Marvel Card System Ch 46

Chapter 46: Chasing in the Tunnel

“Kyle came!”

This sentence is often quoted by German nationals to achieve the meaning to intimidating children.

At this time, in the hall on the second floor of the base, the armed guards of the Hydra looked at Kyle who came in from the window and could not help but numb the scalp.

They are not afraid of fighting, but they are afraid of being directly killed like pork and cabbage.

If the enemy is only Steve, the guards are confident that they can subdued him by the number of people, but there is another ‘devil’ Kyle, which is completely different.

In the base hall, it is clear that Kyle’s personal strength is clearly understood by Red Skull. Therefore, when he saw the appearance of Kyle, he did not hesitate to turn around and decisively rushed to the base underground passage.

“Do you want to run again?” Kyle entered the hall, his eyes first fell on Steve, confirming his safety, and then locked on Red Skull.

At this point, he saw that Red Skull wanted to run, and Kyle snorted, and the sword quickly slammed into the eruption.

At this time, Steve was no longer disguised as a violent attack. He got up and stunned the two guards who were behind him. He held the shield with the same coldness and looked at Red Skull.

Red Skull apparently noticed the chill from the back neck, and while trying to speed up the escape, he shouted: “All the staff, stop them!”

“Yes!” The armed guards in the base responded in unison, madly building defense lines and shooting.

“Block me?” Kyle sneered at the corner of his mouth, his sword fell, two guards blocking in front of him, their arm holding the energy gun was cut off, and the scarlet blood splashed on the smooth floor.

Kyle is trying to keep on chasing without slowing down. The rest of the armed guards are once again afraid of death, forcing him to distract him to solve the human obstacles on the road.

It is said that the Hydra personnel who have been thoroughly brainwashed know that they have only death in this mission, armed guards still hold themselves as cannon fodder, and shoot and intercept the pursuit of Red Skull by Kyle and Steve.

Kyle quickly lifted his right hand and once again sent a laser to the block to counterattack. The sodium-carbon steel sword held by the left hand was stained with blood from the handle and continued to bleed.

He looked indifferently at the corner of the second floor lobby. The back of Red Skully had already gone, and it would disappear completely in the corner of the second floor lobby.

“Don’t think about running!” Kyle bit his teeth, stepping on the chest of the guard in front of him and jumping up. The man was in the air, and his left hand slammed to the side!


The sodium carbon steel sword, like the same darkener, quickly tears the air, rushing toward Red Skull back.

“Give me over!” Seeing to be hit by a sodium carbon steel sword, Red Skull seems to grab the guard who walked by the side, as a shield behind him.


Guard body pierced by the tip of the sword like a piece of paper, and from the back, the red blood is splashed.

“Hey, Major Kyle, I remember…” Red Skull indifferencely threw the guard body on the ground, just wanting to throw a sarcasm, just to notice the strangeness of his arm and quickly cast his gaze.

He saw that the sword just passed through the guarding body, and the tip of the sword cut a slender wound on his left arm and could not stop the blood from spilling out.

“It’s just a skin trauma. With my extraordinary physique, how can this be?” Red Skull’s unbelievable self-talk, his eyes stunned and did not dare stay here, so disappeared into the corner passage.

“Almost, let him run again?” Kyle raised his eyebrows. At this time, a deafening soldier rushed from the base.

It is the thousands of American soldiers led by Fury!

Outside the glass window on the second floor of the base, Several flexible US soldiers slammed the steel ropes and smashed them together with the armed guards in the hall, greatly alleviating Kyle’s obstacle pressure.

“Steve, you and the soldiers are cleaning up the Hydra guards here, I am going to chase Red Skull!”

When Kyle’s words were finished, he quickly passed the tragic battle of the hall, pulling his sword out of the body at the corner and accelerating to the underground passage.

“Kyle!” Steve screamed, hitting the guards around him with a shield, and resolutely followed Kyle’s back.

Under the dark passage of the base.

Red Skull is in front, Kyle is in the middle, and Steve is behind the tail. The three people can’t see each other, but they all running at full speed.

“With Venom bonus, I don’t just have the strength, even the speed is faster than the perfect super soldier.” Kyle thought in his heart, there is enough confidence to catch up with the injured Red Skull.

And he have another way to accelerate.

Along the tiny blood on the ground, Kyle turned into a black mist in the dimly lit tunnel, and the speed of the whole person went up one level!

[Sneak] Capability Card: In nightwalk mode, increase the movement speed!

“This time I see how you run!” Kyle, like a bloodthirsty cheetah, chased his target.

In a short while, in front of the slightly curved tunnel, the back of Red Skull was reflected in his indifferent red scorpion, which was only a distance of less than ten meters.

Within ten meters of others, plus the restrictions under the light, Kyle’s stealth mode was also forced to be lifted, and the figure was completely exposed in the tunnel.

“How fast is his speed?!” At the same time, Red Skull also found Kyle behind him. For the first time in his life, he felt scalp numbness.

The same Super Soldier Serum. How is this gap so big? Why?

The grief-stricken face of Red Skull is distorted and can only continue to escape in the status of prey. The distance from Kyle behind him is decreasing.

“Schmidt, it’s better to stop and drink a glass of wine and talk about life.” Kyle’s snarky ridicule said while trying to destroy the psychological defense of Red Skull.

Red Skull was silent, and he could not wait to curse his parents for not giving him an extra leg.

“You don’t stop, then I have to take the initiative.” Kyle said, regardless of physical strength, the speed of the explosion broke out again.

At the distance of the last five meters, an armed guard suddenly inserted from the intersection at the side of the tunnel, behind Red Skull, with the weapon on his hand facing the approaching Kyle.

Unlike other blue-light energy weapon muzzles, it is a huge gun sprinkler, attached to the petrol tank behind the guard.

Fire gun?

Kyle just identified the weapon used by the Guard in front of him. The one-handed sword immediately inserted on the wall of the tunnel to stabilize his body, and then rolled back and forth again.

The next moment, the gas torch fired a five-meter flame column, and the narrow tunnel was almost sealed, and the temperature of the air rose.

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