Marvel Card System Ch 9

Chapter 9 Captain America and Counterattack

The front line temporary headquarters tent.

“The battle lasted for one night last night. We are now losing 987 soldiers. The German enemy has more casualties than us. Now we have nearly 2,000 people.”

After listening to the reports of the soldiers, Colonel Marcos frowned.

Nearly three thousand soldiers were killed, and there were countless injuries that could not be fought. It is conceivable how terrible the battle last night was!

“German soldiers were so crazy last night that they wanted to occupy this area. They definitely want to use this as a strategic area and then break through the higherland of the European territory. Although they only temporarily retired, they will not give up so easily, and soon after the break. Will come back again. Correspondent, how many troops can be reinforced behind our army?” Colonel Marcos tightened his brow.

The communications soldier replied: “The rest of the frontline areas are also very tight in manpower and military resources. They can come to reinforce the three troops here, 300 people. One of the troops is also a pure new lineup that has just been temporarily assembled from the training base.”

“New recruits?” Colonel Marcos heard this and couldn’t help but roar. “What is the use of the recruits? I am here at the front, not the nursery!”

Just then, the soldiers sent words from outside the tent. “Report! There is a soldier named Kyle who came and said that there is something to inform the colonel.”

“Kyle soldier?” Colonel Marcos stunned, and left to think that he couldn’t remember that his camp suddenly had so many individuals, and he thought that Kyle would go in for a moment.

Kyle just walked into the tent, and Colonel Marcos saw him with a slight glimpse and blurted out. “You are not the recruit who reported last night?”

“Yes, Colonel Marcos.” Kyle nodded and recognized the other side. The colonel in front of him was picking up the plane last night and then let him go directly to the chief of the frontline combat zone.

“What are you doing?” Colonel Marcos asked coldly, and Kyle had not cleaned himself yet. The combat suits on his body were full of bloody dirt.

“I got a very important intelligence object from a team of German elite squads last night. I think this is a great help for the battle, so I came to see you directly after the battle.” Kyle said, put out the two sheepskin rolls.

“The German elite squad? Intelligence objects?” Colonel Marcos was shocked. He suddenly took the sheepskin roll in spirit and replied with a verbal question: “How did you get it?”

“Of course, they were killed and found out from their bodies.” Kyle shrugged and briefly rehearsed the encounter with the German elite team on the way to the battle zone.

“Is the enemy elite team lurking in the rear area of ??our main army, have you been killed?” Colonel Marcos was unbelievable, and then there was a dim sum of the sheepskin rolls, seeing the map, and countless Germans cipher word.

“Sure enough, it is the intelligence code of the German army.” Colonel Marcos widened his eyes and said with surprise and joy. “The information that they lurked in the collection of combat zones should be on the top communication soldiers, immediately go to the rear to crack the dark sign!”

“No, no need.” Kyle waved his hand gently.

“No need?”

Colonel Marcos and the communications soldiers are all looking puzzled at Kyle.

Kyle’s young face showed a smile. “German slogan, I happened to learn from the training base professionals.”


Three days later.

It has been three days since Kyle was sent to the front line.

At this time, the underground research room.

‘Boom! Boom! Boom!’

In the training ground, the hanging super sandbags were thrown away under the powerful blow of the fist.

Wearing a sweat-soaked vest, the tall and strong blond youth stood firmly in front of the sandbags. Every time he plays ordinary boxing, he exerts an incredible amount of punching power, swaying the sandbags back and forth.

Girl, who was watching from the side, couldn’t bear it. She said: “Steve. It’s time to take a break. You have been doing this for an hour.”


Steve didn’t hear it, he was still boxing on the sandbags with gravity, and the sweat continued to sway to the ground.

“Steve!” Carter glaredly raised her tone, and Steve slammed the sandbags and let the swing-like sandbags finally stop.

Steve said with a smile: “What am I like, super soldier? Or an experimental product hidden in the basement? I don’t want to be like this.”

“Steve, the battle that belongs to you has not arrived yet.” Carter said comfortably.

“When is it coming? What time do I have to wait?!” Steve’s handsome face was full of painful expression, and he said with disappointment: “My brother, Kyle has gone to the front line! I am Steve Rogers, who is entrusted with great hopes, but stays here peacefully without a war.”

“Kyle.” When she heard the name, Carter could not help but be silent.

“I should be able to do more, not to spend boring time here.” Steve said.

“Of course. Steve soldiers, of course you can do more.”

A mid-sounding voice suddenly came in, and Steve and Carter looked sideways and saw that it was a middle-aged man in a suit and tie.

“I am a senator. I have a lot of stage resources and opportunities in my hand, enough to show your extraordinary ability to the people all over the country. It is also a powerful help for the current war.” Senator smiled and took a business card from his pocket and handed it over. “I call it, Captain America’s propaganda plan.”

“Captain America?” Steve sighed, hesitated for a moment, and eventually took over the business card that senator handed over.

At the same time, the front line camped.

“Kyle, Colonel asked you to go to the headquarters.”

“Colonel?” Kyle, who had just returned from the battle, gave a slight glimpse of the guns on hand to the correspondent who was in charge of the message, and went straight to the white tent of the command.

“Soldier Kyle, come report!”

“Come in.”

Kyle just stepped into the tent and found to be full of officers wearing military uniforms, nearly a dozen people.

Colonel Marcos, who had the highest command rank, sat in a chair. After seeing Kyle coming in, Colonel Marcos raised his voice and said, “You, this is the soldier who brought back the two intelligence maps three days ago and completed the interpretation. Kyle.”

More than a dozen military officers suddenly brushed their eyes on Kyle, and saw a handsome and young guy, it also let them have amazed expression.

“Kyle soldier, you really made a great contribution this time!”

“Yeah, I heard that there is a map that collects relevant information about our military camp. If it is taken back by those abominable smashing, I am afraid that it has been bombarded by bombers.”

“More important is the second map.”

“It’s all important, it’s important to bring the information map back, and the interpretation is complete. Now the quality of the recruits is getting stronger and stronger.”

“The rare talents, our army is to need such fresh blood.”

Kyle fell into a verbal praise until Colonel Marcos coughed and cleared his throat, and military officers in the tent converge.

“Kyle soldiers. You made a major contribution to the military. I will report it again after this battle is successful/” Colonel Marcos said solemnly.

Kyle’s pupils shrank and said with amazement: “This time the battle? Can you say…”

“Yes.” Colonel Marcos nodded and spread the information on the second sheepskin volume on the table. He said: “Thanks to you, from the second map of the interpretation, several Germans camp were marked. Now this camp base is outside the combat zone.”

“With it, the general has issued the latest instructions – tonight, we will usher in the first large-scale counterattack!”

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