Marvel Happy system ch 23

Chapter 23: Confidential Tasks

The breath of spring seems to be blowing down in a burst of hot air and gradually subsiding.

In the summer of 2007, it was earlier than in previous years.

New York, Queens.

In the apartment, Lyon, who had just taken a cold shower, just put a bath towel in the lower body and walked out of the bathroom.

He came to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, took out milk, mayonnaise, etc., and began to drum up today’s breakfast.


The eggs are on the frying pan, and the enticing sound of the breakfast is also filled with the smell of the breakfast.

Just when Lyon put the poached egg in the frying pan on the plate, a blond woman just wearing a white shirt on her hot body, don’t know since when leaning against the wall, looking at him with a smile.

“What a fragrant…”

Lyon also smiled back and asked: “Are you awake?”

“Yeah.” The blonde didn’t care about the faint curve on her body which was so tempting. She just barefooted and took a brisk pace, came to Lyon and hugged him!

Looking at the two breakfasts on the table, the woman suddenly smiled. “Wow! Is it for me to eat?!”

Lyon patted the woman’s white buttocks with his hand, and then replied: “No, there is mine.”

The woman did not care about Lyon’s move. Instead, she leaned her entire body on Lyon’s body. While squatting up and down with her 34D chest, she looked at Lyon with a wink and said: “I think… you feed I eat, use your mouth.”

After that, she used a slender fingertip and clicked on Lyon’s lips.

“This little goblin!”

Even if she had learned the skills of the other party last night, Lyon was still swayed by the other side, and some of her body was hot.

However, just when he picked up the other side and wanted to have a morning exercise, the mobile phone placed in the living room rang very uncomfortable!

Tring Tring…

“Don’t worry about it!”

Even if the woman was hung on Lyon, using a very tempting voice to discourage him in his ear, he could not stop Lyon from stopping all his actions and taking the call.

“Wait for me!” After erecting his fingers and telling the woman, Lyon came to the living room, picked up the phone, and pressed the call button.


“Lyon, good morning!” A familiar voice of Coulson came from the phone.

Lyon took his phone and came to the balcony. “You called so early in the morning, is there anything? My report seems to have been handed over…”

“It’s not a report, it’s Fury who wants to see you.”

When he heard the words of Coulson, Lyon couldn’t help but pick it up. “Oh?! Where is it? Trident?”

“No, XX Avenue XX Block XX”, Coulson reported an address, paused and continued. “You only have ten minutes.”

“I know, I will be there soon.”

Hanging up the phone, Lyon turned and returned to the living room, the woman just wanted to meet, gave him a hug, but was quickly agile by Lyon, directly flashed!

“Hey?” The woman looked awkward.

Lyon’s footsteps did not stop, but went straight into the bedroom and began to change clothes.

As he put his clothes on his body, he tells the woman: “Look, Sally, I have something to do, I have to go out to deal with it, so I can’t accompany you. Have your breakfast before you leave.”

In less than twenty seconds, Lyon changed into his white shirt and a pair of washed jeans and walked out of the bedroom.


The woman felt very ridiculous about everything in front of her eyes. When she just wanted to speak out, she was directly interrupted by a kiss from Lyon.

A French wet kiss fascinated the woman.

“That’s it, let’s contact again the next day!”

After that, Lyon put on a pair of canvas shoes, took the garage key and stepped out of the house.

The whole process took less than a minute.

And the entire apartment, leaving only a stunning blonde, standing on the carpet in the living room, muttered to himself:

“But I don’t have your contact information yet…”

. . . . . .

Wear sunglasses, stepped on the pedals, the sound of the engine suddenly covered the surrounding noise.


The hand brake is loose, the silver Yamaha FZ-6N is like a silver flash, flying away!

It took a full 8 minutes and 40 seconds for Lyon to come to the address that Coulson said.

Looking up at the low-rise building in front of the suspected office building, Lyon snorted and walked in.

“It is another secret base…”

When he arrived at the hall, Lyon took out the agent’s ID directly and swayed to the front desk lady. The other party immediately smiled and said: “Agent Lyon, Agent Coulson is waiting for you on the fourth floor.”


After that, Lyon hurriedly walked in the direction of the elevator.

With a bang, the moment the elevator door was opened, Lyon saw that Coulson stood in front of the elevator and looked at him with a smile.

Lyon saw that Coulson looked down at the watch and then looked up. “Time is just right!”

“Of course, I am the strongest newcomer of SHIELD!” A little bit stunned, Lyon followed his uncle and went somewhere.

“Director Fury is looking for me. Is there any confidential task, would he want to hand over to me?”

Coulson did not answer but revealed a rather mysterious smile. “You will know when you wait…”

Soon, the two came to an office.

Coulson did not directly push the door but knocked it three times on the door.

It wasn’t until the thick bass came “in” that he twisted the doorknob and signaled Lyon to go in.

Seeing Coulson without action, Lyon is a little embarrassed. “Well? You don’t go to?”

“This is your mission, not mine.”

After that, Coulson pushed gently and pushed Lyon into the room.

This is a small meeting room.

And the Director of the SHIELD, Nick Fury, is sitting in the main room of the conference room with ten fingers crossed him, and quietly watching someone coming in with his only one eye.


Under the “Nick Fury” gesture, Lyon sat down on the nearest chair around him.

Just as Lyon speculated that Fury was looking for him, Fury re-voiced: “How is your Russian?”

“Hey?” Lyon snorted and immediately reacted. “Good!”

In Hawkeye, he not only learned two extraordinary combat skills but also learned other skills.

For example, [Russian proficient], [anti-tracking technology]. . .

After listening to Lyon’s answer, Fury nodded.

At this time, before waiting for Lyon to ask, Fury directly said the purpose of seeing him this time:

“I have a confidential mission that I have to hand it over to you.”

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