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I am Vegeta ch 5

Chapter 5: Senzu Bean

Vegeta never imagined that Super God Water would have such strong toxicity. Vegeta’s own combat power had reached 15,000. To resist this toxicity, the power is still very low.

Vegeta struggled with his body which has the poison of super god water.

When Vegeta opened his eyes, sky was already a little dim.

Vegeta still feels the pain in his body he still not completely recovered.

He is not sure about his life.

Vegeta has a lingering fear. If the super-god water was poisoned to death, then he will be finished.

Fortunately, the disaster was not death!

Well, I don’t know how much combat power has improved.

Vegeta tries to run the energy from his body.


A strong breath is like a stormy wave, spreading toward the surrounding area, huge energy, rolling up a layer of storm, when the storm was coming, the clouds are dense, the waves are turbulent, and the trees were flying everywhere. A huge mess.

Seeing this scene, Vegeta was also shocked for a long time, the power of super god water, was really beyond of his own expectations.

Of course, the breath is not enough to check the improvement.

At this time, Vegeta quickly turned on the detector to examine his combat power.

15000, 20000, 25000!

Finally, the combat power stopped at the number of 30,000.

How can I just improve this point?

Vegeta was disappointed, drank the super god water, struggling back from the death line, he did not expect the combat power only becomes double.

However, Vegeta thought carefully, how long this time, his combat power has doubled.

Vegeta adjusted his breath. The next moment, he flew away from there a strong storm rolled up and ran to Giant Tower.


Karin who was stunned, the cold sweat covered his body and he looked at the little monster straight, his mouth wide open, and he couldn’t say anything.

“Old cat, you seem to be very disappointed.” Vegeta smiled and looked at Karin.

“Oh… no, how can I be disappointed? Congratulations for your increased potential.” Karin said with cold body.

“Less nonsense, I heard that you have a good thing called Senzu Beans, and you are the inventor of this.” Vegeta said with a smile.

“Who are you listening to? How can I have a Senzu Beans ?” Karin was shocked and asked.

“Senzu Beans are not even grown completely, I have just cultivated. How did this little monster know about them?”Karin thought.

Karin was ready to vomit blood, but he will not give the Senzu bean to this evil little monster.

This little monster is already terrible. If he will take the Senzu bean, then it is no different from the undead body.

“Really not?” Vegeta certainly didn’t believe it. He grabbed the hair of Karin and hanged him in air.

“I don’t have…” Karin panicked.

“If you don’t have one, you can go down.” Vegeta throws Karin from Giant Tower.

“Hey…” Karin was shocked, and his limbs were stalking. Under the crisis, he quickly shouted loudly: “Nimbus cloud”.

A golden cloud came quickly, and the fallen Karin was picked up.

Karin took a long sigh of relief and licked the cold sweat from his face.

However, the next moment, the pupil of Karin suddenly magnified several times, because he found that the little monster was flying in midair, silently looking at him.

“You…what are you doing?” Karin asked Vegeta.

“I said, hand over the Senzu beans, I can spare your life.” Vegeta said coldly.

“There is no flaw.”Karin bites his tongue and refuses to tell the whereabouts of Senzu beans.

” I don’t know how to spare someone!” Vegeta took a single hand wave.


Nimbus Cloud that carried Karin were disappeared.

In the next movement, Karin fell down from the sky.

“Help, save me.” Karin shouted, his voice extremely tragic.

However, when Karin was about reached to the land, he was caught by someone.

Karin has almost fainted.

“Well, I will give you another chance, where is the Senzu bean?” Vegeta asked coldly.

After those words left his mouth, Vegeta took Karin and went straight to the sky.

“I said, I said …” Karin too scared that his internal organs have shivered. He even regretted living in such a high place. The feeling of falling down from the Nimbus cloud was really terrifying.

“Karin, I know that you have Senzu beans, stop lying?” Vegeta threw the old cat into the Gaint Tower.

“I don’t want to give you a Senzu bean, because the Senzu bean has not matured yet…” After the sentence was finished by Karin, he turned and opened a small door and entered in room with Vegeta.

Vegeta’s heart stop for a moment “Has not mature yet?”

This is not good news!

“Look, this is the Senzu bean, but it is not mature yet.” Karin pointed to a green plant and explained it to Vegeta.

Vegeta fixed his eyes on a plant that looked like a bamboo, it was condensing a small bean, and that was looked like it was really the kind of Senzu bean.

Moreover, as Karin said, this bean is not yet fully mature, and it was not very useful now.

“When it will be mature?” Vegeta asked.

“There is at least a decade before the maturity period. This is still in a preliminary estimate.” Karin explained.

“How long does it take?” Vegeta was in a hurry, and he was waiting to use the Beans to improve his combat power.

“The growth of Senzu beans requires volcanic ice water. I have limited ability. I can only take a little back each time. If you really want to make the peas mature soon, just go inside the southern volcano and bring some ice water. Maybe then it won’t take long to mature.” Karin said with a serious look, but in his heart: “I will never giving you this, little monster!”

“Do you want to send me into the southern volcano and then there I will be swallowed up by the volcano?” Vegeta asked with a sneer.

“No, no.. never…” Karin quickly denied.

“Well, I will come back with some ice water when I have time.” Vegeta is not too concerned about Senzu bean. Before that, he still has an important thing to do.

“Hey, are you busy.” Karin asked, and hoped that the little monster would get out soon.

“First I will go to meet the old neighbors which live on your upper side .” After Vegeta said that he flew away from Giant Tower.

After hearing the words, Karin was stunned and couldn’t even say anything.

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