Captain Ginyu screamed.

They quickly stopped and watched every move in the sky.

After waiting for about three minutes, a flash flew towards the sky, emitting a hot flame, as if a round moon was shining.

“Crush this flash!” Ginyu loudly told.


With a loud bang, the flash was crushed.

“Vegeta, what are you trying to do by this?” Kami asked.

“How much time is left for full moon? Vegeta did not answer the question of Kami, but asked one.

“Full moon? It’s still early.” Kami said.

“You are god of the earth, can’t you have a way to make the full moon come early?” Vegeta asked again.

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