Marvel Happy system ch 15

Chapter 15: Focuses on training

Fury first saw Lyon, when Lyon was in the hospital.

At that time, Lyon, who had just passed through, had just digested the amazing news that he had crossed, and just after a moment, got shocked when suddenly Coulson and Fury came to visit him.

Fortunately, after accepting the most amazing news of “crossing”, Lyon’s psychological endurance has also been greatly enhanced.

Lyon’s calmness was a bit of a surprise and suspicious to Nick whom first time Lyon meet.

He has never seen a teenager, who will be so calm after a car accident!

It was this rushing side that gave Fury an interest in the nephew of Phil Coulson.

And this interest caused, he began to send people to pay attention to the young man named “Lyon.”

Unconsciously, three years have passed.

Fury is very glad that he did not look away.

Lyon’s growth rate is staggering!

This is also the reason why Fury transferred him from the Rangers.

Speaking well, it’s a tune. If you don’t speak well, you can grab it!

After all, such a good warrior, how can the Rangers easily hand him over.

Lyon, who first entered the SHIELD, did not disappoint him.

On the first day of the report, a tricky level 5 mission was perfectly solved!

Although there is a part of the credit, it must be recorded in Hawkeye. However, he still can’t hide his outstanding performance.

The tactics of unrestrained tactics, excellent combat effectiveness, execution, calm mind, and the ability to treat nicely others.

All the qualifications of a single side, he has all!

The difference is just an opportunity, an opportunity for him to play!

However, this opportunity should not be given, and Fury still hesitated.

Fury thought for a moment, but still felt that if one could not make a decision, he could listen to the opinions of his subordinates.

One person counts short and two people count.

When he thought of it, he immediately pressed a button on the desktop, and a “drip” sound, a virtual projection of the video, appeared in front of him.

“Encrypted channel, licensor: Nicholas J. Fury.”

With a mechanical female voice that “Confirmed that the channel is encrypted,” Fury connected the first object to listen to it – Clint Barton!

As a direct superior of Lyon, who was born and died together, Clint Barton is naturally the only one in the SHIELD, who is most familiar with Lyon.

For the problem at the top, Clint Barton is also prepared: “I feel that with his ability, as long as he exercise well, he can quickly become mery strong and skilled man, even beyond me, not a problem. Moreover, I have a feeling, I always feel that his potential is more than that…”

“If you trust him, he may give us all a big surprise.”

In the eyes of Hawkeye, the evaluation of Lyon is somewhat biased.

It can be seen that in just one day, Lyon has a close relationship with him.

After hearing these words, Fury also gave a strong thumb to Lyon’s strong affinity, and gave a thumbs up.

“oh, I understand now.”

Hanging up the video call, Fury connected another person who had a close relationship with Lyon – Phil Coulson!

“What did you say before you said something?”

When he heard the question of his own director, Coulson naturally knew it.

Nick saw Coulson in the video projection, frowned, and after thinking for a while, he replied: “I think, is this too fast?”

“I know that you are very valued to Lyon, and understand that our situation today is somewhat stretched. However, it has not been long before he joined the bureau. If he is allowed to perform a separate task so quickly, is it too risky?”

From the words of Coulson, It can be heard that he is very concerned about his nephew.

Culson said: “Although he has excellent combat skills, he is more like a front-loading warrior than a latent enemy agent. He has not mastered a lot of professional knowledge. Whether he is competent or not is a problem.”

“Well…” Fury indulged for a moment and finally returned. “I know.”


Hanging up the communication, Fury held his chin with his right hand and thought again.

After listening to a few people’s opinions, Fury had a deeper understanding of Lyon, but also had his own choice.

He believes that it is time to wait and see Lyon’s performance for a while more.

More haste less speed.

Destructive encouragement is not a good thing for a young man with great potential.

However, one thing is certain, Lyon Colson has been enlisted as a key training target by the SHIELD’s amnesty “Nick Fury”!

This is both a good thing and a bad thing for Lyon.

. . . . . .

On the other hand, Lyon does not know himself and has become the future star in the eyes of Fury.

When he finished his meal in the cafeteria, he did not leave the Trident headquarters immediately. Instead, he recalled Hill’s instructions and walked slowly to a certain area of ??SHIELD.

Passing through the passage between the buildings, about a few hundred meters away. After watching how the surrounding green environment is neat, Lyon came to a place of great interest.

Looking at the low-rise buildings that looked like some history, and the nerds, glasses, men and women, and even the air, filled with academic atmosphere, Lyon could not help but smile. “It’s here!”

The most difficult part of the SHIELD – the Ministry of Science and Technology of the SHIELD Academy!

Looking at everything in front of him, Lyon suddenly remembered a stalk, took out his agent badge from his pocket, and muttered to himself.

“Although I don’t have a doctorate, but I have this, the security guard should let me go in?”

As it turns out, his ideas was correct.

The security guard saw the photo on his badge and the detection of the metal detector door. He waved him directly into the box.

Into the Ministry of Science and Technology, Lyon seems to return to the campus of the university.

Unlike Lyon, who wears a leather jacket and a T-shirt with a pair of sunglasses, the people here have dedicated their research to the research project at hand.

Looking down at the report, holding a few thick books in his hand, and discussing the “high-level knowledge” of “quantum mechanics” and “magnetic field research” in his hands, he undoubtedly let Lyon feel again that he does not belong here.

However, he did not care about his own incompatibility, just sighed in his heart, and began a purposeless stroll.

I have to say that as a gathering place for the entire SHIELD technology talents, there are still many familiar faces.

Lyon, who had just passed by the director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, quickly saw a man and a woman who were not far away.

“Wow! It seems that today is my lucky day…”

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