Marvel Card System Ch 10

Chapter 10 Promotion to Corporal

“This counterattack is aimed at concentrating our military forces and destroying the five camps of the Germans. The message from the map shows that one of them is a large combat base, three medium-strength camps, and one transfer station with fewer troops.”

Colonel Marcos began to explain that every officer in the command tent was concentrating on listening, and apparently he had been waiting for a long time to fight back.

It has been passively suppressed by the German army, and sooner or later the frontline defense zone will completely fall. But once this counterattack is successful, it can smash the sharpness of the Germans.

“The enemy’s large-scale operational base is planned to be carried out by me and the two lower schools with more than five troops. The three medium-strength camps are led by three officers with more than three ranks.”

Colonel Marcos said as he used his fingers to make a large map on the map. The map is a three-dimensional simulation map of the military. The above clearly shows the defensive line, marked with five German camp fortresses.

“It seems that this time I really want to make a big one. The combatant commander personally went out, there are enemy base coordinates information, the manpower is still adequate military arrangements, plus the night raid – this battle will be really hard.”

Kyle secretly said that the secret message was all his interpretation. He had long been clear about the intelligence information recorded on the map. At this time, he just heard the distribution of the military force of the colonel on the raid plan, and he knew that the war was basically stable.

This is the importance of intelligence to war, and the winners are often the ones who take the lead.

In the following period, Colonel Marcos distributed the troops responsible for each officer and the assault plan to one by one. After knowing that he was responsible for the task tonight, the officers also quickly left the tent with a small copy of the operational plan newsletter and set about preparing for the pre-war arrangements.

Soon, there was only Kyle left in the tent of the command.

The commander will not forget me?

Kyle secretly spit and looked at Colonel Marcos who was sitting back in the chair. However, he did not waste time. Just by taking the opportunity to plan a meeting, he also took a few good green ability cards from the officers around him.

Although the green ability card has accumulated to a certain extent, the ability cards of the same professional are superimposed, and the physical quality and ability improvement are not obvious.

Colonel Marcos took a sip of water and his eyes shifted to Kyle. The tight face was a little more relaxed. He smiled and said, “Kyle soldiers. The raid plan tonight is very important, although you just come from the front battle zone, but after the afternoon break, you still have to participate in the raid plan at night.”

“Of course. I can participate in the first counterattack against the broken, this is my honor as an American soldier, and I will try my best to kill the enemy tonight.” Kyle said with sincerity.

“You have the soldier’s will and impulse, and the amazing performance on the battlefield. I have learned from many sergeants these days.” Colonel Marcos is satisfied with Kyle, he is truely satisfied with this new soldier. The more you look, the more pleasing to your eyes.

The new recruits who have just arrived on the battlefield, and the seven achievements that he is expected to play to the normal level of strength are already very good. Kyle, who has just arrived, is like a veteran who has fought in battlefield for years.

In addition to the arrangement of the counterattack plan, Colonel Marcos also specifically confirmed the identity of Kyle to the rear base in the past few days, fearing that he was a secret spy disguised by the German army.

Colonel Marcos said: “But tonight, I am not just asking you to be a soldier for a raid.”

“Not as a soldier? What is that…” Kyle was surprised, suddenly guessed what it was like, and said with a look of eccentricity: “Colonel, you will not let me bring troops to the fifth German military station tonight.”

“Yes.” Colonel Marcos nodded. He said that he was not joking. He took a military badge from the drawer and placed it on the table. He said, “Of course. You are not a soldier, but a Corporal.”

“I, Corporal?” Kyle stunned and pointed at his nose.

Although the rank of Corporal is not high, but in the army, it is absolutely possible to step into the ‘officer’ level!

Three days of combat time, directly skip the lower middle class, one step down the rank of the corporal? When was the rank of the Corporal Officer so worthless?

“How, don’t believe in your ability?” Colonel Marcos smiled.

“I naturally believe that I have the ability. But this directly rose to the corporal, I did not expect it.” Kyle shrugged, and the mood quickly calmed down.

“That is in peacetime. Three days have passed from recruits to corporals. This is what the generals can’t do as a backstage.”

Colonel Marcos said solemnly, “But now it is the World War! Kyle soldiers, the wars you have experienced in the past few days, the enemies killed by yourself are only afraid of being killed by veterans who live in peacetime for more than a decade. The number of kills is several times more.”

“Excellent individual combat performance, superior intelligence analysis ability, it is a pity that you are a soldier like this. Since you have the ability, the military urgently needs elite talents like you, and there is substantial military accumulation. What is the basis for the direct promotion to the corporal?”

“I understand.” Kyle beheaded.

Heroes needs in troubled times. It is precisely because of the dispute period of World War II that capable people can ignore the accumulation of background and experience and quickly upgrade their ranks.

I like this period.

Kyle’s mouth was slightly tilted, and the blue eyes were full of self-confidence. For the first time, he was happy to be reborn in Marvel’s World War II period.

Colonel Marcos smiled and said: “You can rest assured that you are the first to lead the troops after all, and this is an important counter-attack campaign. I will not let you alone command.”

“This is good, I am afraid that I screwed up by myself.” Kyle sighed, and now he know clearly, Colonel is giving him the opportunity to exercise while counterattacking.

Colonel Marcos yelled out of the tent: “The correspondent, go to Sergeant Fury.”

“Sergeant Fury?” Kyle touched his chin, and the name made him feel a little familiar.

But after a while, a black officer entered the tent. His left eye was also wrapped in gauze, but he was already wearing a full set of combat uniforms.

“It’s you, Sergeant.” Kyle surprised, and it wasn’t the black sergeant he had encountered when he first came through the battlefield.

“Kyle soldier, no, it should be said that Corporal Kyle.” Sergeant Fury greeted him kindly and then saluted the colonel. “Sir! I, Sergeant Fury has recovered and can perform all action plans!”

“Very good.” Colonel Marcos nodded and said to Kyle: “This is your team leader tonight, Nick Fury. He has been a sergeant commander for a while and has a wealth of field command experience.”

Kyle blinked, and after hearing the name of the black officer, he suddenly stopped.

Nick Fury? Well, the new director of the SHIELD in 21st century?

Sergeant Fury nodded to Kyle. It was far from the appearance of a fierce domineering Shield boss, but now he looks younger. 25 years old.

Kyle calmed his own feelings, but now during the Second World War, not to mention the director of the SHIELD, even the SHIELD has not yet been established.

But do you fight with the future director of the SHIELD?

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