Marvel Card System Ch 31

Chapter 31 Happy cooperation

“What machine product is this? It looks like the manufacturing process is very good.”

After all, it is the top and outstanding manufacturing connoisseur of scientists. When looking at the exquisite metal casing of the iPhone, Howard feels that this item is not simple.

He took the phone and measured the weight and started to try and play.

“I call it ‘mobile phone’.”

Kyle smiled, like a salesman’s beginning to explain: “Don’t look at its small body, it is essentially a collection of hundreds of functions and equipment. With fingerprint unlocking, face unlocking, simple voice control, taking pictures Video recording, storage decompression, messaging, time alarm, calculation recording, game music, call service, search engine and more.”

“With regard to this small machine tool, there is such an advanced practical function?” Howard was shocked and quickly checked carefully.

Kyle secretly laughed and saw the world’s smartest top-notch manufacturing genius. He sighed at a mobile phone and almost couldn’t help but laugh.

This mobile phone is just a green-quality item card, which is one of the popular items that was previously drawn from the card.

Kyle thought that now is the time of World War II, even the telephone signal tower, the Internet has not been generally established, it is really useless to get the phone.

It wasn’t until the last time he met Howard on the plane that Kyle’s mind suddenly came up with an idea.

The mobile phone is really useless to him now, but it is completely different from the top talented science manufacturer Howard.

Anyway, this mobile phone did reach the point of rotten streets in the 21st century. In 1943, it is an advanced technology product that spans more than half a century!

Howard operated the phone, looked at the illuminated screen, and the eyes became brighter, and the fingers were performing various command operations quickly.

This made Kyle amazed at the side. He didn’t even explain the basic operation of the mobile phone with Howard, but with his keen sense of technology products, Howard quickly started to master the operation of the mobile phone.

It is worthy of being able to give birth to a man who will create artificial intelligence and Iron Man Suit in the future, and has a passive card that is [technical adaptation].

Kyle allowed Howard to try out the mobile phone, and most of the software on the mobile phone had already been deleted, and the time record was also changed. But even if Howard found out the secrets from him, he didn’t care.

This trial lasted for ten minutes.

Kyle took the fourth drink, and Howard put the phone screen off.

He fell into meditation and touched his chin, and then looked at Kyle seriously: “Colored resolution screen, precise contact control, and a variety of practical soft features that are currently not available. This is called a mobile phone machine. From a planet whose technology level is far beyond ours, Or it is from the future world.”

“About its source, forgive me for not being able to reveal too much to you. But I can guarantee a few points.”

In the face of Howard’s doubts, Kyle smiled and put up three fingers and said:

“First, its origin is absolutely safe.

Second, there is no second mobile phone in the world.

Third, it brings to you, only profit, no drawbacks. As long as the advanced technology of this machine are thoroughly penetrated, Stark Industries can have enough capital to advance into the top technology manufacturing industry after the end of World War II.”

“I understand.” Howard once again fell into thinking.

Kyle is also not in a hurry, looking at the gentlemen and girl who are dancing in front of them, and continue to taste the unique vintage of the old-fashioned cup.

“Sir, are we honored to dance with you?”

During this period, many girls and ladies took the initiative to talk to Kyle. After all, he looks young and handsome, and his perfect body is matched with a formal shirt, which is very attractive.

“Sorry, I have something with my friend.”

Kyle rejected, Many girls lost in their disappointment, but some still have the courage to leave the contact card.

After a long time, Howard asked in temptation: “Invest with this mobile phone, how many shares of Stark Industries do you want?”

Given such a sentence, this means that we can continue to talk.

Kyle also sighed with a sigh of relief, apparently not so calm on the surface.

Although he still has a lot of confidence in mobile phones, it is a world of Marvel. Nowadays, there are new energy weapons, anti-gravity devices, laser tanks, and self-driving fighters. Black technology is even more numerous. Can’t impress Howard’s is not surprising.

“I want 40%.” Kyle said.

“Forty?” Howard was just preparing to finish the first glass of wine, which was suddenly picked up, and repeatedly coughed: “You, your price is sky high!”

“Since it is cooperation, I certainly don’t just invest with this mobile phone.” Kyle’s face was calm, and he threw out the second card hidden in his hand: “The mobile phone brought over today is just the chip of the first cooperation conversation, I still have something not worse than this.”

“Can you tell me about the role of the item?” Howard came again, and Kyle gave him surprise big enough.

“I can only say that it is an introduction to the field of artificial intelligence.” Kyle just finished, Howard was shocked, the cup was unsteadily put down on the bar, the wine sprinkled on a table.

Now even the computer is still in the era of research and development, the system is only a prototype, what does artificial intelligence stand for?

Representing the future!

“If your words are true, then you are investing in the future.” Howard was trembling with excitement.

Kyle smiled and asked: “I don’t know if under this premise, take 40% of Stark’s shares, is it expensive?”

“Not high. Absolutely not high, even if you want 50%, I will give you!” Howard’s previous hesitation no longer exists, he has no reason to refuse.

Money, fame, rights and beauty, Howard likes it, but if it is put together with the invention, it is not worth mentioning!

“I only need 40%. The founder and the first shareholder are still better for you.” Kyle said with a smile, Stark Industries will only develop rapidly into a top industry according to the timeline under the control of Howard.

His investment in a chicken that will continue to produce golden eggs, no need to worry about money in the future.

“That’s it. You invest in a mobile phone and another item in exchange for a 40% stake in Stark Industries.” Howard laughed happily and happily added a glass of wine to the front bartender: “I wish you a happy cooperation.”

“Cooperatively happy.” Kyle responded by lifting his own cup.

Two clinked together again, then they all raised their heads and drank them.

Nobody knows. As the top company in the future, Stark Industries, the largest share transaction in history, reached a consensus in Underground dance bar.

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