Marvel Card System Ch 21

Chapter 21: 2 cards drawn

The first military hospital in the United States, at noon.

Because during the war, there were many soldiers who were injured and treated in the hospital, as well as family members who came to visit them. However, because they are military hospitals, everyone here is very disciplined and quiet, lest they bother to other people.

Kyle was wearing the patient’s exclusive clothes and walked through the hallway of the hospital. The young and handsome face suddenly attracted a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

It is also because the current information dissemination is not as crazy as in the 21st century. Few people recognize that Kyle is the biggest contributor to the recent counterattack campaign.

In fact. Kyle, the youngest squatting officer in the United States, is not as famous as Steve, the ‘Captain America’ propaganda name.

In the face of the nurse girl who frequently expresses her eyebrows, Kyle responded with a smile instead, stepping out of the hospital building and going to the green park outside.

At this time, the sun is shining, the trees are green, and the pool fountain is shining with bright light. It is very pleasing to the eye and suitable for recuperation.

Of course, Kyle is not a person who can resist the rest of his life.

He took a few deep breaths of natural fresh air and began to warm up the body and muscles, which is a set of regular military punches. A set down, the bones are as smooth as a noisy bean, the blood is full of stiff and dull body, and the face is also ruddy.

“Comfortable.” Kyle spit out a hot breath. Although the unhealed left shoulder gave a painful protest, he was more comfortable with the sickness lying on the bed than he was accustomed to the combat environment.

I will go to the training base with Joseph tomorrow. He doesn’t want to be so weak. If he says he wants to walk in front of Steve, of course everything must be perfect.

I don’t know when, Kyle has his own pride and principles.

“Right, I almost forgot the spoils of the counterattack campaign.”

Out of a hot sweat, Kyle sat in the park chair, closed his eyes like a rest, and his mind quietly entered the card space.

First, compared to the previous campaign, there was not a large number of messy white and green items in the huge white space.

But this time, the harvest is bigger than any previous campaign!

There are only twenty-five unregistered blue item cards that are prominently placed over the center of the card vortex. Each piece is a block of infinite energy that can give the transformed guns amazing damage.

However, when Kyle sees the infinite energy blocks of the blue items, it is already good to use them.

Instead of using these energy sources to burn on the guns, it is better to use the material card that is used as a sacrifice card!

“The two blue card’s sacrifices are drawn. Even if you don’t draw a card that exceeds the blue level, you will have two blue cards. It can greatly enhance my personal strength.” Kyle looked forward to the twenty-five sheets. The blue item card is suspended in front of the mind avatar.

The difference between the lower limit and the upper limit of the sacrifice card is outrageous. Because there is the possibility of drawing anything, sometimes the pit of blood loss can sometimes bring you unexpected gains.

[Sneak] The blue ability card is the best product of the sacrifice card.

If there is no sneak ability, Kyle does not say that the enemy base is alone, and even the gates of the base may not be touched.

“New York’s goddess of victory bless, give me some luck blessing.” Kyle seems to return to the previous game draw, the mood is excited, he first to sacrifice ten blue items card.

Offering sacrifices!

‘You sacrificed [Gemstone Yuen] × 10!’

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [Blue Eagle]’

A blue card apparently in the biology department emerged in front of Kyle’s eyes, and the blue light of the card body shimmered, indicating its extraordinary grade factor.

“For the first time, it’s straight out of blue?” Kyle also had no thoughts on the outbreak of humanity. The card that can be drawn to the blue is already a big prize. He hastened to take the new card for inspection.

[Blue Eagle]: A strange bird creature living on the cliff of Wanmi. Blue rare card.

The head is three times larger than the normal goshawk, the width of the stretched wing can reach ten meters, the feathers of the whole body are dark blue, and the vitality and defense ability are outstanding, and it can attack the ordinary degree of hot weapons.

Witnessing 10,000 meters, it can emit a squealing attack of sound waves. The highest flying speed is four Mach, and the manned person is halved.

“Rare mounts in the flying class?” Kyle stunned. If it’s in the online game, this is not the proper rare mount attribute of the local tyrant.

In the Marvel world, this Blue Eagle has been listed as an alien monster creature!

“The fastest speed can reach Mach 4, which is faster than the flight speed of the fighter plane.” Kyle pondered, he personally really liked the Blue Eagle, but its special existence is doomed not to be used normally.

It can be guessed that he is now flying in the real world with a blue eagle, or directly summoning the Blue Eagle to kill the enemy. I am afraid that it will not be bombarded by the fighters of his own country, or it will be clamored by a group of biologists to capture and experiment.

On the practicality, the rare blue [Blue Eagle] may not be as good as the rare green poisonous horse honeycomb.

“Let’s put it first, and you can still play it in a specific environment in the future. After all, this is the first blue rare card in life!” Kyle comforted himself and listed [Blue Eagle] in the emergency available space area. Emergency use.

Next, the second sacrifice is drawn. After this time, only the remaining five [Gemstones] are not enough to pump again.

“Please, come to a card with a higher practicality.” Kyle did not forget to pray.

Now he understands that the card is the most important and practical, suitable for the card currently used, is the best card!

‘You sacrificed [Gemstone Yuen] × 10! ‘

‘Extracted successfully, congratulations on getting [Zhenjin Armguard]

“Zhenjin, good things!” Kyle just heard the name of the new card, and the nervous face was full of excitement.

After all, as long as there is an item with a prime gold prefix, it is impossible to go there!

Zhenjin, the top material of the Marvel World, originated only the hidden country of the Panthers, Wakanda. In the outside world, only the shield that Captain America holds in the future is Zhenjin forging.

Kyle excitedly grabbed the new item card and looked at the properties above.

[Zhenjin Armguard]: Right-hand armor for pure vibrating gold forging. Blue item card.

It can perfectly accommodate the holder’s right arm and can easily offset various physical damage and thermal weapon impact.

“This is not the right hand part of the Panther suit, just the claws are missing.” Kyle is satisfied.

Although it is not a ability card, it is also a black technology equipment that he really needs now.

The super-human physique, the vibrating arm guards, and the stealth skills that will be available will add up to make Kyle truly invincible on the battlefield!

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