Marvel Card System Ch 18

Chapter 18 The Grand Fireworks of War

‘Tread! ‘

Kyle ran wildly at full speed, interspersed between various military vehicles that stayed, and sprinted to the iron mesh at the edge of the base.

“Catch him! Don’t let him run!”

Behind him, more than twenty German soldiers were chasing after with guns, and all the bullets fell on the vehicle bunker.

Kyle’s body was highly sturdy after being collected by the physical fitness card. In addition, the girl’s body was very petite, so it looked like a backpack carrying a doll style, which did not affect his actions.

Just avoiding a wave of bullets, Kyle squatted in a wild car, and then the girl behind him issued a “Uh-huh” sound, which turned out to be awakened from a coma.

“This, what the hell is this?” The girl opened her eyes and noticed that something was wrong. She was obviously tied up by the ropes as before, but this time she was tied to a strong man.

The legs are separated from the hands, and the chest and the cross are completely undefended, just like the eight-claw octopus is ashamed to stick to the back of the other.

“You are awake.” Kyle gasped and responded. Under continuous high-load combat, his whole body was sweating. The combat uniforms had already been wet with sweat, so that the two people on the back of the chest were almost I can feel the temperature of each other completely.

“What are we doing now?” The girl who recognized Kyle was red-faced and asked weakly.

“Escape/” Kyle said, feeling the stinging touch on his left shoulder. The hot, viscous liquid overflowed the battle suit and reddened his palm.

The girl was surprised and said: “You are hurt.”

“It’s just a minor injury.” Kyle whispered.

The wound should have been hit just after the car was rushed out of the car, but it was not noticed because of his tight state of excitement.

“What can I do?” The girl’s trembling voice was crying, and she could only reach out and hold Kyle’s injured left shoulder to avoid blood loss.

“Reassured, my body is not yet…”

Kyle’s words have not been finished yet, and suddenly he consciously fluttered to the open space on the back side. The next moment, the spot was fried by a grenade, and the half of the tail of the field car was also blown up.

“It seems that they are a little angry and angry, and they will not hesitate to destroy the military vehicles of the base, but also kill us.”

Kyle calmly thought, the injury did not make his movements slow, but also a few flexible and exquisite sprints, using military vehicles as a shelter to avoid a few waves of bullets and continue to break out.

“What should we do?” The girl’s face was pale, only to notice the danger of their situation.

“Reassure, say good to save you out, I have no intention to renege.” Kyle looked up and looked at him, estimating his distance from the No. 2 warehouse, a few bullets smashing through his head and hitting the next vehicle.

Kyle suddenly laughed: “Our distance from the base center should be far enough.”

“It’s all here, you are still laughing.”

The girl’s grievance bite her lip, and the delicate hands are still dead on Kyle’s left shoulder wound. However, the blood still overflows from the finger joints.

“Have you seen the fireworks?” Kyle asked inexplicably.

“Well?” The girl’s face was full of doubts. She only looked at Kyle’s right hand and groped in her pocket, grabbing a remote-like object in her hand.

“That’s – the grand fireworks that opened up in the war.” Kyle finished, pressing the remote control button in his hand.

At the same time, the second base of the German base is outside the warehouse.

A large number of German soldiers gathered here, and the wasps and soldiers’ bodies, smoke bombs, guns, helmets, etc. were visible everywhere, and the ground was a mess.

Many of the soldiers who escaped from the robbers were sitting on the ground with no love. They faced the well-equipped US military and dared to attack, but they took the poisonous wasp from where they did not know.

This is useful for the torch, but the combat area is also an arms warehouse, which cannot be used. You can only rely on the smoke bomb to drive away, but those who are killed but also die to tie you to change their lives.

“The body of Chief Leo has been found in the basement of the warehouse.”

“There was no trace of the intruder.”

Many soldiers from the No. 2 warehouse reported that several chiefs were also watching me and I saw you. The base was inexplicably invaded and hit hard, and did not let them react.

“Damn. Give me more strength and conduct a carpet search on the entire base!” the second commander yelled.

At this moment, a soldier rushed out of the No. 2 warehouse and shouted loudly: “Quick, run!”

“What happened?!” Several chiefs asked in unison.

“The inside was installed with a timed bomber -” the soldier said it, then…

There’s no after that.

The time bomb corresponding to the remote control will start immediately under remote control. The time bomb was that Kyle had already installed it when he first sneaked into the warehouse. It was not a powerful bomb, but the power was just enough to affect the size of the entire house.

The house is an arsenal that stores a large amount of ammunition.

‘Boom! ‘

First, there was a shocking explosion of explosions. The ups and downs were a series of explosions that overlapped and exploded.

From the perspective of Kyle at the edge of a large base, it is the glare of the bursting fire that instantly envelopes the central area of the entire base, and the dust and waves that are picked up sweep outwards at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Kyle took the girl first and drilled into the bottom of the car. The sound of the slamming sound of the slap was shocked, and the window glass was crushed by the flying gravel.

When the dust settled, Kyle climbed from the scrapped car, and the girl looked down the rear, only to see that the area in the center of the base was flattened, the flame burned in it, and the night sky burned red.

The grand fireworks that opened up during the war were worthy of the name.

The twenty-six German soldiers who pursued it, looking back at this scene, were full of incredible looks. Some kneel down on the spot, sad mourning.

“Looking at this opportunity, let’s go.” Kyle gasped, carrying a girl who was walking a few steps away, and suddenly fell to the ground.

His strength began to lapse, his body functions were declining, and his consciousness and vision were gradually blurred.

“What’s wrong with you?” The girl asked worriedly. In her opinion, the blood volume after Kyle’s shot was able to support the present, it is already incredible.

“I’m fine.” Kyle bit his tongue, stinging and irritating the nerves, and refreshing the iron net slowly moving ten meters away.

“Oh, they are there!”

“Revenge for the brothers! Never let him go!”

Not far behind, the surviving German soldiers shouted and continued to pursue Kyle.

“If you continue this way, they will catch up! You untie the rope, let me down, I will stop them.” The girl said with determination.

“Less nonsense, just with your small body, you can’t delay for half a second.” Kyle smiled, but his heart was pondering the choices of the moment.

If he is alive and dead, he can only abandon the girl and choose to use the stealth forced teleport to escape.

But now, is it a desperate situation in life and death?

Kyle sighs, his physical condition is still falling, and no further treatment is likely to be life-threatening.

“So…” Kyle just wanted to say something. Suddenly there was a large group of familiar figures in front of him, letting him open his eyes. “This is!”

“Avoid the first two people, shoot backwards! Kill everyone!” The black leader in the team opened his mouth.

‘Da da da! ‘

As the intensive gunshots sounded, they all avoided Kyle’s body and shot on the German soldiers chased behind him.

In absolute numbers, more than twenty German soldiers were quickly annihilated on the spot.

“You can finally come, Fury.” Kyle smiled comfortably. When he saw the appearance of Fury, he knew that the crisis of life and death had been completely lifted.

“Next, please give us the follow-up mission.” Fury, who led the troops, stepped forward to hold Kyle, revealing a row of white teeth on his dark face.

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