Marvel Card System Ch 14

Chapter 14 Girls and Killing

Large base in Germany.

The three-meter high-speed rail network will make the large base as strong and reliable as the bucket, and as the only main gate without iron net protection, there are also Fortress, and nearly 30 well-equipped German soldiers guard.

At night, many guards yawned slightly. At this moment, with the sound of the engine, a German military vehicle came from afar to the main entrance.


Despite seeing his own car, the guards still put down the car’s resistance at the main entrance and stopped the military car.

“What is the situation?” The full-bearded guard of the gatekeeper took a team of soldiers with guns and went to the window to ask.

The window of the military car was quickly shaken, and the driver wearing a flat-brimmed hat inside handed down the soldier’s ID from the window. The tired and hoarse response in German: “Forehead, military supplies.”

“Routine inspection.” The guard of the gatekeeper waved, and three or four soldiers immediately stepped forward to check the materials in the back of the car.

In less than half a minute, the soldiers returned to the guard’s captain with a slight panic, and quietly said a few words close to his ear.

It was noticed that the guard’s line of sight fell back to himself. Kyle, who was pretending to be a driver, raised his eyebrows and subconsciously lowered the cap of his hat on his head, and the shadow covered the younger face.

Is it exposed?

Kyle’s face is expressionless, but his body is in a tight state. As long as the German guards perceive his identity, he will immediately use the forced momentary movement attached to the sneak to escape.

The guard of the guard waved his hand and let the inspected soldiers step back. They walked alone toward the window of the military vehicle.

While Kyle was secretly vigilant, the serious face of the guard’s captain suddenly smiled, and he happily took out the rolled cigarette from his trouser pocket and handed it in: “Brother, late at night, also helped the chief run the mission, it is really hard for you.”

Kyle naturally took the cigarette roll and responded with a high cold: “Polite, this is what I should do.”

“Yes. Hurry and let go!” The guard of the guard shouted and the car at the main entrance of the base immediately opened. Kyle did not drag, and the right foot was deep on the hand, and the military car roared into the base.

The large base is not as simple as the temporary combat territory, especially the German base, which is famous for its strict military discipline. It has a driveway with two cars in parallel and a variety of wooden or tent-built camp houses.

Even inside the base, there are lighting at every distance and a patrol squad of six German soldiers.

Kyle used the light to look at the distribution of the patrol squad, while driving the car to the depths of the base, that is, parking the material storage area of a large number of vehicles.

The cargo garage area was quiet and empty, and Kyle took the opportunity to stop the car.

He is not in a hurry to enter the stealth state, but goes directly to the back of the car.

“I just thought about it. I forgot to check what the military vehicles I robbed were transporting. I can let the guard of the base guard me to compliment the identity of the driver in the district…” Kyle said to himself, this card is the Nepalese saber has been quietly held in the right hand, and the other hand pulled the brakes of the rear iron gate of the car.


The iron gate of the back of the car opened, and at the same time, there was a faint whine inside.

“This is?” Kyle frowned, and the light jump into the back of the warehouse, the dark vision inside is gradually clear, the so-called military capital is a girl.

Correct. It is a white girl who seems to be only about 16 years old. A bright golden curly hair is wet with sweat, even in the dark light, it is difficult to cover her delicate face like a porcelain doll.

She was only wearing a thin white dress, the immature body had begun to show its beauty, and the body was tied up by the military rope, with a tape on the mouth and curled up in a large wooden box.

Large wooden box with white note label, The above is written in German: “The scraps collected in Europe, the leader of Leo received.”

“These beasts.”

Seeing this, Kyle gnashed his teeth, and his heart was filled with an irresistible fire of anger.

Although he does not hate war, he can always be guilty of this aggression of land and the sinful act of robbing a girl as a material.

The blonde girl in the box saw someone coming in, the blue beauty filled with tears and panic, and because the mouth was stuck with the tape, she could only make a ‘Uhhhuhuhhh’ struggling sound.

“Don’t be afraid.” Kyle said, approaching, but the girl was more panicked.

“Oh.” Kyle suddenly realized what he was, smiled bitterly, and turned words back into authentic English: “Do not worry. I am an American soldier, I will not hurt you.”

Worried that this was not enough, Kyle took the hat off and revealed his young and handsome European face. This time, the girl finally eased down.

Sure enough, no matter what era, being handsome really helps a lot.

“You don’t say anything, I will save you.” Kyle raised the Nepalese saber and cut off the rope on the girl. When the tape was torn open, the blonde girl couldn’t help but hug his waist, and weak cry came out.

“You are safe.” Kyle smiled and said, comforting the blond hair of the girl.

Turkic, a German questioning outside the car sounded, “Who is there?”

The girl in Kyle’s arms cried abruptly and shuddered.

“Don’t make a noise, I will deal with them.” Kyle whispered, and then looked up again, the gentleness of his face quickly turned into indifference, and the cold mangled from the eyes.

He replied in a hoarse German language: “I am Bern. There are materials handed over to Chief Leo in the car, can you come over and help lift it?”

“Understand.” The patrol squad captain outside the car did not have any doubts. After a quick response, he took five soldiers and went to the back of the military vehicle.

The patrol captain and the two soldiers entered the back warehouse one step at a time. When the flashlights in their hands fell in, they only saw the blonde girl crouching and lying in the box.

“Hey?” The voice of the patrol captain’s doubts just fell, and the figure on the top of the back of the warehouse tumbling down.

‘Swishhh! ! ‘

The Nepalese saber broke the air in the dark, fast, accurate and sharp, and the blade passed over the throat of the three people in the back of the car, accompanied by warm and scarlet blood splashing.

The three soldiers on the car were killed in a blink of an eye. Kyle didn’t even breathe, like a cheetah with the same head killing, and three other soldiers rushing toward the car.

The distance of four or five meters, under the attack of the top human body, is only less than half a second.

Kyle’s hand fell, the fourth German soldier’s head flew high, the sharp saber with the powerful bowl force, even the neck and the cervical spine were cut off directly!

There were also two German soldiers with wide eyes, and the fear of extremes slowed their body’s reaction a lot.

They want to fight back with a gun, they want to open their mouths and shout, they want to slap their legs and run, but all this is limited to ‘thinking’, and the actual actions are simply obliterated in the next moment –

Kyle’s one-handed saber directly broke into the heart of one of the soldiers, and the other hand held the arm of the last soldier’s neck and rubbed it hard on the ground.

“Give me death!”

The two soldiers could only struggle a little, and in the hands of Kyle, who was directly killed, he quickly lost his life into a cold body.

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