Marvel Happy system ch 18

Chapter 18: Osborn Invitation

Shortly after joining the SHIELD, the rookie of Lyon naturally did not have the power of Hawkeye to act alone.

But even so, his days are extremely “full”.

He doesn’t know if it is Fury’s arrangement so that he can get familiar with the special job of the special agent as soon as possible.

In the next two months, Lyon basically did not stop for a moment, he is flying around the world with Hawkeye all day, carrying out various tasks.

Dive into, collect intelligence, seize documents, kill terrorists, etc., all of which belong to the scope of the work of the agents, he did it all.

What the various tasks brought to him was not only the understanding of the work of the agents but also the task experience, as well as the considerable experience value that made him smile.

Two months later, Lyon gained as much as 12,000 points of experience by completing several system-issued tasks.

And he didn’t even have to think about it. He used the experience of 10,000 of them to learn another super skill [Archery super shoot] from “Hawkeye” Clint Barton.

In this way, his skills, and the combat power brought to him is enough to make him the second “Hawkeye”!

However, the improvement of combat power has not been concealed, and the burden and pressure brought to him by continuous tasks.

Especially when he came back from the middle of the warlord’s melee, the feeling of heaviness has always been a shadow, and it has not been able to dissipate for a long time.

The faces that were crying under the flames of war made him whisper and ask himself. “Do you have anything to do with this world?”

He does not know.

He only knows that he needs a little time to stop and adjust his mind.

This is not, Lyon, who has just returned from the other side of the world, while sitting in the driver’s seat, driving a Kun-style fighter, while sitting in the fighter plane, wiping Hawkeye of various arrows, launched a complaint.

“Boss, we have a job, is there a holiday?”

When Barton heard Lyon’s thirteenth question, Clint Barton did not raise his head. While continuing his work, he replied with the same answer for the thirteenth time: “Yes, no.”

Lyon rolled his eyes and said helplessly. “Whether it is yes or no! Your answer is equal to not answering…”

Without the small emotions of Lyon, Clint Barton continued to explain to him.

“You also know that this is not what we have the final say, but the problem that the superiors have to weigh. As long as they say that we can take a vacation, then we have a holiday. But once they say that the world still needs us we have to be free to back to work which seems like no Holiday.”

“The world needs us, we have to be free! This is the duty of this job!”


The two were born and died, and they spent two months together. Lyon also had a lot of knowledge about Clint Barton like.

He likes black; likes to drink agave; likes to keep a photo of his family in his pocket and stare at it before going to bed.

How did Lyon know all this?

When the two performed latent tasks in the wild, they did not know how many times they had slept together.

Even the family, who had never been mentioned to the outside world, Clint Barton also revealed some information to Lyon.

It can be imagined how close the relationship between Lyon and Barton is.

Getting along, Lyon accidentally discovered that this buddy who is not too much is not a good friend with his uncle Phil.

Unlike Phil’s idealization and the belief in his heart, what Clint Barton has done is driven by a strong sense of responsibility.

Whether it is for the country or for his family, he willingly gives everything to them.

This may be another important reason why Fury and Phil Coulson have arranged Lyon under him.

. . . . . .

Long-distance flights, only chat, can make the time more speedy.

After setting up the Kun-style fighter in the automatic driving mode, Lyon also got up from the driver’s seat and stretched out to the side of Clint Barton, who was concentrating on wiping the arrow.

“Right, there is one thing, I want to tell you.”


“Two days ago, I suddenly received a call. Who do you think it is? Guess?” Lyon did not immediately say the answer but sold it.

“Give you a hint, you and I both know…”

Before leaving Lyon, who had been waiting for the illusion, Clint Barton interrupted him directly. “It is Norman Osborne.”


The correct answer, let Lyon suddenly look at it, then immediately asked with a look. “How do you know that he is?”

Then, suddenly holding himself with both hands, looked at Hawkeye in horror. “Don’t you listen to me talking on the phone?!”

Clint Barton smiled and ignored the performance of Lyon. He continued in a calm tone: “Not only that, but I also know that he called you and wanted to invite you to his big house to attend his birthday party.”

Lyon frowned and felt that things are not that simple.

However, Clint Barton’s next answer, wrinkled Lyon’s eyebrows – “He also called me, but I refused.”

“This must be just retribution. We saved his life last time, so maybe a small reward?”

“It should be.” Clint Barton nodded and agreed.

“But I remember, I didn’t tell him, what is our name? How does he know that the person who saved him are we?” Lyon once again raised doubts.

“Don’t forget, the person is the presidents of Osborne Group.”

A very profound statement directly made Lyon suddenly realize.

Also, as the founder of the Osborne Group, Norman Osborne’s intelligence sources are spread all over the world, with the military and ZF.

Want to check one or two people, it is not too difficult.

At this time, Lyon seemed to suddenly think of something and looked at Clint Barton in confusion. “Oh, no! Why are you rejecting it? This is a very good opportunity to relax!”

“I have something to do. Besides, I have no interest in this kind of capitalist’s pretending party.” Clint Barton’s tone seemed to be a bit disdainful.

However, such an answer made Lyon more curious and he continued to ask. “What can you do? Or, what task did Secretary Fury give you privately?”

Seeing the deep inquiry in Lyon’s eyes, Clint Barton’s face suddenly showed a bit unnatural, and he put down the arrow he was wiping. “Not at all, mainly… Lola is about to be born, so I want to take time off. Go back to stay with her for a while…”

“Ah?! Really?! Lola is going to be born?!!” The unexpected answer made Lyon excited and happy.

Only he knew that the news was like an innocent light, directly above his heart that was killed, wept, and covered with dust.

Some negative energy disappears without a trace!

“Is it a boy or a girl? What is the name? Can I take a look at his or her photo?” Lyon asked busy.

“It’s a boy named Francis…”

In the icy fighter plane, two elite agents who have just finished the task, just like this, talk about the children’s topic.

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