Marvel Happy system ch 24

Chapter 24: Red House and Black Widow

“Confidential tasks?”

Looking at Fury’s eyes with only infinite secrets, Lyon suddenly had an inexplicable feeling.

This task seems to be not very simple…

“Have you heard of the name “Red House”?”

“Red house?”

Isn’t that the intelligence agency that trains the Black Widow Natasha?

Lyon was so stunned in his heart, and he replied: “No.”

“That is a secret intelligence agency in Russia that aims to train female agents…”

Lyon listened quietly to the Director of SHIELD and he personally explained the task to him:

“According to reliable information, the “Red House” is in the blink of an eye, and the factional battle has reached the most critical moment. In order to ensure this infighting, it will not pose a threat to the SHIELD and world peace, so I want you to go Russia, and collect relevant information.”

Lyon noticed the subtext between Fury’s words and immediately asked: “Is it alone?”

“Yes, it’s just you alone.”

When he heard Fury, Lyon was surprised and happy.

On the one hand, it is because this is a single-person secret mission, and it is still sneaked into the enemy’s hinterland. The risk factor is very high. If you are not careful, you may be killed by the beautiful agents of the “Red House”.

On the other hand, Fury gave him such an important task, which shows that Fury attaches importance to him.

This task has advantages and disadvantages for Lyon.

However, he has no room for rejection.

After careful consideration, he looked up and looked at Frey. “Understood, when will I leave?”

Fury crossed his hands at his chest and looked at Lyon calmly. “This afternoon. Miss Hill will arrange the flight for you and the new identity.”

“Understood, sir!”

Just after Lyon took over the task and was ready to turn and leave, he was suddenly stopped by Fury:

“And yes, when you get to Russia, be careful to a Russian agent named “Black Widow. She is a very dangerous person.”

“Once you meet her, don’t hesitate, or feel mercy, kill her directly!”

After listening to this Lyon’s body is slightly trembled and his eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. “Do you mean to directly execute the killing order?”

“Yes.” There was a hint of coldness in the calm tone of Fury.

After a long pause, Lyon only said: “Okay, I understand.”

With a bang, Lyon closes the door when he left the room.

“How about it?”

As soon as he came out, Lyon saw Coulson greet him and asked with concern.

Lyon smiled back and explained: “Director Fury asked me to go to Russia, and drank some vodka with the beautiful women of Siberia and squeezed together to warm up…”

“When are you leaving?”

“The afternoon flight. I thought about going back to the Trident headquarters and getting some equipment.” Lyon patted his old man’s shoulder and said with a look of “regret”: “It’s a pity that I can’t accompany you for lunch.”

Seeing the small expression on the face of Lyon, Coulson immediately smiled and said: “I am not a lonely old man, who always wait for you to accompany.”

After that, Coulson seemed to think of something, and suddenly reminded: “Yes, I have something to do with the Secretary in New York. There is a Kun-style fighter on the roof to return to the headquarters. You can take it.”

Lyon didn’t expect to have a plane to ride, showing the color of joy. “That’s great.”

“And pay attention to safety!”

Lyon looked at Coulson’s unrecognized fear on his face and revealed a gentle smile. “I will.”

After an hour…

On the Queen’s plane, from New York to Washington DC, Lyon soon appeared at the SHIELD Trident headquarters.

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools.

Now that the task has been taken, then, it is very necessary to prepare in advance for all tasks.

From Fury’s explanation, Lyon caught two points: the content of the task, and the precautions.

What he has to do for this mission is to sneak into Russia in a new identity and collect relevant information about the “Red House.”

In addition, what he should pay attention to is a Russian female agent named “Black Widow”. Once encountered, the killing command is executed to kill the opponent.

Fury did not say when it will come back.

From another point of view, the subtext is “Give me all the time in Russia before I finish the task!”

In other words, this is a latent task that does not know how long the incubation period is.

To this end, it is very helpful for him to take some small toys that help to cover his identity and collect intelligence.

That’s why, when he just got off the plane, he ran to the Science and Technology Department of SHIELD College.

He saw him coming to a laboratory outside the road, knocking on the sealing glass at the door, and waving to someone who was doing the experiment inside.

The thin boy who turned around and heard the sound smiled after seeing Lyon.

That tender smile is obviously a famous person in the SHIELD Academy – Leo Fitz!

Out of the lab, Leo Fitz asked with some surprise: “Hey! Lyon, how come you?”

However, Lyon looked at him with a serious look and said: “Fitz, I need your help!”

After ten minutes…

In the lab, on the table of Leo Fitz, an open suitcase was placed.

And he introduced Lyon to the little cute people in the suitcase:

“This is a miniature bug, After my transformation, the range of monitoring can be doubled…”

“This is a miniature tracker that is small and difficult to find and can be placed anywhere…”

“this is…”

After Leo Fitz’s tireless introduction, Lyon finally figured out the role of all the tools in the suitcase.

“Right, what you made me before, I just finished the last two days.” Then, Fitz picked up another suitcase from the ground and put it on the table.

With a hand patted the suitcase, Fitz showed some awkward smiles. “I think you should use this mission…”

After receiving two suitcases from Fitz, Lyon patted the other’s shoulder and smiled: “Fitz, thank you! With these tools you provided, I think my mission should be completed soon!”

Scratching the back of the head, Leo Fitz is a bit embarrassed. “Providing equipment for these field agents is our duty, no thanks.”

“More than that, we are friends…”

“Well!” Lyon nodded heavily. “When I come back, call Simmons, let’s go to the last bar and have a drink!”

“Well, I will tell Simmons.”

Say goodbye to Leo Fitz, Lyon once again returned to the headquarters, took his new ID from the still cold Hill, and a ticket from Washington Dulles International Airport to Paris, France.

Then, under Hill’s gaze, boarded a Kun-style fighter ready to go.

Through the window of the fighter plane, Lyon saw the Trident headquarters that was gradually disappearing. The corner of the mouth could not be raised slightly, and the heart whispered:

“Russia, I am coming!”

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