Marvel Card System Ch 45

Chapter 45: Kyle is coming

Steve Rogers, Captain America.

As the veteran hero of the current Marvel World, it combines the perfect physique of the super soldier, the superior mind of the battle, the dozens of combat skills, and the hard and functional Adamantium shield.

To a certain extent, his strength is also one of the few heroes in the entire World War II era.

It is a pity that Kyle, who has the ability to draw a card, has led Steve to be in second position.

After all, Kyle’s brilliance is too dazzling. He is also a soldier’s birth. He is also a super soldier. But from personal strength, personal record, rank, or even the influence and deterrence of American heroes, Steve will always only compare to be a younger brother.

This allowed Steve to work harder during the mission. He wanted to prove his competance, and wanted to try to walk in front of Kyle again and again.


Steve looked at the enemy motorcycle in the rearview mirror and quickly ushered in from the rear. While constantly refueling and speeding up, he pressed a device button of the motorcycle and suddenly a steel rope was sprayed from both sides of the motorcycle. Out.

Three or four enemy motorcycles in front of them immediately suffered from smashing, and were smashed by the steel ropes and smashed into the snow.

The rest of the enemy motorcycles evaded the ropes and continued to chase. They quickly greeted the flames sprayed by the tail of the Steve motorcycle. The mourning fell into a small area of fire, and the explosion continued.

Easily get rid of the entanglement of enemy motorcycles, Steve looked up and looked at the main entrance of the Hydra base in front of the field of vision, as well as the large number of guards who held energy weapons that rushed out to meet the enemy, and then he put his Shield in front of bike as protection.

In the energy tank shelling, coupled with the intensive laser emitted by the energy guns, Steve drove the motorcycle and rushed into the main entrance of the base with the full speed of horsepower!

This motorcycle was transformed by Howard, naturally with many black technology devices, not only the projectile cable, the rear fire attack, but also the self-explosive device –

Steve just drove into the Hydra base and drove off the motorcycle. The motorcycle continued to hit the main entrance of the base. The powerful explosion instantly blew up the half of the steel door in the base. There are no more than a dozen guards around the door.

“Come on!” Steve shouted with a shield, running fiercely into the guarding enemy group, killing dozens of guards like one man fighting an army.

At the same time, on the side of the main entrance of the Hydra base, on the snowy mountains less than 100 meters, thousands of American soldiers lurked in silence, waiting for the timing of the plan.

At the forefront of the army, Kyle and Fury were on the edge, watching the bloody Steve with a telescope.

Fury exclaimed: “Steve, this guy, although only acting as a bait, is really more and more biased towards your fighting style.”

“No.” Kyle shook his head gently and said slowly: “This should be his true style.”

Because the symbol is only the justice and guardianship of the United States, Steve’s offensive ability is not strong in the perception of others.

In fact. Forever as a pioneer of loneliness, rushing in front of the war, shield guarding defending everything, shield attacking the enemy, this is the true posture of Captain America.

Next, Under the original plan, Steve was defeated under the siege of a steady stream of armed guards, and was taken into the base by the guards.

Seeing that the door of the base was completely opened, Kyle ordered: “Fury Lieutenant. You lead the army, directly attack the main entrance of the base, destroy all the equipment inside. And quickly enclose it here, Don’t let go of even a single Hydra organization member.”

“Understand.” Fury nodded, looking thoughtfully at Kyle. “You have to use the cable pulley to make a direct attack?”

“Of course. If I go slow, Red Skull will run away, I have to enter the base as soon as possible, and intercept him.” Kyle said, the blue eyes are condensed with coldness, “It is also time to properly liquidate the last old account.”

At this time, inside the underground base of Hydra.

Steve was detained by two armed guards, and he was taken directly to the hall, stopping in front of a Red ugly man.

The man is the founder of the Hydra organization, Schmidt, also known as Red Skull.

He was indifferent to Steve, who was in front of him, and said in a contemptuous tone: “You really have the arrogance of the Americans, and they were too ignorant to let you come here alone. Are they just sending you here to die?”

“Professor Erskine escaped from me and gave everything to you and Kyle.”

Speaking of this, Red Skull gnashing teeth with anger and distorted expression, so that the face became more ugly – the same as the super soldier, he is not as good as the former two, but also disfigured into this point!

“Professor said, you are a madman, not worthy of what he has.” Steve smiled mockingly.

“Shut up! He just jealous of my talent! What are you special?” Red Skull whispered, clenched his fists, and vented a blow on Steve’s stomach.

“Cough.” Steve had a coughing pain and was hit directly on the floor of the hall.

Red Skull looked down at him and pulled out the modified energy pistol from his waist. “Captain, let me end your life.”

In front of life and death, Steve smiled and said, “You are not asking, what is special about me? Sorry, I am just a short boy from Brooklyn, New York, but I have a brother.”

His words just fell, from the window on the second floor of the base, a black figure followed the hanging steel cable, smashed into the glass hall and rushed into the base hall.

Two guards standing at the window were paying attention, and the young man who came in wearing a black suit rolled down the ground and completely removed the impact. He quickly got up and pulled out a sharp one-handed sword with his left hand.


Cut a watermelon, armed two guards head flying up.

It all happened so suddenly, the youth of the black warrior broke into the squad and went to kill the two guards. It was only completed in half a second.

When everyone on the second floor of the base looked over, they could only see that the cold-faced youth with a blank expression stood in the hall, looking coldly at them, with the four bodies separated from the back falls.

“Kyle!” In the hall on the second floor of the base, I don’t know who called first, and then a suffocating panic entangled in the hearts of most people.

The staff of the Hydra organization are brainwashed and absolutely loyal to not being afraid of death, but this does not mean that they have lost something called fear.

And the enemies in the world that really make them feel fear, only the youth in front of them.

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