Marvel Card System Ch 11

Chapter 11: Sacrifice Cards

Colonel Marcos looked at Kyle and Fury and said, “Since both of you know each other, I will not say anything else. Tonight, as a team leader, you will bring a hundred troops to the fifth place. That is, the German small-scale transit war.”

“Remember, this time, the five military forces will fight back at the same time. After you reach the goal, you must complete the attack within the specified time!” Colonel Marcos said here, the eyes are sharp like an eagle eye. “Only success, no failure!”

“Understand! Guarantee to complete the mission!”

Fury and Kyle solemnly salute, indicating that they have fully accepted the mission instructions.

“Sergeant Kelly, go back and rest. Sergeant Fury, you have to set up the troops to gather now. When the time comes tonight, both of you will take the troops on time.”

After Colonel Marcos handed the mission briefing and the small combat map to the two, it allowed Kyle and Fury to leave.

“Kyle, then I will see you tonight.” Fury had just left the command tent and had to say goodbye to Kyle.

Although he still has injuries in his left eye, he is very concerned about the raid mission. After bidding farewell, he trots directly to the material area of the temporary camp.

Kyle returned directly to his temporary tent. The man was not beaten by iron. His physique, despite being at the top of the ranks of the soldiers, could not be overwhelmed in the continuous war.

Lying in a bed that couldn’t be said to be comfortable, Kyle closed his eyes and raised his mind, but his mind entered a huge space.

Card space!

As in a dream, in a vast white space with a boundless cube, hundreds of thousands of cards are drawn in a hurricane-like rotation.

“Although it is a very good raid tonight, I still can’t be sloppy. I have to find ways to improve my combat power.”

Kyle’s mind incarnation was in the center of the card storm, and the card that swiftly passed from the front.

During the three days, his ability to draw cards has obviously been further improved.

The first is that you have the ability to enter the card space, and you can freely view the cards you have drawn and simulate the cards.

Then, you get the ability to draw cards called ‘sacrifice extraction’.

As the name suggests. The sacrifice card is to select any ten cards of the same color from the inventory of your card space. After the sacrifice, there is a high probability to draw any cards of the same color, with a small probability to extract to the first order. Any card.

Super first-order, it is quite a qualitative jump from white card to green card. So far, Kyle has not yet received more than a green card – regardless of the ability card, or the item card.

“What is it like to go beyond the green card?”

Kyle is very curious, according to the rare green card that is currently in contact with it, if it is the ability department, it has reached the peak of professionalism. If it is an item, it is also a precious item of great value.

Beyond the green card to the previous stage. That ability card should be able to be classified into super powers. The item card can also be regarded as a real black technology item!

“Either way, for me in the current situation, there is tremendous help.” Kyle whispered, with a wave of his hands, to distinguish the ability card and the item card in the card space.

The next step is simple. Kyle leaves some items with operational value and collects most of the items that can be discarded for sacrifice.

Finally, a summary is obtained.

Green item card: 66 sheets.

White item card: 389 sheets.

“I still don’t feel enough, but this is the result of my three days of continuous withdrawal from the battlefield.” Kyle sighed and did not hesitate to proceed to the next step.

Offering sacrifices!

‘You sacrificed [Assault Rifle], [Military Body Armor], [Rifle Bullet Box], [Communicator]…’

Ten selected white item cards disappeared from the card space. A brand new white card emerges.

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [life].’

“Adding a life card?” Kyle’s heart trembled and quickly reached for the new white card to view.

[Additional Life]: Increase the natural life of the user for three months. White rare ability card.

Current status: available to others

“Increase the natural lifespan? How do you say this? If you are killed, you won’t be able to take effect.” Kyle’s face is difficult to disappoint. This life card seems to be different from what he imagined.

However, it is only a white card with a rare ability, how can it achieve the god-level effect of the resurrection.

“But this ability card can actually be used by others, it is also a good card. Maybe a higher-order life-capacity card can really get the effect of reviving.”

Kyle thought optimistically and quickly continued to sacrifice.

Both regenerate Europeans, and luck gives me a little more!

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [Gentleman’s dress]’

Congratulations on a dress!

Kyle was bleeding in his heart, but he was still very honest and continued to sacrifice.

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations to you [stainless steel cup]

This is too water, continue to sacrifice!

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [Japanese basic proficiency]’

What to do, give me a pump!

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on your acquisition of [Warring States Saddle]

Blood loss! Really blood loss! Ten white item cards are exchanged for this stuff.

Kyle’s mind turned into a bloodshot, staring at the cards like a gambler.

He understands that the sacrifice can be extracted to any card. The range of any two words is too wide, and the things that can be drawn are uneven.

However, it is useless to put some items in the card. It is better to take the sacrifice and take a little luck.

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [bat]

“Bats? And animals?” Kyle squinted, his gaze quickly on the newly appeared card.

[Bat]: Can summon an ordinary bat to fight for you. White bio card.

Current status: Sustainable use, is it called?

Bio card?

Kyle stunned, and he directly extracted the resources and the item card from his resources. This time he saw the third card for the first time.

“If there is a certain amount of biocards to support, then I can’t be promoted directly to the summoner.” Kyle smiled and placed the bat card as a combat resource.

Continue to sacrifice and draw until more than 300 idle white goods cards are squandered, with practical value except a bunch of foreign language foundations, three white rare [additional life], there are only two bio-cards [bats] and [Shiba Inu ?.

A white card was sacrificed thirty times, and a green quality card was not drawn. The small probability of drawing a super first-order card is really too small.

Kyle was helpless, and his eyes shifted to the sixty green card cards. Most of them were picked up from the dead of the battlefield. It was hard to come by.

There were only six opportunities for sacrifice.

“If a person dies, then everything is gone.” Kyle bit his teeth and sacrificed sixty green items at the same time!

Sacrifice, draw!

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on your acquisition of [life-saving], [Luxury evening dress], [a poisonous horse honeycomb], [Nepalese army knife], [street parkour], [sneak]

“This is…” Kyle widened his eyes.

He saw a blue card in the new card, and the glare of the glory caused the thousands of white and green cards in the card space to be eclipsed.

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