Marvel Happy system ch 17

Chapter 17 Met Fitz and Simmons!

“Vroom vroom…”

Under the night, the sound of motorcycle speeding is particularly harsh.

With the sizzling sound of the engine, it stopped abruptly. Lyon also finally ended a few hours of long-distance trek, returned to New York from Washington, and returned to his apartment downstairs.

Push his silver Yamaha FZ-6N into the garage and drop it, hooking the car key to the hook on the wall.

The shoes stepped on the wooden steps and made a creaking sound. There was also a voice from the neighbors who were enjoying a delicious dinner.

However, these noises did not interrupt the thoughts recalled by Lyon.

This trip to the Trident headquarters, his harvest can be described as very large.

Not only did he meet the high-cooled royal sister Maria Hill, but he also took a look at the environment of the Trident headquarters.

Moreover, when he was hanging out, he even unexpectedly met the science duo of the SHIELD, Fitz Simmons.

For Lyon, this day is undoubtedly a day worth celebrating.

Just as he thought so, he suddenly frowned and stopped.

Looking up, he was standing in front of his apartment without knowing it.

However, the faint heartbeat that comes from the apartment and the light from the doorway are telling the truth that someone in the apartment!

At this moment, Lyon’s head is running wildly, trying to find out the identity of the person from all kinds of clues.

Soon after he ruled out all kinds of impossibility, he came to the most likely conclusion. “The Hydra people?!”

At the thought of this, he subconsciously touched his waist, but touched the air.

At this time, he noticed that he did not seem to have a gun on his body.

“Damn!” Lyon whispered, and gave up the idea of ??going to the garage and to take the gun. He slowly squatted down and took a thin, fluttering knife from the carpet in front of the apartment.

As a new agent, you have to prepare for one or two plans beforehand.

Lyon is standing in front of the door, with a serious look, the right hand clenched the flying knife, but the left hand slowly twisted the door handle, trying not to make a sound, alerting the “enemy” inside.

As he expected, the door that was originally locked was already opened.

With a slight push, he immediately saw the “enemy” standing in the living room.

At the same time, the other side also saw the ass Lyon sneaking in.

With the help of the lights, both of them saw each other’s appearance.


“Uncle Phil?!”

After five minutes.

“Ha ha ha…”

Sitting in the restaurant, Lyon bit his pizza while watching Phil, who was laughing, his face helpless.

“Okay, you have been laughing for a few minutes, the pizza is getting cold…” Then he picked up a pizza and stuffed in his mouth.

Phil, who had a pizza in his mouth, was not angry. Instead, he was very happy to take the pizza and bite it.

“I didn’t expect that your vigilance was so high. It was really a wise choice to transfer you into the game!” Phil said while eating a pizza.

“You are too embarrassed to say!”

Lyon’s rugged face, catch the opportunity is a spit: “Whoever told you not to contact me in advance, before come to my house! I almost took out the flying knife in my hand!”

After a few words of Phil, Lyon remembered asking the other person’s intentions.

“Right, why didn’t you even notice, and came over to me, and brought my favorite bacon pizza, is something happening?”

It is no doubt that Lyon is under suspicion, Phil suddenly appears in his home, it seems some unusual.

However, as it turns out, he thinks more.

Lyon saw that Phil looking at him with a look of doubt, and then smiled. “Wherever you are, I have to look at my nephew, do I need anyones’ approval for that?”

“Oh… that’s also true.” Lyon was speechless.

“Just when I passed the pizza shop, I suddenly remembered that you just joined the SHIELD. I haven’t had time to celebrate with you. So I take your favorite Bacon pizza and to have a pizza party with you.”

“Moreover, I promised your parents, to took care of you!”

In the last sentence, with a strong firmness.

When talking about the topic of Lyon’s parents, Phil’s face apparently inadvertently revealed a sad look.

While sitting on the side of Lyon, it was also timely to pat the hand of Coulson and comforted.

“Know, my dear uncle.”

Before crossing, Lyon’s parents lost their precious lives in a big car accident. So the young Lyon is like an orphan.

Fortunately, at that time, there was uncle Phil accompanying him, so that he did not become a child with a character defect.

After Johnathan replaced Lyon, the first person to come in contact with him was Phil.

After three years of getting along, Phil has already regarded as the only relative Lyon can rely in this world.

Therefore, seeing the memory of the past and falling into the sadness of Phil, Lyon is also empathetic.

Under the comfort of Lyon, Phil quickly recovered, and became a close uncle with lightning speed!

“Is it okay?”

“How is the relationship with your colleagues?”

All sorts of trivial problems, like a cannon, spurted out of his mouth, leaving Lyon unable to stand up.

Lyon got rid of it directly.

He would likely to ask Phil: “Uncle, have you been to heaven?”

No way, Lyon regards uncle Phil as the only relative, isn’t he?

Therefore, even if Phil knew that he should not ask so much, the sense of responsibility in his heart drove Phil Coulson from a good old man to an awkward wife.

However, the feeling of concern is still very good.

At least, for Lyon, who feels that he doesn’t belong to the world at this moment, Coulson’s concern makes his sense of belonging more profound.

However, what Lyon did not expect was that in addition to his daily life, Phil also revealed some work information to him.

For example: “You have to work hard, the expectations of Director Fury are very high…”

“Recently following Agent Barton, study hard, learn more Russian, learn more than one language, which is very useful for your future tasks…”

“The situation has really not been stable recently. On the Brazilian side, the military sent a helicopter squadron in order to hunt down a doctor. In the Middle East, the warlords have recently played very fiercely. There are several agents lurking there. They were all killed in the war…”

This kind of information has enabled Lyon to better understand the changes in the current situation and the movements of some people.

For example, a doctor who was run by the military.

“Poor Mr. Banner,…”

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