Marvel Card System Ch 12

Chapter 12: The beginning of the raid

The sun sets to the horizon, and the bright red sunset glows after the sky converges, and the night arrives as scheduled.

After entering the night, in the front line of the combat zone, the German army retired as well as the previous days. At this time, the US military’s temporary combat camps were quietly buzzing.

Hundreds of young American soldiers dressed in combat uniforms, armed with assault rifles, carrying military green backpacks with ammunition and supplies, stood in a standard military position.

This is still because the positions of the five German camps attacked are different, so the collection time of the five units will be opened, otherwise the assembly of thousands of soldiers will certainly fill the open space in the temporary camp.

Fury had already assembled the 100-person unit he was responsible for, and carefully explained the precautions for the raid tonight.

“I know that some of you are new recruits who have just transferred from the training base, so listen well. Don’t give me a hind leg tonight!”

“On the battlefield, whoever retreats or disobeys orders, I will not use military courts to warn, but simply open a hole in his forehead!”

Fury, who educated the soldiers, stood alone in front of the troops and changed the gentleness in the command. At this moment, his dark face was cold, and the remaining right eye was like a wolf-like tyrannical tyrant.

Hundreds of soldiers are stunned, and a young man who is behind this unit maintains a steady posture while looking forward to the slightest hope, like who is looking for.

The side noticed that the recruits in this scene whispered, “George. This is not a training base, so don’t open the gap.”

“I know.” George replied with a low voice: “Have you seen Kyle? He was sent to the front line a few days ago, and it is likely to be in this temporary combat camp.”

The recruit said: “Kyle? It may be long before the war is dead. No matter how good his qualities can be, the training base and the battlefield are completely different.”

“I hope he will stand up and watch it live – the battlefield is the place to show my true talent.” George clenched his fist, his physical fitness and talents are among the best in the recruits, but he has been pressed by Kyle in the training base.


Fury’s voice suddenly sounded, scared George, and quickly returned to look at the past. Only then did he discover that the sergeant was not talking about him.

“It’s me.”

Outside the light-filled area of the open space, a strong man walked out of the darkness of the night and approached the army.

When the young and handsome face of the coming person was revealed under the light, many new recruits in the 100-strong army exclaimed, and some of them almost had difficulty in maintaining their military posture.

Kay, Kyle?

George’s incredible eyes wide open, with his strong self-respect, how can he forget the youth who appeared in front of everyone at this time.

In just one week, let the professional training instructors admire, break the record of various individual combat projects in the training base, and refresh all shooting targets of pistols, rifles, sniper rifles and rocket launchers…

Even if Kyle went to the front line in advance, there are still rumors circulating in the training base, and there is even an exaggerated trend toward legendary evolution.

Even the tempered training instructors in the weekdays often use Kyle as an example to reprimand the recruits.

“Silence!” Fury raised his voice, and his one-eyed sharp eyes swept away, and the sound of the shreds in the 100-man unit was calmed down.

Kyle did not choose to carry a military backpack, but a shoulder-mounted assault rifle, a Nepalese saber with a cowhide scabbard on his waist, and two small pistols on the left and right sides of the legs. The most lightly loaded person in the army.

He walked directly on Fury’s side, coldly facing the eyes of the soldiers.

When the recruits in the army were puzzled, Fury introduce Kyle and said: “This is Corporal Kyle. He is also one of the team leaders tonight. Tonight’s raid mission, you have to listen to our instructions in full, do you understand?”

“Understand!” The soldiers responded in unison, even if you gave them a hundred courage, they would not dare to say a ‘no’ word.

“Kyle… Corporal?” When George saw Kyle, he was already paralyzed. When he heard his military status, he couldn’t help but shyly bow his head, fearing that Kyle would recognize him.

The recruit who had just talked to George also had the feeling of being beaten, and muttered to himself: “I was wrong. This monster, it turned out to have a monster-level performance here.”

“The departure time is almost there?” Kyle asked Fury. In order to master the newly drawn cards, he spent a lot of time and then stepped on the time.

“Yes, it’s time to leave.” Fury looked down at the time shown by the instrument and waved to the Hundreds: “All the soldiers listened! Keep up with the military car, trotting to the mission site!”

When Fury finished, he and Kyle sat on the empty military vehicle, and the off-road performance of the military car braked very fast, leading the wilderness outside the combat camp.

Raid mission. It is not directly obvious across the defensive line, but avoiding the enemy’s exploration and winding a large bend in the wilderness, and directly to the mountains and rivers next to the wilderness.

Upon arrival at the designated location, Fury and Kyle also abandoned the military vehicle, began to climb with hundreds of troops, and crossed the dense jungle.

If you don’t know the exact location of the German camp, this kind of circumvention is just noisy. You can do this deep into the enemy camps with the information.

“Through this hill, it is very close to the small transfer station camp in the intelligence. Soldiers will continue to convey instructions – everyone will give me a state of alert, and after seeing, don’t alarm the enemy, keep quiet waiting for instructions.”

Kyle, who is at the forefront of the army, is cold. Although he is the first commander of the army, he has a certain confidence and domineering.

Next to Fury suddenly frowned and said: “Kyle. I feel a little bit wrong.”

“Well?” Kyle looked at him strangely.

Fury hit the task map with a small flashlight light, and said dignifiedly: “Look at the map. After turning over the mountain, it is not a long distance from the combat zone, but it is too far from the rear of the German army. This location is not suitable as a transit point for resource transportation.”

“Do you think the information we got was fake?” Kyle frowned.

“It’s hard to say, let’s go ahead. Even if it’s fake, we can safely withdraw this position in the future.” After the analysis of Fury, the two continued to take the soldiers over the top of the mountain.

Over the mountains.

When Kyle and Fury, who are at the forefront of the team, will open the bushes that block the field of vision, and the scene directly below the field of vision will make the two people froze at the same time.

They saw the iron mesh fence in the 100-meter wilderness area under the hillside. The fence was rounded every ten meters. The turret was used as the outer wall fortress. There were lights everywhere in the iron net, and a large number of German soldiers were faintly visible. They are Patrolling round and round.

“My God, is this a small transfer station camp called by intelligence?” Fury horrifiedly open his mouth.

“It seems that the intelligence location is correct, but the target attack camp is not the same as the imagination…” Kyle remained calm, but there was also an impulse to swear.

This is not a camp, but the size of the enemy base!

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