I am Vegeta ch 26

Chapter 26: Great Demon Fallen

Kami smiled and shook his head. How could he have this kind of power?

“So, we can’t waste the time, we have to reach there as soon as possible.” Vegeta said and then grabbed Kami’s hand and flew quickly toward the location of the Dragon Balls like a white light.

Vegeta even regretted putting the Dragon Balls in the ground. The reason why he did it was because he was afraid that he would hurt the Dragon Balls during the fight. Besides, he did not expect the Ginyu Force to come so fast.

However, it’s useless to regret this now, and right now he just has to hurry up as soon as possible to summon the dragon.

After ten minutes, Vegeta again threw a energy ball of light on the sky.


The energy ball that just flew up was once again crushed by Ginyu and others.

“Wait, there is something wrong!” Ginyu suddenly shouted.

“What happened, Captain?” Jeice and others asked.

“This is not a man-made full moon. This little monster is deceiving us.” Captain Ginyu sneered.

Just as he said, there was another strong light rise above the sky, and a spherical ball of energy light was revealed.

“Look at it? It’s just a very common energy ball, don’t bother. I want to see, what he wants to do.” Ginyu smiled, this time they don’t attack.

When Vegeta saw that the energy ball that he had emitted was not broken, he shook his head with a smile. It seems that Ginyu has noticed that it’s a fake artificial full moon.

However, fortunately, they had become stagnant after fighting with Vegeta for a while.

At this moment, Vegeta suddenly sensed that Nappa was flying toward his side.

“You give me the detector.” Vegeta directly ordered.

Nappa didn’t dare to neglect Vegeta’s order, so he threw his detector towards him.

Vegeta quickly put the detector, adjusted its call line, and found their frequency band after the base. He said with a smile: “Ginyu, your grandfather Vegeta will meet you soon.”

“Little monster, you finally speaking.” Ginyu said with a smile: “It seems you know a lot. Even you know that I am Captain Ginyu. Was your father told you about me?”

“Ginyu, I don’t want talk nonsense with you.” Vegeta sneered: “I admit that I can’t compete with you, but if you give me half an hour, I will definitely beat you.”

“Half an hour? In half an hour you will improved your combat power more than 120,000? What a joke? What can you do in this half hour?” Ginyu smiled and naturally didn’t believe in the words of Vegeta.

“What? Are you afraid?” Vegeta smiled evilly.

“Ok, as you wish, I will give you half an hour. But after half an hour if you don’t appear, then the earth will disappear with you.” Ginyu threatened Vegeta, and then added a sentence: “By the way, next time don’t use your childish tricks on me. What? You think your artificial full moon can lie to me? He he.”

“Reassured, I know that you will break the man-made full moon, I do that just to tease you.” Vegeta laughed back.

Ginyu no longer talked to Vegeta, and temporarily turned off the call line then told to others: “Vegeta is travelling towards the person who has just 180 combat power, so in this case, we have to reach there first to see what is so special about that waste.”

Jeice and others nodded and then rushed towards the location of King Piccolo.

Vegeta was become speechless by Ginyu’s obsession. He didn’t expect that Ginyu will still going to look for King Piccolo.

Although Vegeta is flying with Kami, and he is faster than Ginyu Force, but the problem is that they are much closer to King Piccolo than him.

“This is bad!” Vegeta was become anxious because if Piccolo will be killed, so his plan will be finish too.

Kami also sighed, and revealed his pale face: “Your face expression is saying that I would be dying soon.”

Vegeta looked at Kami and gritted his teeth.

After few moments, Ginyu Force finally found King Piccolo.

Although Demon King Piccolo try his best to avoiding the pursuit of Ginyu Force, but his combat power is too low. In others eyes, there is nothing he can do.

“Are you the one, who just talked to us?” Ginyu looked at King Piccolo.

“Why are you finding me?” King Piccolo asked in a cold voice.

“Captain, he seems to be a Namekian.” Jeice inserted a word.

“Oh? How can a Namekian appear on Earth? This is quite strange.” Ginyu was a little surprised.

“Captain, I heard that the Planet Namek suffered with a natural disaster, so many Namekians sent to the other planets. It is normal for him to come on the earth.” Jeice had a little understanding of Planet Namek.

Ginyu nodded, apparently not interested in the history of Namekians, he smiled and looked at King Piccolo then asked: “Vegeta said that he wants half an hour, and after that he can beat me. Tell me, what he wants to do during this time?”

“There is a different room in our place. The day outside is equivalent to one year of that room, so Vegeta intends to go there and practice.” Piccolo tried to calm down himself and said seriously.

After Ginyu and others heard the words, they were all stunned.

After a few seconds, Ginyu looked at Piccolo with a smile: “You liar! One day outside, one year inside? Hey, this lie, you go to lie to the ghost!”

“You believe it or not, it’s your problem!” Piccolo shook his head.

“I am asking you again, what Vegeta wants to do during this time?” Ginyu asked with a gloomy face.

Under the anger of the heart Piccolo is about to vomit blood, he suddenly burst, and the next moment, a strong storm released from his hands and went straight to Ginyu and others, and then screamed: “The earth is mine, you are not allowed to occupy my earth!”.

Ginyu and others laughed at the attack of King Piccolo.

Ginyu and others still were standing perfectly fine in front of Piccolo.

After looking that Piccolo suddenly feel the cold sweat in his back.

“The earth is yours, but it sounds a joke.” Ginyu smiled at Piccolo, and then his face became cold: “I am giving you last chance, tell me what Vegeta intends to do?”

“I already told you.” King Piccolo smiled: “He will cultivate in the Spiritual Time House, and tried to defeat you.”

When Piccolo said this Ginyu’s face became gloomy then he grabbed the neck of Piccolo and said: “I gave you a chance to tell me the truth, but you choose to lie!”

After the talk, Ginyu punched Piccolo on the chest.


A powerful light filled through the chest of Piccolo. When Piccolo looked at it, his chest is already revealing a deep blood hole, which made him shock.

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