Marvel Card System Ch 32

Chapter 32: Arming and Forming Teams

Kyle estimated that Carter and others were almost finished eating dinner, and he and Howard left the ballroom bar on the ground floor.

“Kyle, I’m going to talk about such a big business tonight, how can I say that you should treat it?” Howard said to Kyle, after this brief discussion, the two are now initially establishing a partnership relationship. They have a lot of closeness.

“Yes.” Kyle smiled and took the words and blinked: “But you also know that I am still poor, and the salary of the officer has not yet been sent. I don’t know if the big boss can advance the Stark industry. Give me dividends next month.”

“You really are–” Howard shook his head without words, and there was a feeling of burying himself in the pit, but he took a golden exquisite card and a cheque with a certificate from the wallet:

“This card is a permanent VIP card for a charming hotel. There is a $20,000 deposit in it. You should use it first. In addition, this is a $100,000 check that can be taken from the central bank of major cities. Cash, but it’s best to make an appointment first, otherwise they won’t be able to make that much money.”

To know that the average salary of an ordinary American soldier is only 60 US dollars a month, the $120,000 thrown by this hand is a veritable sum.

Kyle did not take it with him politely. By the way, he said, “I didn’t expect the monthly bonus to be so high. Thank you boss.”

Howard urged: “Thank you for excusing it. You will send the second investment item to me as soon as possible. I will let the lawyer get the agreement to transfer the shares to you. After signing, you are the partner of Stark Industries.”

“No problem.” Kyle beheaded, the second item can be taken on the body, but it is not convenient to take it out in front of people.

What is the second item of the investment? In fact, it is the system program chip of the super computer.

It is a green item card that Kyle draws more useless than a mobile phone, a spare part of a unit. But if you want to develop into the field of artificial intelligence, it is definitely a good entry step.

Kyle and Howard just returned to the main hall on the first floor of the hotel and saw Carter rushing towards them.

“Done with the dinner? Where is Steve?” Kyle asked strangely.

Unexpectedly, Carter glanced at him and asked, “Where are you two going? I let Steve go to find you, I can’t find it.”

“This is…” Kyle hasn’t answered yet. Howard said, “Don’t ask, men naturally have men type of entertain and consume.”

His answer is very easy to make people think about something else.

Kyle sneaked into the slot, but Carter didn’t think too much. She said seriously: “Just here, General Chester command message came and let me convey it to you. Let’s go back to the training base.”

“This is not yet a good time to relax, but also to go back to work.” Howard shot helplessly.

“It’s about the intelligence map.” Kyle’s thoughtful expression, he had long thought of reporting the intelligence map, and he would have some instructions to act on it. I didn’t expect it to be decided so quickly.

“Kyle!” Steve’s voice came from behind and just returned at this time.

“People are all there, lets checkout.” Kyle smiled and handed the VIP card from his pocket to the hotel staff: “The consumption of our four people tonight.”

With money, he feel that the whole person is confident.

“Kyle, I didn’t expect you to be so rich.” Steve was amazed. After seeing the hotel environment, it is easy to see that the consumption of the hotel is not something that ordinary people can afford.

Even more surprised is Carter, because she also looked at Kyle’s profile information. Where did the hotel VIP card come from?

These two people, what have you done in the end?

Carter looked suspiciously at Kyle and Howard, and couldn’t think of one.

The plane of the day went out to eat in the big city and returned to the training base on the same day.

On the plane, Carter seriously told the three men about the command of General Chester.

“Kyle and Steve, you two are the team leaders, picking up soldiers at the training base to form an armed team, and attack one by one on German six factory bases in the war zone. As long as the factory base providing weapons and materials is down, Germany has no threat to Europe!”

“Steve, from now on you are at the rank of corporal.” Carter said here, her eyes fell on Kyle: “As for you, the battle will continue to accumulate, this time there is no addition to position.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Kyle nodded, and the position of the Corporal Major were not hot yet. He accumulated military power and then broke out. He used to like the rhythm of this jump.

Carter continued to say seriously: “Stark, you are armed with scientific strategy for these two super soldiers.”

“Oh.” Howard was driving the plane, and he snorted and quickly realized what it was, and looked back: “Two super soldiers?!”

“Yes, Kyle has become a super soldier.” Steve replied that this message was specially reported after he returned from the war.

Carter stared at Kyle and said seriously: “Next, I will also be responsible for supervising the records and collecting information about the super soldiers.”

“OK.” Kyle replied with a weak voice and whispered: “I am at least Corporal Major, supervised by a woman, I don’t want to face it? It’s not good to have Steve as your little mouse.”

Carter pretended not to hear it, staying cool and elegant.

Steve immediately suggested that “It is necessary to form an armed team and recruit the soldiers who were rescued last night. They have been fighting on the front line for a long time, and they have experience in using new energy weapons to fight the Germans.”

“No problem. They must have been screaming as a prisoner. They have not completely vented it last night. But on this basis, I have to transfer a talent from the 102 regiment,” Kyle said.

“Who?” Carter asked, only one person on the front line, she still has this right.

“His name is Nick Fury, a very savvy and commanding sergeant.” Kyle said with a smile.

This is an opportunity to quickly brush up the military performance, he is also a good care of Fury.


In the temporary tent on the frontline battlefield, a one-eyed black person officer sneezed a sneeze, and he strangely touched his bald head, which is a bit unclear.

“This weather is not cold, how can I have an unpredictable feeling?”

Fury muttered to himself that there was no big battle on the front line, but there was no such thing as a cold back.

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