Marvel Card System Ch 34

Chapter 34 Sodium Carbon Steel Sword

“Well, since Kyle said that, the shield is used by Steve.”

Howard thought for a moment and said: “In fact, there is still a piece of equipment. Although the combination is not comparable to this shield, the killing ability is many times higher.”

“You don’t want to sell off your face, bring out the equipment quickly,” Kyle urged.

“Slightly wait.” Howard said, open another air transport box and take out items like long swords from inside. The hilt was just able to be grasped by hand, and the rest were all covered with a leather scabbard.

“This is –” Kyle’s gaze locks on the object, and a blue card message pops up as quickly.

[Sword of Sodium Carbon Steel]: High-tech standard sword made of Cabrnet alloy. Blue item card.

Carbnet is a kind of radiant metal. Although it is hard under the artifact, it has very good ductility, so the blade is extremely thin. The long sword is tough and sharp, can inhibit the body’s healing factors and cause permanent trauma.

There is no rare prefix, and the blue quality proves that the equipment is good.

“Do you have a long sword made of carbon-sodium steel?” Kyle reached out and took the sword. He took the cold hilt and pulled the blade out of the sheath. It suddenly lit up in the basement with a cold light.

This is a one-handed sword. The sharp forging of the blade is the ultimate. No one dares to question whether it can cut iron.

Howard explained: “This sword’s Cabernet alloy material is obtained from the Russians, and it is only enough to make this small one-handed sword. The style is designed according to the medieval style, I hope you can like it. ”

“I like it very much.” Kyle nodded directly, his face filled with satisfaction that could not be concealed.

With the Zhenjin arm guard as a defensive equipment, what he needs most now is the offensive weapon. With the Germans who have new energy weapons, the Nepalese saber has gradually failed to keep up with the combat strength.

And this carbon-sodium steel sword can just replace the saber that has many wear and tear on the blade.

“That line, you have a shield, a sword, as the team leader and top-level combat, the offensive destruction of the German factory base is more certain.”

Howard recalled what it was like, and said to Kyle: “I will put forward your combat suit requirements, and I will be able to make it tonight. In this way, the equipment of both of you will be armed.”

Kyle nodded, but it was only modified on the basis of the Captain America’s combat suit. If the tone color, pattern, and hood configuration of the clothes were removed, he could barely accept it.

Steve said: “Our team has also convened. They are mainly based on the German new energy weapons, supplemented by conventional weapons, and can also be armed with armed forces. A sophisticated offensive force.”

“It seems that as long as the intelligence personnel in the base are analyzed and the order is implemented, we will be able to act tomorrow.” Kyle’s mouth tilted slightly, and the eyes appeared cold.

Red Skull, I have to see where you will hide now!

Fury saw Kyle’s cold face, and subconsciously shrank back half a step. For the first time, he felt pitiful for the Germans. After all, he was stared at by a killing god.

Another day passed.

On the morning, the colonel officer in the training base finally obtained a formal attack command after an hour of discussion with the general.

The highest person in charge is Kyle, and with the team leader Steve, the two will lead 500 troops into the enemy area, first spanning 30 miles, with the first factory base as the target to attack!

The attack command is: White Star Plan!

In the afternoon, the basement of the base.

Carter walked quickly through the passage, looking around, and finally ran to the direction of the study room.

She just opened the door of the lab. There was a strong explosion with a slight blue light inside. Two people wearing scientific suits were hit by the air waves, and the wolverine fell to the ground.

“Stark, are you okay?” Carter screamed, staring at Howard and his assistant sitting on the ground.

“Nothing, I am just study the new energy of the German army.” Howard climbed up from the ground and said with confusion: “What are you doing here? Isn’t Kyle and Steve going soon?”

“I want to ask you!” Carter looked at the empty lab and frowned. “I thought they were preparing for you.”

Howard shook his head and said, “No. Just Kyle came over and took the combat suit last night. I haven’t seen them both. Maybe they are integrate the team in the square.”

“These two people are really fools.” Carter slammed her feet and quickly rushed to the base square.

When Carter came to the square of the training base, she found that ground is full of soldiers. They all excitedly squatted and looked like they were going to drill inside to grab a better view.

At this moment, the inside of the soldiers, there was a cold voice: “Listen to my command, all sit down on the spot!”

‘Hey! ‘

Thousands of American soldiers immediately sat quietly on the spot, letting the lively scenes in the square disappear silently.

At the outermost part of the masses, there is only Carter who has just arrived, and she is still standing in the same place.

Looking forward along her gaze. She saw the 500 armed forces preparing to leave, surrounded by the inner area of ??the central area, while the soldiers in the remaining training bases were surrounded by the rear.

In the circular area with a radius of five meters, two tall and strong young people stood up against each other.

A blue-and-white combat uniform with a silver star pattern symbolizing American justice, a dark blue cover hood, and a colorful metal shield on the back.

The other is wearing the same combat uniform with a black gold tone. The chest logo symbol is a rotating cross that symbolizes death. Because there is no hood, it shows a handsome face like a knife, and behind it is a One-handed sword with a sheath.

“Steve, Kyle, what are you doing?” Carter looked at the two men on the square surrounded by many soldiers, still confused.

In the central area, Kyle stared at Steve, and said coldly: “Steve, do we really want to fight? The planned departure time is coming.”

“Yes! Let’s warm up in advance.” Steve firmly said, clenching his hands and posing for a close-knit posture.

“I will not show any mercy.” Kyle blinked, though he didn’t know why Steve would suddenly make a match before he left.

Steve said hard-heartedly: “Please use all your strengths.”

“Very good.” Kyle smiled, not using the weapon behind him, but holding his fists and posing a similar close combat posture.

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