Marvel Card System Ch 37

Chapter 37: Is famous throughout the country

More than a month later.

New York, Brooklyn, Haitang Street.

The pedestrian street that entered the winter gradually flourished under the sun, just after Christmas, and immediately ushered in the New Year. Despite the engagement phase of World War II, New York, a large city, has not suffered from the slightest war.

In the early winter, people in coats rushed around the streets, busy with work and livelihood.

From time to time, you can see that some hooded children are holding a stack of black and white newspapers and screaming on the streets where people come and go:

“The latest New York Times! Major Kyle and Lieutenant Steve, the two led the troops to once again annihilate the German fortress base!”

“The Wall Street Journal! The two American heroes glory again, and the German frontline has withdrawn 20 miles due to insufficient resources!”

“The victorious battle of the war, the iron and blood officer who reversed the situation of the war, today to explain to you – the glorious road of Major Kyle!”

The newspapers in this period are basically the first to print and publish the front-line battle reports, not to mention the report of the victory. Once it is logged out, it will be rushed out by the nationals.

This is not the case. The boy who sold the newspaper with a red face fluttered for half an hour and bought the two stacks of Times on the street where the wind whistled.

Facts have proved that even if World War II did not affect New York on the surface, it is enough to make people worry about the frontline US troops, hope and pray that they can end the war as soon as possible.

“Can you give me a copy?” A blonde girl wearing a purple scarf smiled and waved gently toward the newspaper boy running across the street.

The boy immediately ran over and took the change and sent the last daily report of his hand to the girl’s vegetable basket.

He widened his eyes and looked at the girl’s delicate face like an angel. He couldn’t help but praise: “Big sister, you look good.”

“Your mouth is quite sweet.” The blonde girl smiled and curled up, and the warm smile melted the snow around her, which made the street gentleman on the street slammed into the streetlight.

“It’s time to go home.” Lucy elegantly carrying the food and newspapers in the basket, and began to return home.

Said to be home, in fact, it is only the house where Kyle lived before. Located at 199 Haitang Street, it is a classic European-style duplex villa with a balcony garden.

Lucy took off her boots and went into the door. There was a stove in the house. The temperature was warmer than the outside, so she took off the cotton coat and revealed the graceful figure that could not be concealed by the inner sweater.

After placing the basket on the table, Lucy changed the elegant and dignified outside, and the small face excitedly took out a newspapers in the basket and spread it on the table.

Newspapers have headlines and picture plates, and the protagonists on the headlines of these newspapers are very different. They are not the grim young people who are armed with the round shield. He is the cool young men with black swords rushing to the enemy.

Below the picture of the newspaper, there is a detailed annotated note.

‘Steve Rogers, 23, Captain America, Lieutenant Officer.’

(The first battle in Captain Steve’s life was to go deep into the third enemy zone with Major Kyle, to break the factory base, rescue the prisoners of 500 American soldiers trapped in the cage, and break through.

He claimed that the captain America, always holding the shield in the forefront, led the soldiers team to win five German factory bases in a month, to minimize the damage of their own personnel.

He is a patriot, a super soldier, a hero who symbolizes American justice! )


Lucy quickly visited Steve’s profile, and her eager eyes fell on the other side, with a longer and more cumbersome profile.

‘Kyle Dove, 23, the youngest major officer in history.’

Seeing this, Lucy showed a sweet smile with satisfaction, and read Kyle’s next personal story:

“Major Kyle is in the history of the United States, the youngest Major. In the counterattack operation, he first sneaked into the enemy base under the gap of one hundred people, annihilated the German commander and the main force, and successfully won the opportunity to reverse the frontline war.

So far, Major Kyle’s campaign to lead has ended in victory, often with one person fighting a team of elites. According to incomplete statistics, the number of killings recorded in his name has broken through 10,000, which is a real scary!

He is a hero representing the symbol of American power! It is a war madman who is stunned the German army, nicknamed ‘Devil’ (translated as devil and killing God).

The latest news, the US President has awarded the Medal of Honor to Major Kyle.”

After a smooth reading, Lucy’s face was rosy because of her happiness. Although such a large-scale promotion of Kyle’s reports, will be frequently reported during this time, but every time she will buy such newspapers.

“A few months ago, it was a new recruit from the army base. So soon it became a major officer. It also represents the hero of American power, hehe!”

Lucy licked the pink lips, she is now really stressed, not to mention the New York City, even the young women in the United States are obsessed with the cold youth in the newspaper.

After all, the movie screening rooms in some big cities will also show some combat documentary videos of the battlefield from time to time.

Kyle and Steve can be said to have been like the protagonists in the war record film for the past few months. The heroic killing of the enemy, the perfect posture of the charge, with a lot of powerful personal strength, as well as young and handsome face can be revealed.

In the film screen, Kyle enough to trigger some crazy screams.

“No matter what, Kyle is the first person I know.”

“Little Lucy, you have to cheer up, no reason to lose to those women.”

Lucy snorted and huddled on the sofa, a bit like a woman waiting for her husband to return. Finally, the resentment screamed: “Even today is the New Year, I don’t know when Kyle can come back…”

At this time, hundreds of miles from New York, the glacier mountains in the enemy’s area.

Below a rugged train track from the snowy mountain waist to the distance, everywhere is the peak of the snow-capped mountains, the wind is strong, the snow is falling.

On one of the snow-capped peaks, a team of dozens of American soldiers wrapped in military coats lurked and listened to the intelligence messages from the rear base through monitoring instruments.

Fury said: “It has been confirmed that there is an important figure of Hydra organization on the train, a newly appointed middle-aged German scientist – Werner Reinhardt.”

“Let’s get on the train. This time just have to catch one guy, don’t go with so many people.” Kyle quickly said, looking to the side of Steve.

Steve nodded. “Just with me, you, and Bucky. Let’s all three are individual soldiers. There are not many guards on the train.”

“OK.” Kyle agreed with the decapitation. In fact, he can go alone.

Kyle, Steve, Bucky.

The three men are ready to stand side by side on the edge of the cold peak, overlooking the hundreds of meters of hillside drop, waiting patiently for the arrival of the enemy train.

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