Marvel Card System Ch 28

Chapter 28: Red Skull, you have the courage to run.

At the time of the fortress factory.

“Warning! Warning! The prisoners who are being held underground in the factory have escaped. Please ask all soldiers to go to the suppression immediately!”

The warning red lights on the walls lit up, the communication broadcasts back and forth with sharp spikes in reporting, and the guards inside and outside the factory responded quickly.

“It seems that Steve has already released the soldiers.” Kyle sneaked in the factory corridor.

Time is faster than expected! Don’t care so much!

Kyle saw a group of German soldiers in the aisle in front of him, and immediately voluntarily withdrew from the sneak state.

He held the saber in his left hand and cobbled his fist into his right hand, and rushed up.

“Enemy!” The German soldier in front of the team yelled and screamed. The gun pushed the trigger forward, and a blue and white laser bursting from the muzzle.

The corridor passage is originally a straight narrow road, so it is easy to hit the target without aiming. Plus the speed of the laser is much faster than the bullet. If you want to dodge, even the super soldier’s physique can’t be done.

Kyle’s pupil shrinks, the laser beam is continuously magnified in the field of view, and the cold hair of the body surface is erect.

He didn’t try to avoid or defend, and the suicide acceleration stepped forward. When the laser was about to fall on the chest, the right hand swung forward in advance.


The energy laser that can directly evaporate the human body is bounced back by Kyle’s right arm.

The German soldiers in front of the team were too late to react. The laser beam that had been fired by the guns had rebounded back to the body, but in a short blink of an eye, the whole person, together with the helmet suits, was evaporated into water vapor.

“Bounce the laser back to it…”

“Is this a monster?”

German soldiers showed a horrible expression of horror, new energy weapons, since the birth of the high-risk weapons of death, this is the first time to see invalid and was rebounded by hand.

“Anyone who stop me, will die!”

Kyle can ignore whether the enemy has lost the will to fight. For him now, the enemy team will fight back, or escape, or be as sluggish as it is now…

There is no actual impact!

If the same cheetah plunged into the rabbit group, Kyle rushing into the enemy team began to harvest life. The little Nepalese army knife is like the sickle of the goddess of death. Each slashing hedgehog takes away the life of a soldier.

Far beyond the power of ordinary people, with the sharp saber, the enemy combat suit and the human body are as fragile as paper, and the scarlet blood splashes red the passage corridor.

“Get out of my way!” Kyle’s cold whisper, elbow hit the last soldier to fly out, the right hand due to the laser beam, bandages and sleeves have completely evaporated, revealing a cool metal texture of the vibrating arm guard.

Zhenjin, but also vibranium steel. Not only is it one of the hardest materials in the Marvel universe, it also absorbs heat, energy and kinetic energy!

Relying on the vibrating arm guard, the laser has lost its aggression on Kyle’s right hand, and then rebounded due to the slamming.

After a strong rescue of a team of German soldiers, Kyle did not delay the time, sprinting to the factory’s hub control room.

He did not notice that the scene of the enemy team was just killed. The scene was clearly conveyed to the other side of the equipment by the camera at the corner of the wall.

At this point, the factory’s hub control room.

The middle-aged officer looks like a Red Skull and looks at a dozen monitor screens in front of him. The fake skin’s face reveals a little fear.

“Two super soldiers invaded the factory?”

The reason he said this is because one of the monitor screens in the underground area of the factory, Steve, wearing a blue and white striped tights, is quickly dropping two soldiers.

And on another screen, Just screened to Kyle and rushed into the German team, leaving seven fierce bodies to continue to approach this side.

“The former one is no problem, the second one is why it is so strong…” Red Skull is unbelievable. He asked himself not to be as imaginary as the Kely, the German army armed with new energy weapons.

To the ultimate super-physical, superior and close-knit skills, coupled with decisive killing, this is simply a war machine.

The same is a super soldier, how is the gap in strength worse?

Although the super soldier who injected himself was only the initial unfinished sample, but also ruined the horrible drawbacks of the red face, the strength should not be so much worse.

Red Skull didn’t think much, calmed down and opened all the self-detonation switches of the factory. The old doctor behind him was shocked and asked: “What are you doing?!”

Red Skull indifferently pointed to a surveillance screen, in which Kyle could quickly see the camera, “can’t stop, don’t say the soldiers here, even I can’t stop him.”

“Retreat immediately!” Red Skull quickly walked to the wall of the hub room, and after opening the dark space, Tesseract cube object that appeared in the square was revealed.

Tesseract cube! Not to mention the factory, even ten factories are not as much as one in ten thousand of the items in front of you.

“It should be right in front!” Kyle turned over the wall, showing a straight corridor passage in the field of view, and a hub room in the middle of the corridor.

At the door of the hub control room at the moment, there is a German officer carrying a bag, and an old doctor followed, the two will be ready to leave.

“Want to run? Leave Tesseract!” Kyle snorted and quickly rushed over.

“Stop!” Red Skull’s idea of fighting a little, stunned the doctor, and carried the bag to the end of the corridor to evacuate.


The old doctor was so scared that he was abandoned, and his legs were soft in front of the door.

“All said, don’t want to run!” Kyle rushed to pursue, he can be sure that the bag in the hands of the other officer, definately a Tesseract Cube.

“One waste.” Red Skull turned back and looked at the old doctor, but he did not intend to rely on an old man to drag on the decisive super soldier.

“Try this.”

I don’t know when, Red Skull has already added a new energy cube to the hand, and it has been thrown hard at Kyle.

“Gemstones can be?” Kyle looked at the energy cubes that were thrown in. This was the raw material for making energy clips, the blue quality items that were last drawn at large bases.

This stuff is stable in energy and can be used directly as a weapon.

Kyle’s doubts were answered in the next moment, only to see a Red Skull took out a pistol, aiming at the energy cube still in the air, triggering the trigger.

“This bastard is really crazy!” Kyle screamed, speeding forward, grabbing the old doctor on the ground floor, and blocking it in front of himself as a meat shield.

At the same time, the bullet is shot above the energy cube.

The next moment, the air is coagulated and stagnated –

‘Boom! ! ! ‘

The explosion of the energy cube is like a wave of waves, and the one-inch inch sweeps around and destroys everything that is affected!

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