Marvel Card System Ch 39

Chapter 39: Do you believe me?

The harsh whistle smashed through the sky, completely breaking the tranquility of the glacier mountains.

The uncontrolled steel train rushed to the front, braving the thick smoke, and the speed on the rails continued to soar, with no tendency to fall back.

“Steve messed up there?”

Kyle raised his eyebrows and was about to climb the roof and rush to the front of the train. It can be seen that the train is about to enter the cave tunnel that only accommodates the body passing, and then quickly returns to the compartment, and the door is closed.

When the train entered the tunnel, the light in the carriage was dimmed, and only the faint light kept the illumination.

Kyle looked into the passage in the train compartment, and the two main passages of each compartment were equipped with automatic mechanical doors, which had been completely locked by the main cab.

He don’t care so much.

Kyle thought, a translucent blue item card emerged between the two fingers. The next moment, an energy laser gun quickly recovered into a real object and was held in the hand.

He pointed the muzzle at the closed door of the car, and the trigger was a shot!


The locked mechanical door was immediately broken by the laser. Kyle took the energy laser gun through the passage and quickly rushed to the cab at the front end of the train.

‘Boom, Boom, Boom!’

All the way to the closed train compartment door, Kyle forced to use of energy laser guns so that he passed through the rear of the carriage is a mess.

“It should be here.” Kyle looked at the fifth door. The energy laser gun was shot at the door. The mechanical automatic door of the steel texture was directly ablated by the laser. The energy explosion also thickened the front cab. The smoke is blown away.

“This is……”

When the tragic scene of the cab came into view, even Kyle was surprised by the big eyes.

He saw the sides of the cabin, and the steel-clad train shell was blown out of the huge hole, and he could see the rapid-passing tunnel wall and the sparks on the wheel.

The ground of the cab compartment is full of broken bones with scarlet blood, like who committed suicide by human bombs, and smoke and flares originated from the train’s driving console.

Steve was tired and sat on the floor of the carriage, next to a bald professor who was fainted, and Kyle recognized him as the target of the action.

“Kyle, you came.” Steve looked up at Kyle, and fists squeaked as if he is enduring great pain.

“What happened here? How did you get into this? Are you injured?” Kyle threw away the energy laser gun on his hand and stepped forward to lift him up. He seemed to realize what the inquiry was: “Right, Bucky. What about him?”

“It blames me for looking down on them.” Steve sighed and couldn’t suppress the sadness. “Bucky, In order to save me, he was thrown out of the train by the Bomb blast of the train driver. Falling into the bottom of a few hundred meters of snow.”

Still suffering the same fate? Winter soldier.

Kyle’s face is quiet, knowing that although Bucky is not dead, the future is more painful than death. He has been controlled by Hydra to become a war machine that annihilates humanity for more than half a century.

Kyle is not good at comforting people. He can only shoot Steve’s shoulder and say, “As a soldier, it is very common to sacrifice on the battlefield. Don’t influence the mission because of this.”

“I know.” Steve took a deep breath and put the stunned bald doctor on his shoulder. He said, “But the task is complete. The target person wants to bite off the poison capsule in his mouth and commit suicide. So, I stunned him.”

“It seems that the intelligence is correct. The staff of the Hydra organization likes to commit suicide by biting poison in their mouths.” Kyle nodded and thought, “So now we can take the target person and evacuate it safely.”

“The problem is here.” Steve’s persevering face showed a bitter smile, pointing to the bridge with smoke and fire.

“The powerful explosion not only blew up the bodies on both sides of the carriage, but also destroyed the train console. Now the train is in a state of constant speeding.”

“Really, the train is now travel faster than 105 kilometers per hour, and it is still speeding up. It is impossible to stop.”

Kyle looked at sparks on the wheel and thought about it quickly.

Such a fast driving speed means that he will have a life threat when he jumps off the train, not to mention that the cliff.

For just one person, use the forced stealth of [Sneak] directly. There is also Steve, and a target hostage – it doesn’t work.

Steve gave his suggestion: “It seems that we can only go to the cabin behind the train, separating the connection between the locomotive and the rear cabin, hopefully this will stop the train.”

Kyle shook his head and vetoed: “You think carefully, if I remember the nearby glacier map. If the train leaves this long and straight mountain tunnel, it must turn immediately. At this speed, even if the front and the back cabin are separated. The cabin is still too late to stop and it will derail.”

Steve’s face was dignified and asked: “What should we do? We can’t just wait for the train to derail and fall?”

Kyle was silent for a moment, and suddenly stared at Steve, and asked: “Do you believe me?”

“Ah.” Steve gave a slight glimpse and immediately answered without hesitation: “Of course! In this world, if I don’t believe you, who do you believe?”

“Then nothing will happen.” Kyle smiled mysteriously, but after making the decision, it was a lot easier, and the face was relaxed and there was no sense of crisis.

He decided: “When the train rushes out of the tunnel, the moment I will call you to jump. You will take the hostage and jump down the cliff.”

“Jumping?” Steve looked at Kyle strangely, still confused, and the bottom of the cliff was not a deep enough river, but a hard, frozen river.

“You don’t believe me.” Kyle shrugged.

“Well, you told me to jump, I will jump.” Steve did not ask, the target hostage on the shoulders was good, ready to face the tunnel wall.

It was only a dozen seconds. When the train with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour quickly reached the end of the tunnel, the dark moment was forced to dissipate by the dawn of the outside world.

Stealing white light outside, let Steve could not help but squint.

At the same time, the train was also violently trembled, and the wheels burst completely under the splash of sparks!


The whistling train should have turned according to the railroad track. Under the excessive driving speed, it suddenly detached from the track at the corner of the railroad track and rushed over the suspended cliff.

The cold wind is encrusted with snowflakes, and it is madly poured into the carriage, and the weight loss of the train is about to fall.

“Steve, jump down!”

Kyle’s words have not been finished yet, and they have jumped off the carriage one step at a time.

Steve didn’t want to think about it. He took the hostage and resolutely followed Kyle and jumped out of the train, falling down from the hundreds of meters of cliffs.

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