I am Vegeta ch 27

Chapter 27: False alarm

“Captain, why are you killing him? After all, he is just a waste” Jeice was somewhat puzzled.

“Because he lied to me, I have already given him a chance.” Ginyu smiled coldly: “I am the one who hates those, who try to deceive me. Although he is a waste, but I will not spare him!” ”

“How did he lie to you, Captain?” Jeice asked.

“Vegeta is not practicing. First thing, if you think about it, Vegeta can’t practice at this time because he is moving. How can someone move while practicing?” Ginyu said: “Second thing, one day outside is equivalent to one year of that room, only kids can be fool by this kind of lie, but I am not a kid. Also, I always feel that this person is dangerous for us, so killing he is a good idea.”

“Captain you are so intelligent!” Jeice and Recoome’s said with the inspirational eyes.

Ginyu’s face was filled with happiness after hearing the praises.

Vegeta, who was holding Kami’s hand while he was flying, suddenly feels a bit strange. When he looked back he became shocked, because Kami’s body became blurred.

Vegeta sinks in his heart and rushed to sense Piccolo’s breathe. After sensing Piccolo’s breath, he feels like falling into an ice cave.

After all, he was a bit late.

Vegeta feels that the sky was going to collapse, Piccolo was dead then Kami will soon be air, and in the next moment, the Dragon Balls will become a stone.

Everything has been finished.

It seems that Frieza’s authority is still unable to challenge.

After crossing, Ryan thought that he could change the fate of Vegeta. But!

He still can’t kill Frieza.

Does he have wait for Goku to come to Earth and then start from the beginning?

Vegeta is frustrated because the speed of cultivation was too slow to become a Super Saiyan. Everything became like empty talk.

“Ha ha ha, Vegeta, can you hear me?”

At this time, a harsh sound of Ginyu also came through the detector.

“What?” Vegeta asked.

“I have a piece of good news, your microphone had been destroyed by me, hey, you must be angry?” Ginyu said arrogantly with a smile.

After hearing such provocative words, Vegeta really didn’t know what to say.

He feels really defeated.

“Little prince, although I don’t know what this person is for you, but I can see that this person is very important to you, ha ha ha, isn’t he?” Captain Ginyu said very cheerfully.

“I am going to kill you!” Vegeta said, and after that, he turned off his detector.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

When Jeice and Recoome hearing Vegeta’s words, they became worried, they thought that Captain Ginyu will become angry but after seeing the reaction of Ginyu they became shocked because Ginyu didn’t get angry at all even he starts dancing excitedly.

“Captain, Vegeta is getting mad, haha.” Jeice said with smile.

“Hey, he has a bit of bad luck.” Captain Ginyu smiled a little, after a moment later he said again: “It seems that Vegeta really lives with the people of earth. We have to find another one again, and make sure that guy has high fighting power. I want to make Vegeta regretful for his words.”

“Captain, I found out that there is a guy with 3,000 or so combat power, we can kill him. He seems to be very close to Vegeta. His death must be very painful for him.” Jeice said with a very joyful face expression like he discovered a New World, and he points to the distant east.

“Idiot, that person is Nappa.” Captain Ginyu said: “Well, we can kill Nappa first. Anyway, after a certain time, Lord Frieza will destroy Planet Vegeta. So let’s finish those Saiyan’s first who is on earth.”

Jeice and Recoome nodded and agreed.

The next moment, Ginyu force crossed a white light on the sky and rushed toward the location where Nappa was.

“Vegeta, I didn’t expect this moment come so fast…” Kami’s figure at this time was getting more and more blurred.

“Kami, what do you want to say, as long as I can do it.” Vegeta sighed, and he even felt that his fate was so miserable.

“I think you have a little conscience.” Kami smiled and speak again: “But, Piccolo is really has a good heart.”

Vegeta looked at Kami, and he found that Kami’s expression was a bit too bad.

Could it be that?

The next moment, Vegeta was surprised because Kami’s figure suddenly became clear again.

Vegeta stunned, what is going on?

In a few seconds Kami had restored his original appearance, and his body had restored its original colour.

“What’s wrong?” Vegeta was very surprised and carefully touched Kami’s body.

Strange, Piccolo’s smell had indeed disappeared. Why are Kami still alive?

“Let’s go, I will tell you the truth on the way.” Kami smiled and flew with Vegeta.

Vegeta was too puzzled, Kami starts to explain while they were flying.

“Piccolo guy condensed his body’s essence on his son when he was dying. Now his son has hidden in a safe position and because his life is in the egg, so his breath is completely shielded.” Kami smiled and said.

Vegeta was shocked.

A false alarm!

Piccolo is really interesting.

“When we reach at the destination, we quickly have to hide the breath, so we can’t be discovered by them!” Vegeta looked at the destination in front, and told to Kami.

Kami nodded solemnly.

“Kami, what are you doing with me? Right now Piccolo’s son is in the egg. How do you integrate with him? It is better for you to go back to your temple.” Vegeta said. Vegeta feels that this guy was a bit unmanageable.

Vegeta needs Kami’s Dragon Balls, not himself.

“You are busy and alone, I will stay here with you.” Kami smiled, but did not leave.

Vegeta frowned, he always feels that Kami seems to had any ulterior motives.

However, now he was too lazy to argue with Kami, and the distance from the Dragon Balls was getting small and small.

The place where Vegeta placed the Dragon Balls was a messy stone mountain. It was easier to hide it, and it was difficult for them to be discovered by Ginyu.

After Ginyu flew for a while, he was getting closer and closer to Nappa.

Suddenly, Ginyu stopped in midair and looked at the east.

“Captain, what’s wrong?” Jeice asked with a pazzled expression.

“Maybe you don’t know but there is one more person who is close to Vegeta and his combat power of about 100 or so. If we kill him, Vegeta will definitely be angrier.” Captain Ginyu smiled and confidently said.

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