Marvel Card System Ch 35

Chapter 35: Fight

Above the square, more than a thousand American soldiers sat in the central area of the crowd.

Kyle and Steve were still in silence for the moment, and the next moment, both of them rushed toward each other.

In the eyes of third parties, just a blink of an eye, they have been fiercely close to each other.

“Be careful.”

As if he realized that Kyle could not get the shot, Steve took the initiative to pressure.

He was just close to the attackable range, and his left hand, which was good at the back, slammed into Kyle’s face like a whip.

Brother don’t hit people on face!

Kyle resisted the spit, and the backhand reacted very quickly. He lifted the right arm without the vibrating arm guard to block it.


Without a hit, Steve bent his left foot back and pulled his knees into a horned top.

This is an opportunity to not ease the slightest, and use a high-intensity offensive pressure to crush the other side.

Kyle raised his left foot as expected, and then sent it to the side of Steve’s leg, letting the knee that was about to hit his stomach stop and thrilled.

“Well?” Steve frowned, not thinking that he had suffered a dark loss in the experience gap so quickly.

He bit his teeth, did not retreat, continued to actively initiate a fist attack, and Kyle close fight.

‘Bang, Bang, Bang!’

It is clear that both sides are just a game of fists, but they are making a powerful explosion in the air!

“Is it a super soldier?”

“Good, can they kill ordinary people with a fist?”

“Cough, the guy behind can’t go back. I am a little panicked now.”

The masses of soldiers were stunned, and the soldiers sitting in the innermost area swallowed their saliva and moved their ass subconsciously, lest the two men’s fighting spread to them.

Kyle once again blocked his fists, although he was easy to use, but the blind defense, under the pressure of crazy offensive, gradually became a little breathless.

This made Steve secretly happy, feeling that his own insistence on the offense was right, but once in a staggered pass, he suddenly saw Kyle’s cold face with a smile.

He is actually laughing.

Steve’s forehead overflowed with cold sweat, but at this time the two men were fighting together, it was impossible to stop the attack on hand, and they could only go all the way to the end.

“Is it finally realized?”

Kyle’s mouth is still smiling, Steve still knows him well, knowing that his offensive means is much stronger than defense. So he started to strengthen his offensive at the beginning, and he didn’t want him to take the initiative to attack.

“Unfortunately, you don’t understand, so you give up your natural defense advantage.” Kyle shook his head gently, the defensive posture of his hands and feet changed, and he turned himself into the offensive side.

Fight back!

Endurance fight!

Military boxing!


More than a dozen offensive fighting moves smoothly switch to the end!

Steve’s face changed and Kyle’s fighting skills changed too fast.

He temporarily wants to turn to attack, but he is hit by a series of fists and feet, completely unable to resist the power of counterattack or defense.

“Let me teach you, what is the offense!” Kyle smiled coldly, suppressing Steve to death, with a slight wind and fist to the flesh, not giving him a little room for resistance.

Steve smiled and fell into a passive position with only his hands on his face and was beaten as a sandbag unilaterally.

“This, what happened to this?”

“Kyle was still suppressed. In a blink of an eye, how will Captain Steve beaten up?”

“I don’t understand…”

The American soldiers who watched the crowd suddenly rose up and looked at the dramatic scene in the central area.

“You guys, these little rabbits, Let you not work hard to learn fighting skills. “A voice rang from the crowd of soldiers. Some soldiers looked back and saw that Joseph, who was wearing a military uniform, did not know when he was a member of the audience.

Joseph looked at the two fighting men and said, “Steve’s fighting skills are much worse than Kyle.”

Speaking of this, Joseph sighed with a smile: “This kid is really a monster in the monster!”

“Give me down!”

In the center area, Kyle’s all-out straight punch, clean and slamming under Steve’s abdomen, flew the other person out.

Steve screamed, his back shield slid on the ground and slid straight into the onlookers.

“Trust me Steve, there is still a clear gap between you and me. If you are an enemy, you would have died more than 15 times.” Kyle gasped coldly and looked straight down on Steve.

If two people are physically separated, they are actually the same.

But even if the killing method can not be used, Kyle’s strength still crush Steve. As Joseph said, the combat skills of the two are far too far!

Of course, it is no wonder that Steve, even if he has the ability to learn quickly, he still needs a lot of energy to learn to master, plus actual combat tempering.

Kyle is not the same, there is no need to learn, directly get the card. This is a bit like the online game, when the privileged member encounters the powerlessness of the open player.

“Not yet…” Steve struggled to climb from the ground. UU read a book, spit out a bloody voice, and said with perseverance: “I haven’t given up yet, I can still play this whole day!”

“You are free.” Kyle shrugged and was about to continue to attack, but Steve’s next move made him show some unexpected expressions.

Steve put the Admantium shield on his left hand.

“That’s right, otherwise it’s too boring.” Kyle said with a smile, and suddenly swooped forward.

Steve didn’t attack again this time. He looked at Kyle, who was rushing straight up, calmly raised his shield, and suddenly his left hand slammed forward, and the shield flew out.

He used the shield as a long-range throwing weapon!

Kyle’s pupils shrank, looking at the shield that hit the face and quickly raised his right fist to collide with it.

Shield is blocked, and it can be slammed. The shield is similar to the boomerang, and it is folded back in the original throwing direction.

“This shield is really troublesome!”

Kyle realized what he wanted to back off. But it was too late, Steve had slammed into the sky above him, and his left hand caught the shield that flew back, hitting the shield from top to bottom.

Kyle rushed to the shield with the elbow, and the elbow just fell on the shield, and attack was suddenly absorbed.

At the same time, Steve’s shield attack continued to fall strongly, and Kyle’s body was instantly depressed, forcing him to kneel on the ground to support, even the compacted mud was trapped in obvious pits.

For the first time, Kyle faced the characteristics of Adamantium Shield and suffered a big loss.

The vibrating gold component of this shield is obviously to completely absorb the power! As long as the attack falls on the shield, you can’t do anything!

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