Marvel Card System Ch 4

Chapter 4: Monster!

Early the next morning.

The recruits had finished their breakfast, and after a heavy morning exercise, they dressed neatly in military uniforms and gathered in the square.

However, the training officer is not the usual Commander Brant, but another strong and middle-aged officer. The skin of the white guy is completely tanned, and body is awe-inspiring.

“Chief is resting today, he let me take the class to lead you to fight training. My name is Joseph Kingsley, and I will be your today’s instructor.” The instructor said loudly.

“Yes!” The recruits answered in unison.

“Right, Kyle, who was very popular yesterday, is in your team.” Joseph asked with a bit of interest, and the new recruits’ eyes were all brushed to Kyle, and Steve.

“Kyle soldiers, sir!” Kyle took the lead and walked out.

“Pretty handsome. Yesterday your pistol shooting, indeed can be counted as a sharpshooter.” Joseph instructor praised half, and then words turned, “Can only be a sharpshooter, but if you want to be a good American soldier, you are still far worse! If you are close to the enemy, he can put you down in less than one turn!”

He seems to want to crush my arrogance.

Kyle secretly thought and very humbly asked. “I don’t know if Joseph’s instructor can let me see it personally.”

Fuck, this is naked provocation!

The recruits behind Kyle, scalp turned numb.

Joseph also stagnated, and his heart turn dark and angry. It is no wonder that Chief doesn’t like this guy!

Joseph laughed. He said happily: “Good, then I will let you see, what is a close game.”

“If I accidentally wounded the instructor, what should I do?” Kyle said with anxiety.

“I promise that you can fight back freely, this is the order!” Joseph waved his hand and motioned to let him start.

When the voice just fell, Kyle had already moved. The distance from a few steps was close to the range of wrestling. He held the fists in both hands and shot the military boxing!

[Military Boxing Mastery]: Master the practical boxing method of military, focusing on the close-knit game of boxing. Green ability card.

The expert knew if there was any shot.

Joseph did not expect that Kyle had mastered the military boxing and could only temporarily rush the defense. As a result, he suffered a dark loss and was crushed.

Regardless of your military rank, Kyle can’t do anything fancy, a set of military punches hit the end smoothly. Joseph almost turned into a sandbag.

“My face is lost!” Joseph’s face changed slightly, and the eyes of the recruits on the field had changed. Because he is also proficient in military boxing, Kyle’s boxing has basically been parried back, but on the surface, Kyle is pressing him.

“New recruits, your tricks are good but if you only learn the military boxing, you can’t win!” Joseph moves, and under the fighting skills of hands and feet, began to counter Kyle.

“Sure enough,” Kyle gasped, trying to resist the opponent’s attack while focusing on the power card of Joseph’s instructor.

[Army Boxing Mastery] [Endurance Fighting Mastery] [Reverse Fighting Mastery] [True Fitness Body]

There are four green cards in the single-monitor exercise class! And there is also a green rare card!

“No wonder he can endure that punch.” Kyle’s eyes lit up and began to extract the cards from the instructor.

The extraction of the green card requires a mere one meter and time three minutes.

This is the real purpose that Kyle wants to play against the instructor. There is no better reason to get close.

Kyle fell into the wind, but resisted like stubborn man, and Joseph couldn’t knock him down for a moment.

He wanted to stop, but his body just slackened, and Kyle entangled the military boxing.

“Kid, really want to force the instructor, I may hurt you?”

Joseph gnashed his teeth, but Kyle was more and more eager to fight.

After three minutes, [Reverse Fighting Mastery] was successfully selected.

Kyle feels that the warmth in whole body, and the improvement in his physique. At the same time, the technique of counter attacking is mastered like he learned for more than 10 years.

“Now, go down!” Joseph punched, and he would knock Kyle down to the ground. But Kyle suddenly put his hands on his arms and held his arm.

Fight back! Military boxing!

Kyle, who got the increase by cards, has continued to close the gap with the instructors, allowing the battle game, which is going to end soon, to continue to extend.

Joseph and Kyle were fighting for a long time, and still no one can take other party.

Master fight!

Recruits on the side, the continuous melee fighting, also attracted more troops in the training square, and soon surrounded the three groups in three circles and three circles.

“What happened there?” Agent Carter passing by saw this scene. The doubtful officer who was rushing to the side asked, the officer spread his hand and answered helplessly: “A new soldier is fighting Joseph sir.”

“Joseph?” Carter look surprised while opening her sexy lips slightly.

“Yeah, Joseph, the professional training instructor in the fighting subject.” Officer smiled. “I don’t know how the recruits did it. He actually insisted on Joseph for nearly ten minutes.”

“What is the name of the recruit?” Carter opened the document in his hand.



The card was successfully extracted.

[True fitness body]: Maintaining a healthy and superior body than ordinary people, and will increase certain stamina and physical strength. Green rare ability card.


Kyle gasped, sweat had already soaked his military uniform, and the last physique ability came into hand. Although the power of physique was poured into his body, he was still tired.

He stepped forward with his legs, and jumped back. Joseph sneaked forward and pursued. Kyle suddenly raised his hands. “Okay. No strength, I surrender.”

“Uhhh?” Joseph also gasped. At the last moment, he stopped his fist in front of Kyle’s nose. He said with a straight beard: “Why?”

“Your speed, strength and the fighting skills are stronger. I admit defeat. If I still fight, I’m afraid that I hands or legs will be broken.” Kyle sat down on the ground, not to forget to flatter.

“You.” Joseph wants to swear, then no matter how many people around him are watching, sitting on the ground with the same tiredness. “I did almost beat you at the beginning, but then you started to fight seriously. Not to mention, your fighting talent is the first thing I have seen in the military for 20 years. It is already an absolute monster level.”

In the ten-minute battle, Joseph felt that Kyle was like learning from him, and his close-knit skills were improving at a rapid speed. How could this not surprise him?

“When you have time, we will practice later.” Joseph smiled and said that he really likes the soldiers who fight so fast.

“No problem.” Kyle nodded weakly. Joseph had a few other green cards in addition to the three physical cards he had just taken.

“You soldiers -” Joseph raised his eyebrows and looked around. He snorted directly: “What are you looking at, don’t you have to train? Or you also want to practice with me alone!”

We are not a monster like Kyle.

The onlookers recruits dare not to pick up the words and blow up the honeycomb directly.

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