Marvel Happy system ch 22

Chapter 22: The Trace of 9 Snakes

Under the faint night, he could not stop himself from seeing everything in the garden: a familiar figure was walking out from the side door of the garden.

It was a tall, young man in a black suit. Especially the face, that is why Lyon is not exclaimed.

“Grant Ward?!”

That’s right, he actually saw Grant Ward at Osborn’s birthday party!

“But, why is he here?”

Although Lyon’s time to join the SHIELD is still short, there are not many people who he doesn’t know.

Most are honest SHIELD agents, such as Carter, Hill, Fitz, Simmons, etc…

However, Lyon knows that inside the huge SHIELD, there are hidden Hydras!

There are also a few who are in high positions like Alexander Pierce, John Garrett, Jasper Sitwell, Brock Rumlow, Grant Ward…

These few people alone are enough for the Hydra to steal inestimable intelligence and resources from the SHIELD.

However, as he is a newcomer, Lyon hasn’t got the opportunity to face these people.

However, he was very fortunate to see Grant Ward in a hurry through the hub!

And that face is no different from the one he was impressed with Grant Ward.

That’s why, in a hurry, he still recognized Ward’s reasons.

There is no need for Lyon to think too long, and as Grant Ward was about to leave the manor, Lyon held his hands and jumped over the guardrail, taking a step and following the direction of Grant Ward.

Perhaps it was because of the cover of the night, or the distance between the two, some far away, so that Grant Ward, who was walking ahead, did not notice that there was someone behind him.

He looked around and hurried to the open-air parking lot of the manor.

Hey, he seems to feel a trace behind him, suddenly turned back!

However, Lyon had long been against his hand, and at the moment Ward twisted his neck, Lyon hid to the grass.

Therefore, Grant Ward did not find him.

“Is it, I’m just imagining?” Grant Ward frowned while whispering himself, sit in a black BMW sedan, then starting the engine, the car whizzing away…

“Really dangerous…”

Lyon, who came out of the grass, did not drive to catch up, but stood in the same place, watching Ward leave.

Needless to say, Grant Ward certainly does not come to the party after he has been invited by the host like him.

Then what did he come over and the answer is self-evident…

Collect intelligence!

For whom to collect intelligence?

Naturally, it is his adoptive father, the Hydra hid in the SHIELD, John Garrett, code-named “The Clairvoyance”!

From this, it is easy for Lyon to speculate the truth hidden in the dark.

As far as he knows, John Garrett is the first test of the Hydra “Death Warrior” program. Since the transformation of the body organs has been depleted for more than a decade, he has been madly searching for ways to treat himself.

If Lyon did not guess wrong, John Garrett is the one who is behind the attack on Osborn’s holdings.

The reason is also very simple, in order to obtain the inter-racial genetic technology that Osborn is studying to save his own depleted body, and even to perfect the Hydra’s super warrior plan!

During the Second World War, the emergence of Captain America marked the feasibility of the Super Warrior program.

For many years, Hydra will certainly not give up this tempting plan.

In Lyon’s view, John Garrett, who penetrated into SHIELD, should be an heir to the Hydra Super Warrior program, or an executor.

As for Grant Ward, who is loyal to John Garrett, the question of why he came to Osborn’s mansion is very easy to explain.

The purpose is very obvious. After the failure of the last custody incident, John Garrett did not give up, so he sent Ward this confident and personally went out to collect relevant information.

However, what they never imagined is that all of this is clearly seen by a passerby (Lyon)!

Once you drink, you have a fixed number.

If Lyon did not save Osborn in the scolding incident, he would not be invited to Osborn’s party; if he did not come to the party, he would not see Grant Ward; In the words of Grant Ward, he will not see the truth hidden behind the whole thing!

Perhaps, from the moment Lyon joined the SHIELD, he was involved with the evil organization of Hydra…

Lyon did not stay in the parking lot for too long.

Now that he knows the person behind-the-scenes, and behind the Osborn holdings are John Garrett, then his task of collecting information is complete to a certain extent.

After all, it’s more straightforward to find out the real murderer’s name more than a few suspects…

Going back to the party scene again, Lyon scratched the back of his head, some distressed: “Well, this report, how to write in the end…”

It is one thing to know the truth, and it is another thing to make the truth public.

After all, except for the Hydra, perhaps only one person in the world knows that the Hydra does not die, but has been hidden inside the SHIELD, constantly absorbing nutrition, seeking one day, with a rebirth, once again blow the horn that rules the world!

Lyon felt that even if he knew that the Hydra had been rooted in the SHIELD for many years, he could not directly contact Coulson or even Fury. “The Hydra, which has been eliminated, has been lurking in the SHIELD!”

Even if he told Fury now, he would not necessarily believe it.

Besides, before he has no strong self-protection ability, he feels that he should not attack the Hydra in advance.

That will only put yourself in a dangerous situation and be amazed.

Moreover, for Lyon, the enemy is in the dark, he is in a darker place.

It’s not a good strategy to go to the bright spot and expose your own cards.

As long as the Hydra does not stare at him, he can hide in the dark, slowly accumulate enough powerful power, and then report to Fury is not too late.

Thinking of this, Lyon’s heart is feeling very discomfort about how to report to Coulson.

However, John Garrett’s shot was a wake-up call in his heart.

Remind him again that this is a dangerous world.

In addition to the evil organization of Hydra, it has been watching the hegemony of the world, and always wants to swallow the entire SHIELD, and there are many powerful enemies. In the near future, waiting for him…

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