Marvel Card System Ch 48

Chapter 48: Sky Hunting

Over the Alps, facing the strong sunlight at noon, the huge plane humming constantly raised the height, and soon broke through the clouds to reach the kilometer.

It is heading towards New York City and begins to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

At this point, plane rear wheel.

Kyle grabbed the sodium-carbon steel sword nailed to the wheel frame, and the other hand slammed Steve. The two were connected together and hung under the plane.

“Kyle, are you okay?” Steve yelled, and under the huge winds of high altitude, even the voices of each other were hard to hear.

“Okay, but you should also reduce the fat.” Kyle spoke, and Steve slammed the top frame with one hand and waited until Steve grabbed the rack and himself.

“I know the basic structure of this plane, come with me.” Steve waved his hand and took the lead to climb up.

Kyle continued to insert the frame wall with the sodium carbon steel sword, as a support point to ensure safety, and finally climb up.

Both of them are super-soldier, and they are constantly moving up from the wheels of plane in flight. After a while, they climb to the rear bilge of the fuselage, then open the safety access door from the bottom and thoroughly enter the interior of the aircraft.

The rear cabin of the transport fighter is spacious, and at first glance, it is full of technical equipment, and the dimly lit lights maintain sufficient visibility.

“Kyle, look quickly!” Steve looked at what was noticed, and the firm face was dignified.

Kyle looked down at him and saw two strangely-looking single-seaters parked in the rear compartment of aircraft. The volume is smaller than the normal single-person combat aircraft. The shape of the flat ellipse is dyed with dark green paint. The strange thing is that there is no obvious ammunition muzzle externally. Only the lower half of the fuselage is more than the upper part. It is three times bigger.

There is no need to guess anything, and the identification message as the item card will soon emerge.

[Nuclear Explosive Aircraft]: A single-person carrier aircraft with a nuclear explosion energy bomb, its power of throwing a nuclear explosion can easily destroy a large city. Blue rare items card.

Current status: Unable to extract. For single use items.

Kyle’s heart was shocked and finally knew why Red Skull was confident enough to level the entire West Coast territory of the United States.

This is nuclear explosion plane! Let it break into the territory of the country, it power can destroy whole city.

“Steve, open the rear cabin, and put the two planes directly into the sea.” Kyle decisively said, aircraft also flew over the Atlantic Ocean.

If this is to allow Red Skull to successfully transport the nuclear bombing plane to New York, the consequences are simply unimaginable.

Steve also understood this and agreed. At this time, a group of Hydra organized armed guards trotting to the rear of the aircraft.

“Is it discovered?” Kyle eyes turned cold, carrying a sodium-carbon steel sword and welcoming it. “Hurry up, I will stop them.”

“Enemy! Shoot!” The team of armed guards saw Kyle rushing over and quickly used energy weapons to shoot.

In an instant, the rear cabin of aircraft was illuminated by a dazzling blue laser.

“These idiots.” Kyle frowned, he was not afraid of laser shooting, but the laser’s random shooting would become the fuse, accidentally triggering the explosion of the nuclear weapon behind him.

He don’t want to accompany these cannon fodders to hell!

“Die!” Kyle’s face was cold, and used the fastest means to kill these guards.

In the potentially huge crisis, Kyle did not choose to dodge, but raised his right hand with a vibrating arm guard, constantly blocking the energy laser that was shot, to avoid the nuclear weapon behind him.

“Kyle, catch!” As if knowing Kyle’s situation, Steve yelled and threw Adamantium shield in his hand.

Kyle flew up to catch the round shield, and his left hand blocked the shield in front of him, blocking the dense laser beam while sprinting completely close to a guard.

The guard raised the energy laser gun in horror, and the next moment was blocked by Kyle’s right palm, and the laser shot bounced back directly on the vibrating arm guard, giving the energy laser gun and his arm to disintegration and evaporate on the spot.

“Okay!” Steve’s voice just sounded. With the button of the device he manipulated, the cabin in which a nuclear weapon plane was located was first opened and dropped into the ocean under aircraft.

The opening of the cabin also caused the air inside the rear cabin to flow backwards, pulling many guards into the hatch.

Kyle looked like a devil, smiling indifferently at the broken arm guard screaming on the ground, lifting the other side like a chicken with one hand, throwing him out of the plane.

Next, the guards who want to resist, are also used by Kyle and Steve as goods, and they are thrown away from the height of several kilometers.

“Kyle!” Steve suddenly shouted, but he don’t know when, a guard approached the second nuclear weapon plane that was being released, and opened the lid and sat in the cab.

Both of them had no time to stop, and the second nuclear weapon plane was put down.

“Can’t let him go!” Steve said, he wanted to rush out of the cabin, but at the last minute, Kyle gave the interception a slap in the back, watching the guards drive the nuclear weapon.

“Do not worry, he does not need us to deal with.” Kyle confidently said, calmly looking at the broad blue sky outside the cabin.

As evidenced by his words, in addition to the high altitude of the rear cabin, a huge blue eagle bird shreds the clouds at a rapid speed, dragging a series of air waves, and quickly chasing the nuclear weapon plane that is gradually gone.

“It turns out that you have called the Blue Eagle.” Steve looked at the blue eagle and was relieved.

“The final battle, how can I be sloppy.” Kyle shrugged and threw the shield back to Steve. He pulled the one-handed sword from the metal wall and wiped it clean on the guard’s body.

“Well, Hydra organization has only the last leader.” Steve took a deep breath and stood side by side with Kyle, revancing his eyes to the cab door of plane.

From the ground of five hundred feet, chasing up to the sky above the kilometer, it is time to usher in the final end.

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