Marvel Card System Ch 29

Chapter 29 Is triumphant

The blue thorny energy tide, the spread of the coverage, whether the wall or the steel door is vulnerable to the annihilate like nothing.


The screams of the old doctor who wears glasses are insignificant in it, and his body is turned into nothingness until it evaporates.

The walls of the corridor smashed and the dust continued to form a shock wave that would smash Kyle!

After a few seconds, everything began to calm down.

At the end of the corridor, Red Skull tears off the mask on his face, revealing a scarlet and horrible face.

He looked indifferently at the damaged corridor in front of him in a devastating blow, and coldly dropped a sentence, “We will meet next time.” and then turned around and left without turning back.

For a little while, in the gravel piled up in the corridor, a wolverine figure was lifted up, and it was Kyle who had escaped.


Kyle smashed the dust on his body and looked at the torn human skin hood on the ground at the end of the corridor. The tone was cold to the extreme. “Red Skull, next time… I promise that next time, I see you, you are dead!”

This hatred is first remembered in his small book!

Fortunately, the meat shield resisted most of the energy wave in the front, plus the blockage of the vibrating arm guard, Kyle was only the sleeves of both hands were burned, and the clothes were damaged.

“However, I still lost the best chance to get Tesseract Cube.” Kyle sighed, this time it was really a dark loss, too small to see Red Skull.

After all, he is the founder of the Hydra organization, even if the strength is less than Steve, not comparable to himself, the insidious means is still very difficult to prevent.

At this time, only half of the space-completed hub controls the sudden sound of the alarm. Kyle returned to God and seemed to rush out.

He saw the console of the hub control room smoky, and the red screen on the main screen prompts ‘factory self-destruction countdown: 61 seconds’, this number is still decreasing.

Opposite the control room screen, a comatose young man was tied up on the bench with his upper body, and the side wall had a large map with six flags scattered across the map.

Kyle’s attention was sharply placed on the map, and a card draw message came to mind.

[German factory distribution map]:

The map of the six German weapons production plants and bases is shown above. White item card.

Is it extracted?

“A new map, this is to unlock the level.” Kyle blinked, his mouth smirked.

Red Skull, you flee to escape, first give up your nest one by one.

Kyle just extracted the map on the wall into a card. Suddenly a tall figure rushed into the room, and the two looked at each other with a slight glimpse.



Taking a big circle, Kyle and Steve again controlled the interior of the factory.

“What happened here?” Steve was horrified, looking around the broken control room.

“It’s very simple – the commander of the factory was in a hurry and threw an energy bomb to stop me.” Kyle shrugged, his chin screaming at the young man lying in the room: “That is guy what you want to save this time. Let’s go.”

“It’s Bucky!” Steve saw the young man and was overjoyed. He hurriedly approached the past and wanted to wake him up.

“First go out, it’s going to explode here.” Kyle said, pointing to the main screen, and the countdown was only half a minute.

Steve nodded and put the stunned friend on his shoulder. Kyle was trying to lead the way, and the light was swept away, suddenly seeing something on the console table.

[Car key]:

The car key of Red Skull’s exclusive car, the four-wheel drive car is built with German top craftsmanship and has amazing horsepower.

White item card.

“Yes, come with me!” Kyle took the car keys and took Steve to the garage of the factory.

The half minute countdown ends. At the same time, explosions occurred in the factory, and even a series of bombings were triggered with new energy materials. The fire would brighten the wilderness under the night.

Outside the factory, after the liberation of a large number of US military captives and the robbing of new energy weapons and tanks of the factory, the German troops stationed here have already been defeated.

Seeing that the factory blew up, all the American soldiers fled from the outside.

At that time, with the explosion of a burst of fire, as the engine roared, a stylish luxury car like a craftsman suddenly rushed out.

“Listen to my instructions and break out in the direction of our base!” Kyle shouted in the driver’s seat, stepping on the throttle to the end, taking the lead to charge the factory iron net directly.

“Come on! Keep up!!”

The American soldiers saw Steve and Bucky, who were prominent in the car, and knew that they were their own people. They suddenly followed the tail of the car and rushed into the long wilderness of the night.

A night passed.

In the early morning, the sky was bright, and Carter could not help but come to the communication station of the training base to inquire about the news.

“Kyle and Steve Rogers, the two disappeared last night in the third area after the war, where the factory has lost all life-sustaining characteristics, the search team has returned, and is now ready to officially report registration as death.”

Chief Billrand received the telegram in person, and said coldly to Carter: “Because of you, we not only lost a good officer, a propaganda captain, and the lives of hundreds of soldiers!”

“If this is the result, I am willing to take all the responsibility.” Carter kept a calm response, she did not believe that the two men died so easily on the battlefield.

“No matter what you say now…” Billrand’s words were just halfway through, and suddenly they stopped and turned their eyes to the side.

It was the sound of the car driving, looming from the wilderness of the base.

“Look, what is that?”

“Oh my God!”

Soldiers in the base who were preparing for training were surprised at the back door of the base, and soon they were separated from the two sides.

They saw a broken luxury car in front of the road, Kyle sitting in the driver’s seat and driving slowly, Steve and the awakened Bucky sits in the back seat.

Behind the end of the luxury car, there are hundreds of American soldiers armed with new energy weapons. Although they have a night out of battle, their faces are full of fatigue, and they are determined to be firm at every step.

They are back!

“This kid, really is–” When the commander of Billrand saw the back of the team and the enemy tank was opened, he could not speak at all.

Is this looting from the enemy factory?

‘Please give me a chance to show, as a soldier’s talent!’

The firm words of the youth are still echoing in the ear. I don’t know when the recruits who first entered the base have quickly become heroes who have repeatedly created miracles.

“It’s really, no!”

The commander of Billrand took the unfinished words and took the lead, and the soldiers in the training base followed with applause.

The thunderous applause of the thunder could not be calmed over the base for a long time.

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