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I am Vegeta ch 4

Chapter 4: Karin Immortal

“Call for prince, call for prince.”

Just after entering the universe, Vegeta was woken up by the voice which came from the control room, the call was from Nappa.

“What?” Vegeta took the phone and asked in a cold voice.

“His Royal Highness, Dodoria is heading in your direction.” Nappa quickly respond.

“Why Dodoria, not Zarbon?” Vegeta asked.

“Oh, maybe Zarbon has something to do here, that’s why he sends Dodoria. I am not sure about this matter”.

“About this matter?” Vegeta laughed.

“And, King deliberately doesn’t stop them, he was saying that let the Prince take care of himself… I heard that Zarbon came here to take you to see Frieza, I did not expect you to leave first”.

“I know it.” Vegeta replied coldly, not paying too much attention. After that, they hang up the phone.

Ryan did not expect that after a change in Vegeta’s body, he would become so different.

Perhaps, Prince Vegeta doesn’t have the slightest bit of feelings.

However, Dodoria will come to catch Vegeta.

Vegeta knows that Dodoria is also one of Frieza’s close-knit brother. Hs is very powerful. Although it is not comparable to Zarbon, but it cannot be underestimated.

“It seems that after arriving at Earth, there would be a fierce battle.” Vegeta’s said then again he start cultivation in the spacecraft.

After the little bit time has passed, Vegeta has gradually become accustomed to living in space.

The familiar Milky Way is already within reach.

Even on the spaceship, Vegeta can see the familiar planets.

Now I am finally here!

After the cultivation, Vegeta found that his combat power has improved a lot.

Vegeta took out the detector and checked his combat power.

“The combat power is 15,000…”

After seeing this combat power value, Vegeta was speechless for a while, and originally thought that it had improved a lot.

But with this 15,000 combat power, he can’t fight with Dodoria.

Vegeta guessed that Dodoria had at least 20,000 combat power.

This fighting power is too low!

Vegeta shook his head and hoped that the earth would make him stronger.

“Boom…” The spacecraft landed in a desert on earth, leaving a deep crater.

“Door opened!”

The spacecraft door opened, and Vegeta flew out from the inside with a detector, and the tail was tightly wrapped around his waist.

Through the detector, Vegeta quickly discovered that 10,000 kilometers away from himself there is a character who has around 200 fighting power.

Two hundred fighting power!

This person is related to the gods!

Vegeta smile that he find the god, then he can also find the legendary Seven Dragon Balls.

Vegeta went straight to that direction.

Earth’s gravity is only one-tenth of Planet Vegeta. At this time, Vegeta feels that his body has become floaty and almost impossible to feel his own existence.

After a quarter of an hour, Vegeta finally saw the Giant Tower, which stood far away.

After looking at the Giant Tower, Vegeta flew in the air and come into it.


The person who had god-like presence was an immortalized cat, Karin.

Vegeta’s breath was too strong with the evil presence. Karin was well-informed and have not jumped from the tower on the spot.

“You are Karin Immortal?” Vegeta chuckled and looked at him with a detector. This old obese cat has around 160 fighting power, which is a good figure.

“Hey, who are you? And what are you doing on Earth?” Karin asked.

“Who I am, it doesn’t matter, I heard that you have super god water, that can tap the potential after drinking, right?” Vegeta asked with a smile.

“Oh, yes, I have super god water, you can come with me.” Karin also made up his mind, let this little monster rush to drink it, and then kill himself!

The earth does not allow such powerful evil characters to exist.

With an idea in mind, Karin took Vegeta to a small room and handed over the bottle containing the super god water.

Vegeta opened the lid and smelled it, and it didn’t seem to have any strange taste.

“Old cat, is this thing really super god water?” Vegeta asked to Karin.

“The goods are really cheap.” When Karin said this by his mouth, he is saying in the mind that: ” Hurry up and drink it, what are you waiting for?”

Vegeta smiled and asked with interest: “It seems that you want me to drink it early? Is it poisoned?”

“Young man, how could this be poison? This is the most amazing super god water in the world. As long as you drink it, your body’s potential will be increased dramatically…” Karin is insincere, but even though he said it, his heart is really wondering, this little monster is so powerful, and he wants to dig a bird.

If his potential will be really increased, the planet will be completely destroyed.

Karin can only pray that super water can poison this little monster.

Vegeta no longer hesitated, seeing the shape of the pot, it seems that there is not much difference between the one used by Goku.

Of course, Vegeta also knows that super god water is also a highly toxic, there is no way to overcome the toxicity, but this is the way to successfully explore their potential.

After drinking the super god water, Vegeta quickly flew away from the Giant Tower and disappeared into the sight of Karin.

The reason for this behavior is, Vegeta was already found that old cat is hostile and the water starts work on his body.

Looking at the back of Vegeta’s disappearance, Karin took a long sigh of relief and sat down on the ground.


“Terrible! ”

“Where does this little monster come? Just looking at him like this, makes me feel like my whole body became lifeless”.

“I am afraid, the guy on top of my head is not the opponent of this little monster?”

Nowadays, I can only pray that this little monster has been destroyed by the poison of Super God Water.

Vegeta had just found a forest for hiding himself because he felt that his internal organs seemed to be misplaced. At that time, he fell on the ground and suffered severe pain, which made his face twisted and the sweat of the beans. The beads rolled down, and breath was so fast that they almost turned their backs.

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