I am Vegeta ch 50

Chapter 50: Go to the Namek

Indeed, Vegeta also had the idea of transferring the battlefield, but he knew that Frieza could not let him leave the planet.

Vegeta was afraid that the entire planet was monitored by Frieza, and no one can take the spaceships to go out of this planet.


Suddenly a thought came in Vegeta’s mind.

I don’t need a spaceship to leave the planet.

He already possesses the physique of the Majin Buu. Although his ability to recover is weak he can survive in the universe.

If the battlefield will be transferred to the universe, then the planet Vegeta will be safe.

Thinking of this, Vegeta was a little excited.

Is it will be interesting to fight in the universe?

Of course, when it is not yet possible to win a match with Frieza, Vegeta has the idea and plans to start a few days later.

He chose the universe to fight with Frieza and his son.

Time passed quickly.

Vegeta was also ready to fight. After nine days of wait, he looked very calm on the surface, as if nothing had happened.

However, the people who truly understand Vegeta are clearly aware that he doesn’t want to look stronger.

At this moment, all the Saiyan people gathered to see the battle, they were standing around one kilometer away from Vegeta.

However, after a moment, Vegeta smiled lightly and then flew away into the distant sky.

King and others were thinking that what is the little prince doing?

Why did he fly towards the sky?

Vegeta was trying to transfer the battlefield to the universe. The planet Vegeta will not be able to withstand this level of war.

“King Vegeta, according to the latest survey, Frieza’s spacecraft has begun to act!” Someone came and report.

“What do you say? Frieza’s spaceship?” King asked worriedly.

“I estimate that Frieza will also come this time”. Bardock said and smiled bitterly.

“What? Frieza is coming?” King asked he was even more surprised.

If Frieza will come, then King has no way to save the planet.

After a long silence.

King’s face was sullen and he ordered: “Listen to me everyone one, immediately prepared for the first level!”

“Yes!” The Saiyan shouted in unison.

The Saiyan people united to face powerful enemies.

For a time, on the planet of Vegeta, many Saiyans were very excited, and the melodious voice, even the vast land, was trembled because of it.

At the same time, in the cosmic universe, Frieza held a transparent glass, which was half filled by red wine, and he smiled while he looked at the space monitor.

“Lord Frieza, we completely monitored the planet Vegeta. Any spacecraft that leaves the planet will be destroyed and the Saiyan can’t survive in the universe so they can’t run”. Said one of the men.

“Not bad.” Frieza said and nodded with satisfaction: “I will kill you all today, you wild monkeys”.

“Dad, let’s hurry, when I kill Vegeta, I open the fireworks in our today’s meeting”. Kuriza said excitedly.

“Hey, a group of single-celled wild monkeys, I will kill you!” Kuriza said.

Frieza was stunned when he Kuriza’s words.

“Dad, I can kill them all alone!” Kuriza was full of war, and he couldn’t wait to destroy the planet Vegeta.

Frieza smiled and narrowed his eyes then he ignored his son and asked his men: “Last time I said you to investigate Vegeta’s work on Earth, how was it going?”

“Lord Frieza, we have gotten initial verification.” The man replied: “There are people on the Earth who claim to be gods. They have a magical ability to make Dragon Balls. If you have seven Dragon Balls, you can achieve any wish. However, we are still investigating this matter. These are just rumors. There is no solid proof yet.”

“What are you talking?” Frieza’s eyes suddenly widened, and the glass was pinched by him and then smash.

The men were scared and quickly repeated the words again.

“Can they fulfill any wish?” Frieza asked.

“Lord Frieza, I heard that when Vegeta was on Earth, he gathered seven Dragon Balls.” The man carefully said: “At that time, Captain Ginyu reported this incident, but at that time, Captain didn’t know about Dragon Balls. He said that there are seven glittering golden balls, we have now analyzed, these seven balls are the legendary Dragon Balls.”

“We are going to Earth immediately!” Frieza issued an order, the voice just fell and then he asked: “How long it take to go to Earth?”

“Dad!” Kuriza was in a hurry, he can wait to fight with Vegeta.

“You shut up!” Frieza shouted and said: “You continue”.

“Lord Frieza, it takes at least 150 days to reach on earth”.

“You just said that the person who claimed to be a god is a Namekien?” Frieza asked again.

The man nodded solemnly, and it was very long-sighted to operate on the computer, pointing to a black hole on the screen: “Lord Frieza, the Meike star is located in the eastern universe, although more distant, if we passing through this black hole, you can arrive in about ten days.”

“Yes, go to the Planet Namek immediately!” Frieza gave the order.

“Dad, what about the battle between me and Vegeta?” Kuriza couldn’t help but said again.

“Idiot, is there anything more important than fulfilling the wish?” Frieza glanced at his son and asked.

“But Dad…” Kuriza still wanted to fight.

“Son, what is more interesting, fight with Vegeta or fulfill the wish to become immortal?” Frieza smiled and said meaningfully.

Kuriza’s eyes became bright and then and he nodded solemnly.

The spacecraft turned and went straight to the distant black hole.

“What? Frieza’s spaceship went to the black hole?” The first time, King received the latest movement of Frieza, then lowered his head and said: “What does he do in the Eastern Universe?”

He shook his head because he was confused by Frieza’s action.

“What’s in the Eastern Universe?” King thought.

After thinking for about ten minutes, King’s eyes were bright. He quickly asked: “Investigate immediately, is Planet Namek in the Eastern universe?”

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