Marvel Card System Ch 24

Chapter 24: Poor people rely on variation

The super soldier’s ability is a must-have. Even with the big restrictions, Kyle has no reason to give up.

And this limitation only lies in the blue rare quality capability card. The blue capability card with less rare attributes can still be extracted. However, in the current time stage of the Marvel world, there are not so many super green quality capability cards. The person gave him a pump.

It was half an hour of continuous card time, which allowed Kyle to spend a lot of time. The worn-out mouth explained Steve and Carter to the last counterattack campaign.

Of course, [Sneak] Ability cards, [bad dogs] bio-cards, and [gem-rich energy] and other things, directly omitted.

“…, I sneaked into the arsenal of the large base. … Who knows, happened to meet the enemy commander in the basement of the warehouse, … after killing him, I installed the time bomb it in the warehouse.”

“The next step is simple. Just fleeing the pursuit of the German soldiers and leaving the warehouse to detonate the bomb. The internal defense mechanism of the base is falling, and it is difficult for them to stop the follow-up attack of our army.” Kyle completely delayed the card drawing time. When the story is finished.

He drank a bit of a slobber, only to discover that Steve and Carter were still immersed in the description of the battle.

“Single soldier sneaked in, destroying the defense system of the enemy base with one’s own strength, this is really wonderful.” Steve is still praising and saying that there is a hint of envy in his eyes.

This is the experience he dreamed of.

“A person sneaked into the base, you really dare to do it, and still didn’t die.” Carter said coldly.

“I don’t know if you have heard such a sentence – if you have no passion, then the future life will be bleak.” Kyle smiled confidently, looking at the two people in front of him, he said : “Even if someone give me another chance to return, I will still bet on the side full of gains and risks.”

What kind of protagonist are you? If someone block your way, then just remove him.

As long as I am there, Marvel has no protagonist!

This is Kyle’s life creed in this world, no one can let him yield to let go, what he want.

Looking at the man with strong beliefs and gas fields in front of him, Carter couldn’t help but reveal the strange emotions.

“Kyle, you are right, life should be so passionate and exciting.” Steve quietly clenched his fists, as if he was stimulated by the blood of the chicken, excited to want to go to the front line to find a base single head.

“Reassure, gold always shines. Steve, your strength is genuine, you are absolutely qualified to fight with me, I am sure this.” Kyle said with a smile.

After all, as one of the representative heroes of Marvel, Steve must go to battlefield.

“Right. Carter, you are so close to Steve, you two won’t…” Kyle squinted.

Carter glanced at him coldly. “This is just work, in order to collect follow-up information from the super soldier.”

“No, Kyle, don’t talk about it.” Steve also rushed to clarify.

“You two are quite good, really don’t think about it?” Kyle continued.

‘When it is!’

The spoon was thrown on the iron plate, and Carter couldn’t help but get up from the seat and screamed “I finished it” and walked away from the canteen door.

Steve sighed and complained: “Kyle, you are too straightforward to say.”

“I am here to create opportunities for you.” Kyle shot his shoulder for him, pointing to the door, “OK, not to chase?”

“Ok, I know, I will find you again in the afternoon.” Steve also follow behind.

After the two left, Kyle gasped out, his hands pressed tightly on the chest, and a large amount of hot sweat on his forehead.

[Super Human], the extraction is complete!

This rare blue ability card, just stored in the card space, dominates the card directly above the card.

At the same time, a tingling sensation from the inside out makes Kyle seem to be on the grill repeatedly.

He knows that the Super Human’s ability card of the physique class began to completely transform its own genes and physique.

“I must find a place to complete the genetic transformation of my body.” Kyle said to himself, and soon thought of a safe and reliable place.

Training base, public shower room.

Since the performance on the stage is not over yet, there is no one in the shower room during this time.

Entering a separate single room, Kyle faded his clothes and equipment, opened the shower to let the cold water drench from the top of his head, and washed the delicate body with all kinds of scars.

Despite this, his body’s stinging and hot feelings are getting stronger! The bones are creaking!

Something is breaking in the body! Shred! Then force remodeling!

“Uhhhhhh!” Kyle’s eyes were stuffed with bloodshot eyes, and the carded Nepalese saber was materialized, and the bite of the decompression was bitten between the teeth, avoiding the sound of his own pain.

If there are outsiders. It must be seen that at this time, Kyle’s naked body swelled in a little bit, and a little bit of a callback, as if adjusting to the most ideal appearance.

The free bumps of the blue veins, muscles are more solid and lean after the expansion of the callback.

It lasted for three minutes of variation time.


Kyle opened his mouth and the saber fell directly on the ground. The steel knife made by the steel had a clear row of clear teethmarks.

His chest muscles are still rushing, but they have tended to calm down, and the skin is hot outside. The wound scars that existed above are like washed away by water, leaving no signs of the past.


Kyle is aware of this because he can feel that his body is full of powerful forces that he could not hold in the past.

“Although the super soldier is the perfect body that humans can get, but now I can’t be considered a human being.” Kyle said to himself, now regardless of age vitality, natural aging of cells, physical strength, learning memory and speed of thinking, etc. Not in the first-class category of human definition.

Said to be a human monster, not for it.

“There is finally a card that can help me stand firm in the world.” Kyle also breathed a sigh of relief, reducing the burden.

Although he had the ability to draw cards before, he was only in the definition of human beings. It was easy to hang up when he was hit by bullets. Now, even if a bullet hits the body, it can only constitute a minor injury, not a serious injury that is life-threatening.

Therefore, the ability of super soldiers is a big step in the growth of Kyle’s strength and an indispensable step.

After Kyle took a shower, he put on the military uniform, only to notice that he was a little taller, nearly 185cm.

The physique of the abdominal muscles is also tough and strong, and the clothes are stretched out and look more deterrent.

Rich rely on technology, and the poor rely on variation.

Kyle sighed, and left the shower room.

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