Marvel Happy system ch 21

Chapter 21: Has no clue

No matter which world, the generation gap is always a major social issue.

Even Lyon, whose charm is close to full, can’t be integrated into Little Harry and Little Peter, both of which are in the wonderful world.

Therefore, after a few simple conversations with the two, Lyon was thrown away by the two and returned to a state of discretion.

Fortunately, the party started at this time, in due course…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let us applaud to welcome the host tonight, Mr. Osborn!”

Under the introduction of a middle-aged man, Norman Osborn, with a smug smile, supported the stair railing and slowly walked down the second floor.

In the wide hall, deafening applause began to sound.

Many guests have turned their attention to the owner of the Osborn group.

Envy, envy, worship, jealousy…

Standing in the side of the bar, Lyon, saw everyone’s purpose and motive to come here in the eyes of these people.

Some people come here to seek cooperation with Osborn Group; some people come here to please Osborn, and others are invited.

Lyon is the third person.

However, he is not simply coming to the party, drinking two cups and leaving.

He knows, he still has a task…

Thinking of this, Lyon suddenly felt that he could not be so immersed in a relaxed party atmosphere, it was time to find a place where no one was and talked privately with Norman Osborn.

That is to say, but when he sees the crowd around Norman Osborn, he feels that it is not the time.

So he shrugged and turned and sat at the bar and continued to enjoy his third cup of martini.

However, without waiting for him to find Osborn, Osborn first found him.

“Mr. Coulson!”

A voice behind him awakened Lyon from the smashing glass.

Turning around, Lyon saw a face that old man was holding, and looked at him with a smile.

“Hey, Mr. Osborn, just call me Lyon.”

Norman Osborn stunned and immediately changed his mouth.

“Lyon, I am very glad that you can come. I thought that you, a busy man, would not be able to attend because of work…”

The two reached for a handshake.

“You are laughing, my work is busy, but I am too busy with your group president.” Lyon smiled and picked up the glass in his hand. “Moreover, if you know that there is so much in your cellar, Wine, then if I lose my job, I will definitely come as soon as possible.”

“Ha ha ha, if you like, can we go to the wine cellar to see my collection?”

Lyon brows and picks up then burst into a charming smile. “Happy to be!”

“This way please!”

The opportunity to talk about two sentences, Lyon did not expect to come so soon…

Leaving the luxury hall of the villa, away from the harassment of the party, Lyon followed Norman Osborn, crossed a dim corridor, turned left and turned right to the underground cellar in Osborn.

As soon as he entered the wine cellar, a burst of rich wine was like drilling into Lyon’s nose.

Although he is not a master of wine tasting. However, judging from the scale and decoration of the wine cellar, each bottle of wine here is a wine that is enough to make the drunks intoxicated.

However, at this time, Lyon is not concerned about the wine in the wine cellar, but the opportunity to be alone with Norman Osborn.

Lyon glanced at the bodyguard who was not far away and then said: “I have a question. I want to ask Mr. Osborn for your advice. I don’t know if you can tell the truth?”

“Oh? please ask.”

Norman Osborn seems to have noticed that Lyon is coming to the wine cellar with him, not for the sake of the wine here. But there is something he wants to say to him.

From the side of the wine rack, Lyon took out a bottle of wine from the Domaine de La Romanee-Conti and whispered by the light of the wine cellar, while admiring the color inside the bottle: “My identity, I think you are very clear.”

“I came here this time, in addition to congratulating you on your birthday, and to ask you about the details of the last incident.”

When he heard the words of Lyon, Norman Osborn’s eyebrows gradually wrinkled, and the smile on his face dissipated.

“Isn’t that thing already over?”

“Yes, But according to our investigation, that is not as simple as it seems.”

Putting the wine back to the wine rack, Lyon is facing Osborn and continues: “Obviously, from the beginning, the opponent’s goal was not money, but the Research project that Osborn Group was developing.”

“Interracial inheritance, I am not wrong?”

As soon as the voice fell, his entire body turned over.

Norman Osborn just looked at Lyon’s eyes quietly, keeping his smile as always, seems to have defaulted.

Four eyes are opposite, Lyon only sees calm from the other side’s eyes.

“Of course, what technology your group studies, this is your freedom and rights, we will never interfere.” Lyon spread his hands and said.

While walking to Osborn, with a low in tone, he said: “However, I think that in addition to you, there seem to be people who are interested in the preciousness of this technology.”

“So, I think, you may know who it is, who is very interested in this technology…”

“Any clue is very helpful to our investigation work.”

As a reserved party, Norman Osborn is more urgent than the institution to which Lyon belongs, trying to find out who is behind the scenes.

However, he did not have a clue…

Since the other party wants to help him investigate and provide some help, for him, there is nothing wrong with Gabriel.

“Sorry, I am not too sure.”

“This project called ‘Intra-racial Inheritance’ is a new research project that Dr. Curtis has just proposed. Moreover, the research content has never been published. The only people who know the whole project research process are me and Dr. Curtis.”

“In my opinion, Dr. Curtis does not have to do this.”

“So, I can’t figure out who it is, I want this technology that doesn’t have much research results…”

From the conversation, Lyon did not get too many clues from Osborn.

In order not to arouse the other party’s resentment, he quickly gave up the idea of continuing to ask.

“So… well, sorry to disturb your interest.”

“Nothing, let’s continue to enjoy the party?”

Leaving the wine cellar, Lyon said goodbye to Osborn by urinating.

He did not immediately return to the party scene but went down the corridor to the garden of the mansion.

Take a deep breath, fresh air, through the nose, into the lungs.

Looking at the stars in the night sky, Lyon felt that this temptation could not be successful – no information about the suspects.

At this moment, standing on the balcony, holding the guardrail of Lyon, eyes condensed, and the line of sight shot somewhere in the garden.

“That is?!”

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