Marvel Card System Ch 6

Chapter 6: Goes to the front line!

Refuse? Actually refused?!

When she heard Kyle’s simple answer, Carter got stunned, and her always cold face showed a stunned expression. “Why? This is what all the recruits in the training base dreamed of.”

Kyle smiled and slowly extended a finger and said in a relaxed tone: “First of all. This is an experiment after all. I can’t consider the possibility of failure, even if the probability of failure is very low.”

“I believe in myself, even without the super soldier serum, I can be the top outstanding soldier.”

Kyle extended a second finger, “Second, this is also the most important point.”

“What is it?” Carter asked, for the first time, she has such a strong sense of curiosity.

“Although I refused the qualification of the Super Soldier’s first person experiment, I can recommend a person – Steve, he has the potential not to lose to me! I hope you can consider him well.”

Kyle finally said.

From the military camp dormitory, Carter is still in a state of paralysis.

In her opinion, it was Kyle’s chance to be the first super soldier to give Steve, and I don’t know if it is stupid or loyal.

“But this way, the candidate for the super soldier tomorrow will be basically implemented.” Carter sighed, the first seed Kyle gave up, that is the second seed Steve.

In the military camp dormitory. Kyle was still looking at the green ability card drawn from Carter, and suddenly the door slammed open, and a thin figure rushed in.

“Steve, why are you so anxious?” Kyle did not lift his head, and he knew that Steve was coming back.

“Kyle! Why?!” Steve rushed to the bed, his face full of incomprehensible and asked: “Why give me the qualifications of the super soldier?”

“Oh, you know it so soon?”

“It was Dr. Abraham who came to me and told me.”

“That tomorrow you will leave the dormitory and go to the secret lab.” Kyle seemed to guess. He smiled and said, “Is this not good? For you, this is a chance to go to heaven, if you can become Super soldier, your life will be subverted and reversed.”

“For me, of course, it is a dream, but you also need this opportunity!” Steve said hardly.

“If you have to ask why. Then I can only say that this opportunity is more important to you.” Kyle replied softly, and he made this choice, of course, a well-thought-out result.

As long as the ability to draw cards is at hand, he can extract the ability of others without risk, and there is absolutely no need to take risk to carry out the super soldier experiment.

Although Steve has succeeded as a protagonist in a movie, it does not necessarily guarantee that the super soldier’s serum is perfect. (Even if it is successful, there is a certain probability that he will become a ghost like Hung Hom)

And if there is no Captain America, the main line story of Marvel is likely to be chaotic, which is what Kyle does not want to see.

“If you want to thank me, then try to finish the experiment of the super soldier. Don’t let me down.” Kyle smiled and put a hand on Steve’s shoulder sincerely.

Brother, you go to fight this tough experiment and become stronger, then come back and let me draw the card. It is a profitable investment, but the empty glove white wolf is just like this.

“Kyle, you are so kind to me.” Steve, who didn’t know the truth, had a sullen look and made Kyle chilly. He almost didn’t kick him out of bed.

The next morning.

Steve left the training base secretly, and no one in the recruit knew what he was going to do. Only Kyle knew that the super soldier plan had been officially launched at a certain underground base.

Another day passed.

Commander Brant convened all the freshmen in the training base, and announced that the super soldier project would end here, causing the recruits to be in turmoil.

Kyle knows that everything is running in the normal track of Marvel history. The first super hero in the history of Marvel, Captain American, has been quietly born.

In the office of the Chief.

“Unfortunately, the doctor died, the super soldier serum has not been able to do it. Kyle, you lost the only chance to become a super soldier.” Joseph sorrowfully told Kyle that he was really sorry for Kyle.

“This is God’s choice.” Kyle responded with a sigh, but there was no ripple in his heart.

The ability to draw cards is at hand. Whoever says that if there is no super soldier serum, you can not become a super soldier.

Kyle made a request, “Joseph, I heard that Steve has succeeded. Can you let me see him?”

“I’m afraid I can’t.” Chief Joseph shook his head and explained: “Now Steve is at a secret base and is training himself to adapt to his body. General Chester has ordered that no one can bother him.”

“When does the training end?” Kyle asked anxiously.

“I am afraid it will take a few months.” Chief Joseph answered truthfully.

“A few months.” Kyle frowned, this is similar to the plot in the movie, but did not expect the training to be completely closed. If he can’t touch Steve, he can’t extract the ability card from him.

“A few months will be very fast. Yes, General Chester has a new command mission for you.” Chief Joseph said with a dignified face, “Soldier Kyle, due to the superior performance of the training period, alone As a superior recruit, you from the 102nd regiment, will participate in the mission!”

“Going to the front line?” Kyle’s heart shook, and the sudden news came far beyond his imagination.

“Kyle, you are about to face a real war, but don’t die so easily in the hands of the enemy.” Joseph finished saying, putting combat uniforms and rifle ammunition, as well as mission information to the front line, On the desk.

“Soldier, follow the general’s arrangements.” Kyle took over the items, and his heart was a little messy.

He did not expect to go to the front line so soon, to participate in the World War II war!

His plan is to win the super soldier’s ability card from Steve, and after a strong guarantee, he will go to the war, but he did not expect it to be so sudden!

This is also the shortcoming of Kyle’s training over the past few days – leading to graduation from the training base in advance.

Chief Joseph waved his hand at the farewell. “There will be a helicopter coming to pick you up in the afternoon. Go back and prepare soon.”

“Yes.” Kyle nodded and took the items in his hand and walked out of the office.

“Hope you will survive kid.” Looking at Kyle’s figure, Chief Joseph gave a sigh. Under the big war, no matter how good the soldiers are, there is a high probability of death.

Pushing open the door, the warm sunshine outside faces the shower, sweeping the smog in Kyle’s heart.

He relaxed and smiled.

Going to the bow naturally straight, now regardless of physical fitness or skills, there are special forces in the front line, plus the card system in hand, no reason he will die so easily!

Kyle self-adhered and regained his spirits and walked forward with confidence.

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