Marvel Card System Ch 3

Chapter 3: Shooting Test

On the first day of the camp, the recruits challenged the Chief in a gun fight!

This message is like throwing a high-pitched grenade into the pool and shaking the entire training base.

Moreover, the recruits who fainted on the first day, and the Sergeant who was a professional training officer at the captain level. This contrast made the base cause an earthquake-like sensation.

Both the soldier and the rest of the officers, after hearing the bet of the game, stunned and couldn’t help but regret for the soldier.

“He can offend anyone, but offending the commander Brant is not good. I heard that the chief had won the top three in the previous shooting competition.”

“Is the recruit turn crazy?”

“Abandon yourself from the violent temper, and you have to lose your face and definately thrown to your home.”

In any case, this is a good thing for everyone.

Five o’clock, almost everyone in the training base went to the shooting range, hoping to see the ugly state of Kyle.

“Kyle, you are too impulsive.” Steve sighed again and again. “You can’t even use guns. How can the shooting method compare to the long-term sergeant in the army? Now go back and apologize to the commander, I am sure… …”

“Reassure, after this bet, no one here looks down on us.” Kyle didn’t show a little bit of tension.

Because, he has already drawn the card that can master the victory of this game!

Training base shooting range.

On the audience platform of the shooting range, soldiers who were already full of military green iron helmets were already in full swing. Many officers wearing military uniforms were also watching.

Commander Brant was first in place to test the gun, and the female detective was still holding the file book. After seeing Steve take Kyle into the arena, Commander Brant waved to the various weapons in the table: “There are all the rifles of the US military. You can pick one yourself.”

Kyle nodded, but did not go to the table, but approached the female detective, smiling: “I don’t know what guns used by Agent Carter, can you lend me for this game?”

Agent Carter looked up, the beautiful face of Europeans and Americans, the red lips, all full of charm.

After leaving the office of the chief executive, Kyle knew from the Steve’s mouth, about the name of the female detective in front of him – Carter, more beautiful than what he saw in the movie.

“Of course. But are you sure you want to use this in the game?” Carter said coldly, taking out the gun she was carrying with her, which was a delicate pistol.

“Kyle soldier, are you kidding? Wants to compete with a pistol and my rifle?”

Even if it is only a 50-meter target, the precision of the pistol and the rifle ratio are totally different?

“Let me borrow it.” Kyle confirmed that he had received a pistol from Carter. The delicate pistol seemed to be tailored for women, but the gun body was shining in the sun with a cold light. It is undoubtedly a killer hot weapon.

“Good gun.” Kyle praised and began to swing the pistol on his hand.

“Three shots will decide the game, you don’t have to waste the bullets of the national army on you.” Chief Brant said, pulling the rifle insurance on his hand and going to the shooting platform.

“Three shots. Chief, then please shoot first.” Kyle smiled and said with the gentleman’s gesture.

“This little young guy who is living in the greenhouse let you see what is called the shooting method.”

Commander Brant was quick and hold the lower end of the gun. After a few seconds of aiming, the target facing the 50-meter-out was three shots.

After the shooting, he stood up with satisfaction, the rifle shooting 50 meters is the basis, plus more than 20 years of shooting experience in the army, this is completely effortless.

Soon, the trainer feedbacked the results of the retro-target: “Brant’s chief. Fifty-meter target, two shots in the center of the bull’s eye, one shot in the inner ring, a total of twenty-nine points!”

Twenty-nine points, Nearly perfect score!

The onlookers on the shooting range exclaimed, and the chief was satisfied, but his expression remained serious.

Kyle shrugged and walked toward the shooting platform.

He lived in a peaceful era in his previous life, not to mention practicing pistols, he have never touched it. But at this time, holding the cards related to the pistol mastering skills, the pistol is in hand has an unprecedented familiarity.

Looking at the target in the distance, Kyle’s movements couldn’t be smooth, but he still raised his arm. In less than half a second, he aimed and shot. It was also three shots in a row!

“It’s quite a bit like it.” Chief Brant shook his head. 50-meter target was already a long-range target. If someone wants to hit, it has to be a rifle.

If you want to win, you can only hit the bullseye three times. This chance is almost zero for a new recruit.

Sure enough, trainer checked on the 50-meter target for a while, and said loudly: “Soldier Kyle. Fifty-meter target, three rounds of total, with a score of zero.”

The shooting range turn silent, and then the auditorium rang loudly.

Commander Brant is also awkward. He thought Kyle was so full of confidence. Even if he couldn’t win him, he would at least hit the target. He didn’t expect all three shots to fail.

“Noisy, a farce. Kyle, you have to pack up and get out of the Army.” Chief Brant shook his head and laughed, but Kyle, who was still standing on the shooting platform, suddenly shouted: “Trainer, please check at the hundred meters target.”

“Hundred meters target? What do you want to do, isn’t it enough to play with jokes?!” Chief Brant finally couldn’t help it. His face started to turn blue with anger, he pick the rifle and put on Kyle’s head, “You believe that I could kill you!”

Kyle calmly said: “Before you kill, can you wait for the trainer to report from the goal of 100 meters?”

“You are crazy? Really want me to die?!” Commander Brant put his finger on the trigger. At this moment, trainer hurriedly reported.

“Report, report, Kyle soldiers, 100-meter target, three rounds at the bullseye, full thirty point!”

100 meters target, three rounds in the middle!

The original shooting range which was full of laughter, directly turns quiet again. Off-site soldiers and even Chief are all awkward.

Chief Brant was even more surprised and stunned, and asked the trainer again. After the trainer confirmed that it was correct, he put down the rifle in his hand.

“In this way, the bet, I won. Chief, I will continue to stay at the base for training.” Kyle also secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

However, the result is that he won. There is no danger, this is enough.

Not waiting for the response from Chief Brant, Kyle left the shooting platform and went to Agent Carter to hand over the pistol to her.

Carter looked at him with amazement and said with emotion: “I didn’t expect you to do this with a pistol.”

“You can do the same.” Kyle smiled and responded.

“How do you know?” Carter couldn’t help but ask.

“Guess. But today, you are my goddess of victory. Next time if I have a chance, I must thank you.” Kyle finished, and turned directly away from the shooting range, leaving Carter standing on the same place in blasphemy.

Outside the shooting range, Steve saw Kyle coming out and ran straight over and gave him a hug: “Kyle, you scared me!”

“Please, you don’t want to go so far, I am straight.” Kyle said so, but actually after the hug, he put hands on Steve’s thin shoulders.

“I didn’t expect your aim to be so powerful, so teach me later.” Steve said happily.

“That is natural, we are friends, so don’t worry.”

Two men walked to the canteen. The audience at the shooting range did not know who starts to clap, and soon the thunderous applause sounded.

The former sneer squadrons were also shy and bowed their heads.

Shooting with Pistol to 100 meters target against the rifle 50 meters target, and still win! The shooting power of the sharpshooter is worthy of applause and respect from everyone in the military camp.

“The army’s meals, nutrition is enough, but the taste is still not good.” After dinner, Kyle returned to the military camp dormitory to rest, after this blockbuster gambling, the attitude of the recruits in the dormitory directly came to 180 degrees change.

In Steve’s words, they used to ignore them. Now they can’t wait to talk to them. They used to bully them and now they are tailing us.

This is the deterrent power of strength and talent.

Enjoying the convenience and benefits of extracting cards, Kyle is more in love with this feeling of continuous enrichment and self-enhancement.

A dormitory has nearly 20 people. He is like a dry sponge, and he is constantly picking up all kinds of cards around him.

However, these soldiers are young, as new recruits. Even if they have cards, most of them are limited to white cards, and few green cards. Among the green cards, there are few practical values.

It’s still not good campare to Carter. When there are more than 20 green cards, when will they be fully extracted?

Kyle leaned on the bed and thought about it. Steve suddenly went to bed and curiously asked, “Kyle, what are you thinking about?”

Kyle, who is still in his thoughts, and said directly, “I want to meet that detective.”

“Ah, Agent Carter.” As soon as Steve heard the name, his face suddenly stiffened.

“You like Agent Carter.” Kyle smiled and comforted him. “Reassure, I won’t grab the woman you like.”

“You are really.” Steve’s emotions on his face were quickly lost. “I… forget it. She is like a perfect woman, I don’t deserve her.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself, Steve. You have to believe in your talents and future.” Kyle patted Steve’s shoulder and encourage him to say: “Want to pursue that woman. Keep your will high and tap into your potential. I want to be on the battlefield with you, ok.

After all, you are Captain America! In this World War II period of Marvel, you are the real hero.

“Thank you, Kyle.” Steve nodded hard, and he retired from the bed.

I also have to work hard and become stronger. Although I have the ability to extract cards, I will always be at the forefront of you.

Kyle sent Steve’s figure, and his thoughts returned to his ability to collect cards.

Aside from more than a hundred white-capacity cards covering all areas, he currently holds only five green cards.

[Rifle Mastery]

[English proficiency]

[Military boxing mastery]

[Psychology Mastery]

[True pistol mastery]

Among them, [True Pistol Mastery] is far more dazzling than the other four green cards.

[True Pistol Mastery]: Proficient in near-perfect pistol skills. Green rare ability card.

This is the most valuable card that Kyle has drawn from Carter. With this rare card, he can easily defeat the sergeant who has the rifle proficiency.

Otherwise, with the mastery of rifle mastery skills, Kyle and Chief gambling are only 50/50 chances.

“Green Rare Card > Green Card > White Card.”

“Green capability card is harder to encounter than the white card, and the requirements are much higher regardless of the distance or time of the extraction.”

“Currently I don’t have to go to the battlefield, so the rest of the green card is not very useful. Now, what I need most is to enhance the green ability card of the physical nature!”

Kyle secretly swears, original body constitution is a waste, or else he will not fall on the first day. To adapt to the high-intensity training of the military camp, he must change his physique.

And directly extract the ability of others to relate to the physique class, such as [Physique] green card, [running specialty] white card, [swim specialty] white card, etc., the extraction can be disguised to improve their own physique.

Unfortunately, the increase from the white capacity cards is not large, and only the green ability card gives a significant increase in physical fitness.

“Tomorrow, continue to look for the ability card. Focus on the physical green card.”

Kyle’s eyes are green, and the entire military training base is the target of his hunting!

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