Marvel Happy system ch 16

Chapter 16: Fitz Simmons

“Your crystal nucleation process is just a theory. There is still a long way to go before the practice phase…”

“I know, but I’m sure this is definitely faster than your delivery mechanism. And…”

“Nonsense! My delivery mechanism has entered the post-test phase and will soon be available…”

“Yes, yes, it’s been a week since you said it.”

. . .

On the corridor where people come and go, a thin boy with short curly hair is struggling with a brown-haired girl.

As for the content of the argument, Lyon could not understand at all.

Judging from the surrounding reactions, the debate between the two seems to be the daily routine here.

This did not hinder Lyon. When he saw these two familiar faces with a few tender faces, the bottom of his mind showed a slight memory, and the corners of his mouth could not help but rise slightly.

Leo Fitz!

and also. . .

Jemma Simmons!

Sometimes, fate is really amazing.

Going to the Ministry of Science and Technology is just a temporary idea of ??Lyon.

However, he did not think that he would met the most powerful technical duo of SHIELD, Fitz Simmons!!!

It seems that during this time, the two people attending the SHIELD Academy have already become good friends.

Looking at the two people who were very interesting in quarreling, he suddenly came up with an idea that Why don’t he say hello?

When he thought about it, Lyon didn’t think too much and gently walked around and walked to the two.

“Do you understand physics in the end, have you not heard of Archimedes’ law?”

“I just want you to pay more attention, don’t let these useless things occupy our lab…”

Just as the two were arguing, a sudden voice came in. “Hey! Guys, are you all right?”

The interlocutor of the outsiders let Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons suddenly come back from the academic discussion. The two invariably looked at Lyon who bothered them. A man who clearly does not belong to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Looking at the confused eyes of the two, Lyon immediately showed a kind smile. “Hey! My name is Lyon, Lyon Coulson, from the Special Operations Department.”

Although some are inexplicable, the two are also very polite to say hello.

“Hello, I am Leo Fitz.”

“Hey, hello, my name is Jemma Simmons. Do you have anything?”

Simmons is more cheerful than Fitz’s introvert. When the two are together, the dominant voice is obviously Simmons.

“I am embarrassed to bother you. I just saw that you are arguing, as if you are about to fight, so…” Lyon explained.


When they heard Lyon, the two first looked at each other and then snorted and laughed.

This time, Lyon felt a little confused.

“Oh, oh, I am really sorry, we are not laughing at you, but we think that you are so interesting!” Simmons smirked and smiled as she waved her hand and explained.

“Hey? Interesting?” Lyon looked awkward.

“Yes, you may not know, we are not quarreling just now, it is just the normal state when we are discussing various studies.”

Even some of the filthy Fitz, with a smile in his eyes, spread his hands and made helplessness. “Although it looks like it is quarreling…”

“The people in the whole school, both teachers and students, know that we are two, this is um… some special communication methods, so no one will be like you, thinking that we have to fight and come up to stop… ”

“That’s why we laughed.”

“Oh, I see!”

Lyon didn’t feel embarrassed about his own mistakes. He just shrugged and ridiculed himself.

“It seems that I have to study it to keep up with your genius thinking.”

Perhaps Lyon tried to stop the two people from quarreling, got the good feelings of the two, or the smile of Lyon, let the two think that he is a very good person.

Fitz, who has always disliked jokes in front of strangers, immediately took a sentence.

“Hey, maybe you can’t keep up with it…”

“Ha ha ha!”

This cold joke made Lyon smile from the bottom of his heart.

That’s right. After a short conversation, he is sure that the two people standing in front of his eyes are the most intelligent science duo of SHIELD!

Being able to get in touch with these characters who once existed only on the screen is a completely different feeling for Lyon, an extraterrestrial visitor.

This made his mood happy at once.

“Right, Lyon, you just said that you are from the Special Operations Department, are you now a field agent?”


“Then what is your mission to the Ministry of Science and Technology today?” Simmons asked.

“Oh, actually, I don’t tell you, today is the second day I join the bureau.”


“Real or fake?!”

Obviously, Lyon’s words made both people very surprised.

“Yes, I came to Trident headquarters today, mainly to hand in the yesterday’s task report, and just wondering in the headquarters and get familiar with the environment…”

“Yesterday’s mission report?” Fitz was keenly capturing the key words, and then curiously asked: “That is, on the first day of your participation, did you participate in a field mission?!”

“Yeah.” Lyon imitated Fitz’s open hands and looked helpless: “No way, lucky guy.”

Seeing Lyon’s stinky look, Fitz and Simmons couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Ha ha ha ha…”

The smile makes each other’s distance, and unconsciously, draws a lot closer.

At this moment, Fitz slaps his head and suddenly proposes.

“Hey, don’t say that this is the first time you have come to Trident? We have just got free from class, so we will be your guide, to help you in to visit the college!”

“Oh! This is a good idea! I agree!” Simmons on the side, also smiled and echoed.

In the face of the enthusiasm of the two, Lyon is not polite. “No… I think, I am bothering you!”

“Then, let’s take you to see our lab first!” completely ignore Lyon’s hesitation.

After that, the Science duo took a happy step and started the college tour with their ‘guest’ Lyon.

Seeing Fitz and Simmons, who have always been inseparable, and the foreigners around Lyon, many students are also very surprised.

Even the director of the college, Weaver, saw this fresh and rare scene, but also could not help but swear.

“This young man, who is he…”

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