Marvel Happy system ch 14

Chapter 14: Observation of Nick Fury

“What? What are you talking about?”

Hill thought, she had got it wrong and looked at Lyon with a strange look.

However, Lyon did not waver at all and continued: “Oh, maybe I am too whispered, I mean, do you have a boyfriend?”

Yes, she did not hear wrong. The question asked by Lyon is, “Does she have a boyfriend?”

At this moment, there is only one reaction come in Maria Hill’s heart. “What the hell?!”

She did not think that this gentle-smiling man will actually asked about her personal life directly when she met for the first time!

It seems that she still don’t know about him after spending two hours together.

The general question of Lyon is like a heavy blow which directly Knock out the brain of beautiful Maria Hill.

For a moment, she seemed to have very confident about what she had just learned about Lyon.

But now, “This guy, what actually he is?!”

Looking at Hill, who was in a state of brain crash, Lyon couldn’t help but reveal a sly smile. He also reached out and shook in front of Hill. “Hello? Hey? Maria, are you still there?”

However, Hill’s psychological quality is still very good.

After a brief shock, she quickly returned to calm and immediately asked: “Agent Lyon, why do you ask such a question?”

“Oh! I think you are so beautiful, certainly many people would be chasing, so out of curiosity, nothing special.” Lyon replied in a casual tone.

In front of Maria Hill, Lyon did not look like a younger one, but more like a veteran of flowers who took the initiative.

Also, although he was a common young man who was addicted to playing game before crossing. However, he was also a man with a girlfriend before.

What’s more, after crossing the open country, he immediately got a lot of American girls’ with his handsome appearance and deep blue eyes, and accumulated a lot of picking experience for himself.

It is no exaggeration to call him a “flowers veteran”.

Even the cold-blooded Maria Hill also a little panicked by him. She don’t know how to answer it.

Just as the atmosphere gradually developed in the inexplicable direction, Hill’s cell phone suddenly rang!

“Tring Tring!”

The sudden ringing of the mobile phone is like a life-saving straw for Maria Hill.

She jerked up and pulled out her cell phone and gestured to Lyon. “Sorry, I have to take this call.”

The way she said to take the phone, it was like running away to avoid the situation that made her feel helpless.

Looking around her in a corner where no one was, Hill regained her mood and then connected the phone. “Hello? Chief, it’s me.”

“How is everything going?”

The person who can be called “Chief” by Hill is naturally the only one who has 10 levels of authority and knows everything about SHIELD – Nick Fury!

(When Hill was the captain in the Battle of New York, he was promoted to level 9.)

“Basically finished! I will report to you when meet!”

After hanging up the phone, she returns to her seat, and immediately bids farewell to Lyon. “I have something to deal with, so I go first, goodbye.”

She said goodbye and then turned and left, leaving only Lyon sitting behind alone.

. . .

After half an hour, in the office of the director.

Nick Fury sitting in a chair. He looked at the information on the table while asking the subordinates standing in front of him. “You mean, this is a risk factor, maybe because of his flirty behavior. Is he a threat to Shield?”

Hill, who stood straight, hesitated for a moment, but still replied: “Maybe.”

“Maybe, not a word I like.”

Nick Fury put down the information in his hand, put his elbows on the table, crossed his fingers, and stared at Hill with his only one eye. “I think you should know him more deeply. Instead of just relying on the other person’s words, he will determine who he is.”

Hill remained silent.

“I received your report, you can go now.”

“Yes, sir.”

After Hill left the office, Nick Fury sighed slightly and picked up the information on the table again.

If Lyon sees this information, he will certainly say with his smug face. “I knew it!”

* The name on the data, “Lyon Coulson”

This is a piece of information about Lyon Culson!

It covers all the experiences and details of Lyon from the Virginia Military Academy, the Rangers, and the SHIELD.

It can be said that this information is equivalent to Lyon’s past three years!

Not only that, but in addition to this life resume, there are several evaluation reports on Lyon on the table.

“The mind is clear, calm, and has a measure of doing things…”

“To be kind, good in heterosexuality…”

“The combat skills are outstanding and the command skills are varied…”

Good character, calm and collected ways of doing things, nice combat capabilities, intelligence gathered from all aspects, are telling Nick Fury a fact: This is a great agent worthy of training!

However, Nick Fury is still feel somewhat uncertain in his heart.

He did not know whether his decision is correct.

Lyon did not guess, Hill’s temptation was from the order of Nick Fury. Because this is one of the observations made by Nick Fury.

And such observations began as early as three years ago.

In fact, the reason why Lyon is transferred to the SHIELD is because the internal situation of the SHIELD is somewhat subtle.

The world situation is getting worse and the cost of protecting peace is getting higher and higher.

A war hidden in the shadows, casualties are inevitable.

Even if there is a SHIELD in which the World Security Council is a patron, there is no guarantee that every agent who is out of the mission can come back safely.

In particular, the consumption of elite agents has made them feel very sad.

With the retirement of the elites of the previous generation, a new generation of elite agents seems to be somewhat sloppy.

Today’s SHIELD, there are very few elite agents who can be independent.

In addition to the more tactical significance of Phil Coulson and Maria Hill, “MockingBird” Barbara Morse, “HawkEye” Clint Barton, “The Cavalry” Melinda May, these three are considered to be the best cards that Fury does not have at hand.

Talent is always the most precious treasure in a long-lasting war!

For Fury, who has his own small abacus in the future, such a talent reserve is not enough!

Because of this, a young man named “Lyon” entered his sight.

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