Marvel Card System Ch 8

Chapter 8 Cruel War

At the end of the brief battle, Kyle began to collect the spoils on the field.

After the death of the German soldiers, the carrying items on them were all in an extractable state.

“Hey, is this?” Kyle looked at the two sheepskin rolls that were found from a German soldier. The idea was moved and two items of card information came into view.

[Encrypted Map 1]: Contains the detailed topographic map of the German military area and the temporary base area of ??the self.

[Encrypted Map 2]: Contains information collected by the German elite squad on the distribution of US military forces, combat camps, and material transportation routes in the combat zone.

“It’s no wonder that they dare to go deep into the enemy’s back. It turned out to be an elite team sent by Germany.” Kyle reveals a thoughtful look and brings the two sheepskin maps to his body.

The map is equivalent to the Raiders. It has the respective distribution forces of the two armies, as well as the detailed terrain of the local area. It is no wonder that the Germans have brought such great offensive pressure to the US military.

Kyle quickly extracted the equipment from the German soldiers and then transferred them to the military supplies on his military vehicles.

For the ammunition Kyle is not too much, the military materials that should have been plundered by the enemy are all taken for themselves, and they do not feel guilty.

Finally, looking at the military vehicle that was plundered by himself, Kyle thought about it. After cleaning the bodies of the two US troops in the driver’s seat, the military vehicle with a slightly broken head was also brought to the card.

After completing the card drawing work, Kyle can be regarded as a military material with a car, which is truly armed.

Ready to go, Kyle stood on the small dirt slope and looked into the battle zone not far ahead, whispered, “It is time to join the front line of the battle.”

After experiencing the baptism of the first killing of life, Kyle has a deeper understanding of his own strength. I believe that relying on the ability cards and item cards on the body, even a large war can dare to take a look.

Since it is a must-have experience of a reborn life, let the war come even harder!

Frontline combat zone.

‘boom! ‘

‘Da da da! ‘

The sound of many ammunitions is like playing the thunderstorm symphony, the red flames bursting at the muzzle bullets, and the glare of shells and grenade bursting at night. The American and German soldiers fought passionately together.

The US military is mainly defensively resisting, using the stone soil of the pits as a bunker, lined up in a row, constantly blocking the German soldiers who want to break through the front.

Although the bullets and shells continued to harvest the life of the German soldiers who were rushing forward, the Germans were still in the invasion of the inch by the bodies of the companions who were lying on the ground. The distance between the two armed areas was constantly indented.

“These broken parties are all brainwashed, and they are completely warless madmen!”

A black sergeant in a US military team gritted his teeth and glanced at the soldiers who supported the bloody eyes in the surrounding eyes. They clenched their fists and slammed against the combat intercom. “The ammunition of our team soldiers is almost gone. Are the reinforcements and supplies in the rear not coming yet?!”

“Let’s go on like this, the middle defense line we fight can only last for ten minutes -”

The words of the sergeant just fell, a dull bombardment sounded loudly, and the shells dragged the piercing tail on the pits a few meters before his eyes, and a soldier on the side suddenly had no bones.

“Is this?” The sergeant was tumbling on the ground with the power of the shells, struggling to stand up despite the tinnitus and physical discomfort. Looking forward from the bombed fortress of the pit, he saw a huge steel machine crawling like a monster, and the bodies of countless German soldiers on the ground were crushed by the wheels.

“Those who are crushed, and now, there are tanks? I am wrong, not ten minutes, but ten seconds, the theater defense line will be torn open!” The sergeant showed a desperate look.

The German tanks are moving forward. While adjusting the direction of the shelling, just before the launch of the second shell, the sergeant suddenly rang out the same dull and huge bombardment.

‘boom! ‘

The rocket launcher not only screamed, but also smashed the smoke from the tail of the gun. A parabola was dragged from the battlefield, and it crossed the forty-meter distance and fell on the barrel of the German tank.

It happened that the second round of the tank had not yet been fired from the blasthole. Under a burst of fire, the steel tank turned into a pile of scrap iron, causing the Germans who wanted to follow the breakthrough on the side also suffered a lot of casualties.


The US military’s soldiers who saw this scene suddenly jumped up.

Together with the black sergeant, he also opened his eyes. The original desperate situation was reversed under this rocket. He couldn’t help but go back.

It can be seen that a dozen or so meters behind the dirt pit defense line, a strong and handsome young man with one hand holding the rocket launcher on his shoulder, is the Kyle who has just arrived.

Seeing that many soldiers’ eyes were on themselves, Kyle smiled slightly:

“Soldier Kyle, come to reinforcements!”

This cruel and defensive war lasted for one night!

From night to night, the sky was white, and the first light fell on the frontline battlefield. The German army abandoned the suicide breakthrough and retreated after the tide receded.

In this way, it can be regarded as a short-term victory for the US military.

This is a terrible victory! The line of defense differentiated the line of life and death. The bodies of soldiers from both Germany and the United States piled up into mountains on the battlefields of the wilderness. The land of several miles was turned into scorched earth, and the dark red blood invaded the earth.

Numerous surviving American soldiers did not even have the strength to cheer. They experienced a high-load battle that lasted for a night. The body and mind were already exhausted. Many of them were fainted to the ground. They fell to the ground and still held the rifle.

Kyle also sat tired in the pit, his body full of blood and dirt, and the experience of this night is unprecedented.

Despite the skill level of the sharpshooter, a bullet can harvest a life, but in the harsh living environment of the battlefield, coupled with the continuous flow of enemy forces, it also gave him tremendous death pressure.

Like a tug-of-war competition against death, the body needs to be tight at all times. As long as it is a little lax, the enemy’s bullets may open a blood hole in any part of the body.

This is a big war!

Until the enemy retreated, Kyle threw the red gun on the ground, and the rifle sizzled with smoke, apparently also the retirement of the mission.

“Soldier, your name is Kyle.” The black sergeant struggled to the point. His left eye was completely abolished. One of his hands was also injured by the bullet, but he still squatted. That guy smiled. “Looking at your age, are you on the battlefield for the first time?”

“Yes.” Kyle gasped and nodded.

“It’s really the first time on the battlefield. And it’s still a big war. Your performance is really too good. You can’t treat it as a recruit.”

“After experiencing such a war, I feel that I am still alive, this is already the blessing of the goddess of victory.” Kyle said with emotion.

“Yeah. It’s already a blessing to live.” The sergeant smiled and said, “Let’s wait a little longer. There will be troops to reinforce the rear, and we will change it. We can rest for a long time.”

“Resting? I am afraid I can’t.” Kyle shook his head and took a pocket of his military uniform. He said, “I have very important objects, I have to hand it over to the colonel!”

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