I am Vegeta ch 28

Chapter 28: Shenlong appears

“Captain is wise, than let’s go.” Jeice and Recoome nodded hard, they want to kill Nappa first but they didn’t dare to say something against Ginyu.

“Let’s go!”

Captain Ginyu turned into a white light and rushed to the direction of temple.

Nappa, who was preparing to escape, found that Ginyu force was flying in another direction, and then his hanging heart was finally relaxed.

At the same time, Karin and Popo, who were watching the movements of Ginyu force from the temple, suddenly become scared they became so shocked like they saw their death.

“Oh… they found us!” Karin was shocked and swayed.

“Karin, what should we do? Let’s escape from here?” Mr. Popo said nervously.

“Escape? But how? It’s useless!” Karin shook his head and quickly calmed down. “I want to die with the temple!”

“Karin, this is my line!” Mr. Popo also made a decision.

They two looked at each other and smiled.

Ginyu, who was flying, suddenly gave a sneer and said: “Hey, Vegeta has hidden the fighting power. It seems that we are right.” After that, Jeice asked: “How long is the time remaining according to the agreed time?”

“There are still ten minutes.” Ginyu said, after that again Jeice asked a Question: “Captain, if Vegeta doesn’t come, what we should do?”

“He will come, he will come!” Captain Ginyu said with a smile and then he talked to Vegeta through the detector. “Little prince, time is coming, are you still going to keep hiding yourself?”

“Not yet, there is still ten minutes left. Are you so anxious to die?” Vegeta sneered and said.

“Well…it’s hard to wait.” Ginyu said after a little pause he starts to speak again: “Oh, by the way, I have good news for you, I found another companion of your on earth, his fighting power is around 150, and now I am going to kill him.”

“Oh? Are you talking about an old white cat? I also feel that he is not pleasing to the eye, you have to kill him for me.” Vegeta said.

He didn’t have much affection for Karin, so he also doesn’t have any problem regarding his death as long as Kami will safe.

“Oh? Really?” Ginyu didn’t believe on Vegeta’s words, he thinks that Vegeta trying to lie to him: “You will see, I will soon find the location of that person we talked about.”

“Then thank you with my whole heart.” Vegeta said after that he turned off the communicator.

At this moment, Vegeta finally dig up the Dragon Balls from the ground.

“Now I finally fulfil my wish!” Vegeta said with a excited face.

After struggling for so long, the wish will come true, can Vegeta be unhappy?

“Vegeta, I am here to make clear the words beforehand. After realize your wishes, please leave the earth immediately, earth doesn’t welcome you.” Kami said cold-heartedly.

“What do you mean?” Vegeta asked.

“If you was not came on earth so those aliens were also not come. That’s why you have to leave the earth after that the earth can live peacefully.” Kami said and after a small pause added a sentence: “If you don’t agree, I won’t let you realize your wishes!”

“Ok, I promise you.” “Vegeta thought for a while and then agreed on Kami’s term.

Wait until I realize my wish, first I kill Frieza and then find a suitable planet to stay, and then when that planet will able to live then I will come over and bring Bulma with me, which is also a good choice.

And for earth, I don’t feel too much connection.

“Kami, you will regret on your decision!” Vegeta said with a smile.

Let’s say that Buu, Androids and so many others will destroy the earth so many times.

I know that Nappa had destroyed the lab of the Red Ribbon Army, but Vegeta guessed that it is unlikely to be destroyed. It seems that the lab is hidden in another place, and I am able to find it

At this moment, Ginyu Force finally arrived at the temple.

“I didn’t expect that such a beautiful place exist on this planet.” Ginyu looked at the magnificent building of the temple and couldn’t help feeling it.

“Captain, Vegeta didn’t lie to us, it really is an old cat.” At this time Jeice found Karin and said to Ginyu.

Captain Ginyu nodded and smiled at Karin and asked: “Did you know the purpose of my visit here? Tell me, where is Vegeta?”

“As far as you thought that I am in front of you, I am like a sky.” Karin just said and the next moment he jumped of the surface in the sky.

“Old cat, I can smash you like an ant, you better for you to give me the answer.” Ginyu said with a gloomy face, and coldly watching at Karin: “Tell me, Where is Vegeta?”

“Oh…” Karin is an immortalized cat, but it doesn’t mean that he will tell them truth.

“I didn’t know that the Earth peoples are so stubborn. Well, if you don’t want to answer me then you can die!” Ginyu sneered and said, and then a ray of flame was brewing in his hand.

However, Karin was not afraid at all, and even his face was filled with a smile that looks like he wants to play with his death.

“Shenlong, Come out!”

Vegeta looked at the seven Dragon Balls and shouted.


Suddenly the seven Dragon Balls radiated a golden light.

Along with a loud noise, a gold column went straight up to the sky, and suddenly the sky became extremely dark.

The sky was filled gale, thunder and lightning.

An extremely large dragon was in the sky, which was screamed.

Ginyu, who was ready to hit Karin by his energy ball, found that the sky suddenly became to be incomparably dark.

“Jeices? What happened?” Ginyu asked.

“Captain, I am also wondering, there are still five hours left for the sunrise, then why the sky suddenly darkened… very strange.” Jeice shook his head, and said.

“Captain, look at it!” Recoome pointed to the dragon, who was screaming in the sky in the.

Ginyu looked at the direction where Recoome pointed. After looked there his brows wrinkled tightly together, and then he took a closer look.

“Vegeta! Look there, he is Vegeta!” Ginyu pointed at the faraway place, a small almost invisible figure.

“Yes, he is Vegeta!” Jeice and Recoome also nodded and said.

“And what is this monster?” Ginyu said with a feeling that things were not very good.

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