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I am Vegeta ch 3

Chapter 3: Goes to Earth

Vegeta ready to disappear from everyone’s eyes.

“His Royal Highness, Prince His Royal Highness!” Nappa slightly squatted and quickly chased up.

“Don’t follow me, Naapa!” Vegeta looked at Nappa squintly .

“His Royal Highness, where are you going? There is someone you have to meet .” Nappa was hesitated a moment then quickly responded.

“You go back and tell him that I don’t have time.” Vegeta replied indifferently and then, suddenly speeded up the flight and leave the Nappa far away.

Vegeta went straight to the Saiyan Cosmic Command Center and he planned to hastly see the Earth when Frieza had not noticed him.

As long as you have the Dragon Balls on the planet, you can achieve any wish.

At that time, let Shenlong transform his body into the regenerable type like a Buu, and then cooperate with the Saiyan blod to heal the injuries, even if I can’t be a Super Saiyan, but I will make Frieza Mad.

In addition, because of the battle Cui and him, Vegeta also discovered that his body seems to contain very powerful energy. However, this energy is not yet easy to control. It seems that it can only fulminate in a dangerous moment.

Because of this Vegeta suddenly remember Goku’ son, Gohan, who had a huge potential for energy.

Could it be said that…

A thought suddenly flashed in Vegeta’s mind, could it be that is because of I was a human being and after coming in Vegeta’s body now I am a mixed blood?

In this way, I also have the vast potential for energy like Gohan?

Ryan was not fully sure, but right now he was very excited.

“His Royal Highness. ” After several commanders saw Vegeta, they got up and said respectfully.

“Give me a spacious spaceship.” Vegeta commanded.

“His Royal Highness, where are you going?” “Commander asked politely.

Vegeta’s face suddenly became indifferent, and looked at the captain obliquely.

“Cough, what are you waiting for, hurry up. Prepare the spaceship for His Royal Highness Prince?” Captain was shocked and hurriedly yelled at his men.

In the blink of an eye, a huge spaceship was ready.

Vegeta looked at the ship and nodded with satisfaction.

“His Highness, we have the most advanced spacecraft on Planet Vegeta, and the speed of flight is also very good. “Captain said to Vegeta with fearey eyes.

“How long does it take to get to the Natal planet to the Milky Way?” Vegeta asked.

“Natal Planet?” Captain hurriedly asked his men : “Is the prince talking about the red planet?”

“Yes.” “The men nodded.

“This planet is too far away from our Planet Vegeta. Even if this is the most advanced spacecraft, it will take nearly half a year to pass”. Captain investigated the data and explained it earnestly.

Vegeta frowned. I didn’t expect it to be that far away. Forget it, anyway from the looks of the spaceship, it is good for the next six months to cultivate and practice

The Spaceship’s door opened then Vegeta went to the inside.

” Launch! ”

With a whistling sound, the spacecraft rushed directly to the universe and just in minutes leave the Vegeta Planet.

Earth, I am coming!

Vegeta shouted in his heart.

Who thinks i am going to Planet Natal let those go to the hell.

At the same time, Zarbon, who was talking to King Vegeta in the palace.

“King Vegeta, what do you mean by this?” Zarbon suddenly staring coldly at King.

“What?” King Vegeta was puzzled.

“I have just received the news from outer space, someone left the Planet Vegeta three minutes ago, it seems that Prince spaceship.” Zarbon said coldly, “King, what is this!”

King Vegeta suddenly got up and told the guards: “Contact Prince Vegeta immediately to see where he is?”

” King Vegeta, are you trying to take the advantage of this situation and send Prince out the Planet Vegeta ?” Zarbon’s face was more and more indifferent, and the gloomy voice came out. “You better give me a satisfactory answer. Lord Frieza wants me to bring little prince back. ”

“Zarbon, I’m King Vegeta who always been true to his word! I think you are mistaken”. King’s said coldly, but also slightly narrowed eyes.

“Okay, very good! So King, you are responsible for what you said!” Zarbon’s momentum suddenly increased several times, and the sound was also improved by eight degrees.

It seems that the situation was somewhat unsatisfactory. During the time, many Saiyan guards came in and surrounded Zarbon.

“King, do you want to rebel?” Zarbon asked.

In the eyes of King Vegeta, the color flashed, and it was not difficult to detect the fear in his eyes , and loudly said: “Let him go!”

At this time, two guards came and said: “King Vegeta, when prince left, he said that he would go to Natal planet.”

King shouted: ” Nappa, Nappa!” Nappa hastly come over and kneel on the ground.

“Didn’t I tell you to call Prince?” King asked.

“Prince Vegeta didn’t listen to me … I… I can’t……..” Nappa said.

King kicked Nappa and shout: “Useless!”

At this moment, a strange alien came hastly and said to Zarbon: ” Zarbon, Cui was seriously injured by Vegeta, his life have no guarantee.”

“What time?” Zarbon asked.

“Half an hour ago,” Man said.

“Why didn’t you report me this before?” Zarbon looked angrily.

“Before… I was busy with the treatment of Cui…so…I…”That man just said that, and suddenly that alien’s whole body covered in the blood.

Everyon who present there and saw such a seane became carefull.

King was also raising his combat power, with the fear of encountering unexpected events.

“Useless!” Zarbon took that man’s hair and throw his head far away from the palace, and he whispered to himself, ” Natal Planet? You want to run, that’s not so easy!”

After Zarbon left the Palace, King personally helped Nappa, and said with the great enthusiasm: “Nappa, you did a good job, smart boy!”

King Vegeta’s suddenly changed behaviour make Nappa stunned.

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