Marvel Card System Ch 15

Chapter 15 Hidden basement

‘Tick. ‘

The thick blood dripped down the ground with the slightly curved blade of the Nepalese army knife. The bodies of the six German soldiers went from the back of the car to the outside of the car, and in turn they became dead bodies and fell to the ground.

“Huh ~” Kyle spit a long breath, the heart is still in a state of excitement, adrenaline and blood flow in the body, and a large amount of sweat overflows on the forehead.

In order not to let even a German soldier issue an early warning, the enemy in the base was alarmed.

During the five-second killing period, Kyle has already taken the physical fitness of his body and the ability card of many fighting skills to the extreme.

Kyle did not dare to slack off, hurriedly looked around the environment and confirmed that he did not disturb other German soldiers.

He wiped the Nepalese army knife on a corpse’s clothes, cleaned the blood from the knife, and put it back into the leather scabbard at the waist.

Then, Kyle moved the bodies of the three soldiers outside the car to the rear of the car. During the handling, the saved girl poked her head out of the wooden box.

The blonde girl looked at the six piles of corpses in front of her eyes. The fear had just disappeared. Her eyes shifted to Kyle, which was unscathed, and her eyes were shocked.

German soldiers. The brave and militant equipment is excellent, coupled with the strict and standardized military style, each of which is a killing machine in the eyes of civilians.

It is possible for this powerful six soldiers to fall under the young army knife in a short period of time, and there is no chance of calling for help. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can dare to believe in such a luxurious record.

“That…” The girl raised her strength and spoke softly to Kyle. “Thank you.”

Kyle shrugged and gasped and said, “Now thank you for being too early. We are in the German base.”

“Ah?” The girl was slightly stunned and apparently had not figured out what she was doing.

“There is no time to explain it to you. You are hiding here, don’t make a noise, I will definitely come back to save you later.”

When Kyle finished, he quickly left the back warehouse and closed the tailgate.

Although it is not good to close a watery sister and six bodies, it is not enough now.

In order to sneak into the base, he delayed the next time, and now only about twenty minutes left before the attack time planned by the raid mission.

Time is up. Even if their troops did not initiate the operation, the other four units would attack the other four enemy camps. At that time, the large bases would be shocked, and the so-called raid would be meaningless.

“Sneak starts.”

Kyle armed with a saber, opened the sneak into the night walker state, went straight to the house inside the base to explore the past.

‘Treading stepping’

He sneaked through the shadows of a team of patrols five meters away, and no one was aware of the other.

There are lights and patrols at every small distance in the base, but as long as it is not brightly lit and full of troops, leaving room for dark nights, Kyle can walk quietly in the base.

In the dark, grasp the sense of distance of the surrounding environment, sneak is the good effect that can achieve far more than stealth.

Kyle sneaked all the way and soon stopped at the front corner of a wooden house.

The biggest difference between the house in front of him and the other houses is that the patrols arranged in the surrounding area are more than twice as strong, and there is a soldier guarded at the door of the house.

“Is this the rest of the officer? The commander?” Kyle was surprised. The door of the house was not locked, but it was hidden.

If the commander of the base can be solved first, the plan to sneak into it alone is half the success.

The question is how to sneak into the house in front.

Kyle frowned, suddenly remembered something, and a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

In front of the big house.

The soldier’s guard is standing next to the door like a big white poplar. He keeps his guns in his hands and keeps his vigilant alert.

Even if it is inside the home base, it is no exception. Because the things stored in the house are the items that the officer repeatedly ensures that they cannot be negligent.

“After another hour, someone will replace the class.” The guard was thinking this way, and suddenly a dark creature descended from the sky and slammed his wings against his face.


The guard was stunned and reached out to grab it. I didn’t expect the bat to be extremely aggressive, biting under his eyes and not letting go.

“Give it away!” The guard closed his eyes in pain, knocked it down on the door, and grabbed the bat with his hands in anger.

In such a defensive gap, a vague figure has quickly swept past him and crossed the door of the house.

“what happened?!”

A team of patrol squads quickly rushed to the scene to ask, but watched the guards indignantly throwing the pinched bats on the ground and spit a sip. “Oh, nothing, a bat.”

Seeing this funny scene, the patrol team looked at each other.

The door of the house was closed by the guard, and the darkness in the inside gradually revealed a clear silhouette of the figure, which is Kyle still in stealth.

“Bio-cards are much more practical than you think.” Kyle muttered to himself, but it was just a white bio-card. In this case, he played a huge miracle.

Among them, it also benefits from the characteristics of the bio card – compliance.

The creatures summoned from the biocard can obey the master’s commands obediently, which avoids many accidents and makes them a real ‘biological’ weapon.

“Well, let me see what I am doing here.”

Kyle’s gaze fell in the hall of the house. At the moment he first came in, he knew that it was not the headquarters or the rest.

The layout of the material storage warehouse is biased. In the large houses, several rows of shelves are piled up, and various boxes of various specifications are piled up together.

Without opening the box for viewing, as Kyle’s attention is aggravated, a series of extractable item card messages appear on each box.

[German rifle], [rifle bullet], [anti-infantry jumping thunder], [detonator grenade]…


Kyle’s eyes are brighter, which is much higher than the command of the command.

After all, finding the command, it can only threaten the life of the commander, and to find this, it is to hold the lifeblood of this large base in the hand.

Kyle went to the house and took some arms into a card every three seconds.

He always reached the inside of the house, stopped suddenly, and squatted down on the floor with his fingers, and the hollow sound of ‘Ting’ sounded subtle.

Turtles, below the arsenal, and hidden basements?

Kyle smiled a little, this little means can’t beat him. Soon he found the floor layer that opened the basement and went down the stairs. However, the basement, which was originally thought to be dark, was slightly rejuvenated with a mysterious blue light.

Completely entering the basement, the first to be reflected in front of Kyle’s eyes, is a box-shaped blue-light energy body, which is exposed to the air and allows people to clearly feel the enormous energy contained therein.

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