Marvel Happy system ch 19

Chapter 19: Tasks and Parties

With the landing of the Kun-style fighters, the two teams of Lyon and Clint Barton returned to the hub again.

“Greeting for me.”

“I will.”

After saying goodbye to Clint Barton in the tactical hall, Lyon just wanted to take the elevator and go to the intelligence department to hand in the report of this mission.

Who knows, as soon as he turned around, he saw that Phil Coulson was coming in his direction.

From Phil’s straight walking route, Lyon is very sure that he came to find him.

“Lyon, come with me.”

Coulson, who passed by Lyon, did not stop but continued to walk somewhere.

Lyon was followed by fog.

What kind of plan do you have for me? So mysterious.

Lyon, while chanting in his heart, followed his uncle and went to an unmanned conference room at SHIELD.

After the two entered, Coulson closed the door.

Seeing Phil’s behavior, Lyon’s expression suddenly became serious. “What happened?”

Coulson noticed his face and immediately smiled and waved: “Don’t be so nervous, just have a small task and want to talk to you.”

“Well, you said.” Lyon’s expression was a little slow, and he asked.

“Have you received a party invitation from Norman Osborne?”

In the two months of the SHIELD, Lyon’s deeper understanding of this intelligence organization has sighed the sheer size and unfathomableness of this organization.

Everything he saw is may be just the tip of the iceberg of this mysterious organization.

Especially Director Fury, he gradually changed the first impression he had obtained from the previous life.

This one-eyed uncle is definitely not so much free man in the movie!

His intelligence alone is enough to make him the man who know most secrets of this planet!

Therefore, Lyon is not surprised to hear that Coulson was talking about the party invitation, and just nodded.

“In this case, remember your first mission?”

“Of course!”

“According to our previous investigations, as well as the mission report that you handed in at the time, we are convinced that this incident is not simple.”

“Oh?” Lyon looked at Coulson with great interest. “How do you say that?”

Although there were many doubts at the time, the terrorists were all annihilated because of too little intelligence.

Therefore, Lyon’s idea of deeper understanding is finally lost.

After listening to Coulson, Lyon also recalled the various things at the time.

“According to our investigation, what the terrorists want is a research project under development by the Osborne Group, called inter-ethnic inheritance. The entire research project of this project plan is only two people.”

“One of them, Dr. Curtis Connors, who is the head of research and development, escaped this attack because he had just gone to Zurich to attend a medical conference when the incident was held.”

“The only one left is Osborne’s group president, Norman Osborne!”

“Therefore, we have reason to believe that there must be someone behind the terrorists.”

After listening to Coulson’s explanation, Lyon probably understood the situation and touched his smooth chin and said: “Well, you want me to go to the party, collect intelligence, and see if I can find out the black hand behind this scene?”

“Yes! Take this opportunity to get in touch with Osborne and see if he knows who is going to want this research.” Coulson said, he patted Lyon’s shoulder with his hand and smiled: “This matter will be handed over to you.”

“Well, I will pay attention to it, try not to play so much…”

. . . . .

A few days later. . .

Lyon dressed in a decent suit, combed his messy brown hair, combed an oil head, opened the black Chevrolet Suburban with SHIELD, and drove all the way to Long Island, New York.

As one of New York’s wealthy districts, Long Island has a beautiful environment and a pleasant climate and is considered to be one of the most human-friendly areas in the world. Therefore, many wealthy people like to buy real estate here.

The Osborn family’s big mansion is also located here.

Driven outside a huge manor in Suffolk, Long Island, Lyon took out an invitation and quickly passed the security check outside and entered the manor.

Driving a car through a straight avenue, Lyon finally came outside the Osborn family mansion’s parking lot.

After the car was turned off, Lyon immediately ignored the countless high-end sports cars and high-end cars parked around, sorted out the tie, and looked at the big mansion that was close at hand.

“The style of a typical capitalist, but I like it…” whispered, and immediately stepped forward and walked to the mansion.

When Lyon came to the gate, a middle-aged man who seemed to know that he was a housekeeper had a very sharp eye. Before he went to the stairs, he left the guest who was greeting and greeted him: “Hey, Mr. Coulson. I am very honored that you can come, please come in!”

“Oh, thank you.”

After politely returning a smile, Lyon stepped into the Osborn family’s big villa.

Viewed from the outside, this is a typical French retro style villa. Fresh and bright, there is a sense of order, elegant atmosphere and romantic.

The decoration style inside is more close to the European style: gorgeous decoration, strong color, exquisite shape, the whole space has reached a graceful and luxurious effect.

In the hall, people from all walks of life have already been crowded. Rich merchants, Wall Street elites, and ZF officials can be found here too.

Among these people, Lyon, with the least bank deposits, is perfectly integrated into these people.

Perhaps it is the change of traversal or the benefit that the system of goodwill brings to itself so that the youth who is not too communicative in Lyon is a good player to actively integrate into social activities.

After coming to the bar and taking a cup of Martini, Lyon admired the structure of the whole house and walked through a large number of halls to the second floor.

According to him, the second floor is the best view of the entire space.

Gently sip a glass of wine, a touch of spicy, immediately occupied his taste buds.

However, the mellow taste after the spicy, but it is endless.

Just as Lyon quietly enjoyed his leisure time, suddenly his ears moved slightly and heard a light footstep.

A keen sense tells him that someone seems to be approaching him from behind.

From the strength of the footsteps, as well as the magnitude of the pace, and the frequency of breathing, it is a boy between the child and the teenager.

He hasn’t waited for Lyon to turn around. From behind him, there was a young boy voice heard.

“You are the one who saved my father?”

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