Marvel Card System Ch 38

Chapter 38: The Train that Goes Away

On the railway surrounded by the white snow-capped mountains, the whistle of the old-style train from the far to the near, vaguely echoed over the peak of the snow.

A long reinforced iron rope hangs down from the peak, across the 100-meter drop, and the other end is on the mountainside opposite the snow-capped mountains.

“There should be a feeling of swinging.” Kyle shrugged, standing on the edge of the rim, and grasping the iron ring device that slipped the ropes with both hands.

Steve reminded: “Be careful, if you miss the ten-second gap, we will be killed directly by the train.”

“Let’s go, I’m looking for the right time.” Bucky nodded. He obviously didn’t have a super soldier’s body, with energy guns as a weapon to kill the enemy.

“Guys, get ready!”

Fury has been watching with a telescope. After seeing the trace of the enemy train on the rail below the lens, he raised his voice and said, “It’s fast, you are ready–”

“3, 2, 1, GO!”

Fury’s instructions just fell, Kyle took the lead to jump off the peak, grabbed the hoop and quickly slid down the ropeway, and Steve and Baki behind him quickly followed.


The cold wind is mixed with snowflakes, and Kyle, who is in a black suit, breaks the snow.

He looked at the train head and passed the rails under his high speed, and then released his hands. The whole person easily fell on the roof of the train.


Steve and Bucky also landed on the top of the train. The train was driving at a high speed. The side of the railroad track was at the bottom of the snow valley. People who watched the drop of hundreds of meters were shocked.

“Kyle, what do you want to do?” Steve replied, also because of Kyle’s understanding, knowing that although he was already in the rank of major, he still likes to fight alone.

“It’s very simple. I first entered the car in the middle of the train to attract the attention of the enemy guards. You two went to the front of the train car and rushed into the cab to catch the mission goal.” Kyle said, not waiting Steve responded, and then thunderously climbed from the side of the train compartment, twisting the handlebars to forcibly break through the compartment door.

Kyle entered the train compartment for less than a second, and there were intrusion warning broadcasts, laser bursts of energy weapons, and tragic mourning of enemy soldiers.

Bucky at the top of the car shook his head. “It’s really simple and rude.”

“Let’s go.” Steve was accustomed to waving his hand to the front, lowering his body on the roof as the passage, and approaching the front end of the train.

Inside the middle compartment of the train, under the bright lights.

The five fully armed German guards squatted coldly on the carriage floor. Some of their hands were cut off directly. The good thing about death was to be directly pierced through the heart.

A few blue-lighted energy weapons have been smeared with blood, and most of the German garrisons have even lost their vitality to the intruders in the future.


Kyle’s cold face was expressionless, his left hand was holding a long sword that was bleeding down, and the right hand’s vibrating arm guard was still smoky, and the leather army boots slowly fell on the scarlet thick blood pool.

He looked around at the pile of materials in the car and suddenly looked up at the corner of the car, which was illuminated by a faint red light.

“Remember me?” Kyle sneered, leaned down and picked up a blue-lighted energy pistol weapon from the ground.

Aiming, pulling the trigger, a tiny blue laser is fired from the muzzle, and the monitoring probe should be sounded as dust.

The other end of the monitoring equipment, that is, the main train compartment of the train.

A middle-aged professor with bald glasses and a train driver, both of them reveal the true fear from the depths of the soul.

“This Devil is really coming! We are dead, dead… The guards in the car can’t stop him.” The train driver’s tongue was frozen, and the voice was constantly trembling.

Major Kyle of the US military is not only famous in the United States, but also in Germany.

However, this reputation was established by the bodies of thousands of German soldiers. The German army hate Kyle to the bones.

He is entangled in the hearts of the Germans like a nightmare, even if he is brave and bloody, he will definately be afraid when he hears the name ‘Kyle’.

“Shut up! Send the guard to concentrate on the main cab!” Professor Bald slaps on the driver’s face, looking at the monitor screen of the flower screen, the eyes under the glasses lens appear crazy emotions, whispering: “It’s just right! This time if I die, I’m going to drag you down to hell!”

After destroying the monitoring probe, Kyle in the car looked around and began to extract the search materials card.

He likes individual combat because of this reason. First, there are too many secrets he have, and he don’t want to be too exposed to others – even if the other person is Steve.

Second, only by individual soldiers, in order to encounter high-quality enemy materials, they will be drawn into the card.

In particular, through the development of the Hydra organization in Germany, after they started to manufacture new energy weapons, military weapons materials can achieve a lot of blue item card quality.

[Charging laser gun], [Enhanced energy pistol], [Gemstone energy]…

In the three-meter range of Kyle, the blue item card that can be extracted is directly reflected in the field of vision.

“There is actually a box of gems,” Kyle’s surprise blink, this is a windfall, and a box of gems often has nearly twenty-five blue items.

Sometimes a base factory is compromised, and it is not always possible to find a half-box of gemstones as a source of raw energy.

“Steve and Bucky, these two people should be able to easily solve the cab guard.” Kyle whispered, but the mind did not stop, the energy in the box was extracted at a speed of three seconds. The squares are all converted into cards and stored in the card space.

For more than a minute, no enemy guards came here to interrupt the card draw.

Kyle just finished and standing up. The train suddenly had a huge tremor and thunder, and he almost fell to the ground.

“What is this all about?” Kyle frowned, quickly opened the compartment door and poked his head to the front of the train.

He saw that the carriage at the front of the train was smashed with a huge gap, and smoke was coming out of the cab. It was also seen that the red flame was flashing.

What’s more, the speed of the steel train is constantly increasing, and soon exceeds the speed limit, so that the train’s bottom wheel and the rails splash a lot of sparks!

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