Marvel Happy system ch 25

Chapter 25: 1 Organizational Initiation

“Attention please, we are about to arrive at the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow. Please tie your seat belt, the plane will land in three minutes…”

In the cabin, the sweet voice of the flight attendant sounded.

And Lyon, who has been closing his eyes and sitting in his seat, suddenly opened his eyes!

“Finally reached……”

From Washington to Paris, from Paris to Moscow, Lyon took a long journey of about 13 hours.

When Lyon stood on the land of Russia, he had already turned from a native American, Lyon Coulson, to a Russian who returned from Adrian Berezutsky after study!

Adrian Belezutsky, a piano student who graduated from the Berkeley Conservatory of Music – this is the false identity that SHIELD has arranged for him.

In general, when agents perform long-term latent tasks, they hide their identity and create a false identity in order to gain the trust of others and achieve the effect of getting close to the goal or entering the organization.

For the sake of authenticity, it is not easy to be exposed. The identity of various professions will be distributed according to the skills of the agents.

For example, Lyon, who had ‘learned’ piano during college, was placed as a graduate of such a famous music school.

After all, it’s a bit like playing it…

After getting off the plane, Lyon held a suitcase with both hands, and carrying a backpack, walked out of the airport hall.

As soon as he came out, his whole person was attacked by the breeze brought by the rain, and he violently shuddered.


Looking at the heavy rain in front of him, Lyon was helpless. “Take a dog…”

Shrinking his neck, he put down his suitcase and pulled the zipper of his jacket up, and he called a black taxi near the door.

Lyon bargained with a Russian bearded driver for a few minutes in pure Russian, and then sat on this somewhat humble taxi and flew away to the already booked hotel.

Da da da…

Raindrops are like fearless warriors, constantly hitting the windows, and let Lyon, who first came to Moscow, have no chance to see the night scenes of Moscow.

Soon, while chatting with the driver, the car came to the destination.

“Wash it, wash it (thank you)!”

After bidding farewell to the driver, Lyon took his two suitcases and walked into the Russian translation of the “Aurora Star” under the umbrella of the doorman.

“Welcome home, this is your room key.”

After picking up the keys from the lobby manager, Lyon said a thank you and refused to take waiter’s help for luggage.

After twenty minutes…

Lyon put the baggage in the room, which is simple and can’t be simple, he uses the detector conveniently. After searching the entire room, Lyon, who did not find any monitoring tools, left the room with confidence.

The rain outside seems to be like him, and it keeps going up, even getting bigger and bigger.

Once again, he came to the hotel lobby. From the umbrella stand on the side, Lyon took a black umbrella and looked down at the time in his watch. “It’s almost time, it’s time to come…”

The voice just fell, accompanied by a very obvious brake sound, a black Mercedes-Benz sedan, slammed at the door of the hotel.

Looking at the car of unknown origin, Lyon’s mouth is slowly rising.

“It’s punctual…”

Holding the umbrella, Lyon walked to the car door and knocked the window a few times in a rhythm, and found that the door of the back seat of the car, was opened!

Without hesitation, Lyon got into the car directly.

As soon as he sits in the car, the car immediately started the engine and set off again.

In addition to Lyon, three people were sitting in the car too in suits.

“Agent Lyon?”

A younger middle-aged man sitting in the back seat called out Lyon’s name, with slightly surprised eyes.

It is because Lyon is such a very boy who is sent to perform a secret task. People looking surprised and doubtful.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Lyon said and took out his own SHIELD secret agent certificate from the inside of his jacket, opened the verification to the other party, and asked: “How many of you?”

Seeing Lyon’s documents, the other party seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I am Elster…”

“I am a Mayer…”


The identity of the three is the latent agent of the SHIELD station in Russia.

From the accent of the three people, it is clear that the three people should stay in the Russian branch for a long time.

Lyon felt that he couldn’t fly around aimlessly like a headless fly.

If you want to collect the “Red House” information as soon as possible and complete the task of ‘Nick Fury’, you must start with the local snake!

This is also the reason why Lyon, who had just settled down, immediately met with the intelligence personnel of the SHIELD Russia branch.

As one of the world’s largest intelligence agencies, SHIELD must take intelligence first.

Intelligence representatives know ourselves and represent each other, representing a higher mission success rate, and it represents everything!

After sitting in the car for about twenty minutes, Lyon followed the three people to the outskirts of Moscow. The SHIELD was placed in one of Russia’s safe houses.

“Okay, let’s start the intelligence report!”

Although Lyon is only a Level 4 agent, it is lower than the level of many agents present.

However, due to the confidentiality level of the task, it reached level 7.

Therefore, the agents present at the scene reported to him very well.

Before coming to Russia, Lyon had already got a lot of information from the “Red House” from Hill.

“Red House” is not only a special education institution that specializes in adopting young girls but also uses brainwashing and other inhumane methods to cultivate them into spies and killers. It is also a notorious intelligence agency!

Behind these people, there is more or less the support of Russian officials.

Therefore, many times, depending on the supporters behind it, different factions have different opinions and struggle for power. In the “Red House”, it often happens.

Especially in recent months, this internal struggle has intensified and there have been many assassinations.

“According to our investigations of the past two months, there are also informants, the reason why the internal struggle has evolved from internal to more intense and more open confrontation, because of one person!”

“One person? What do you mean?” Lyon asked curiously.

Mayer continued to explain: “There are two major factions within the Red house. One is the “doves” led by General Andrew Vecchio, and the other is the ‘hawks’ funded by cabinet security minister Luniov. The two sides of the team have always been small frictions.”

“However, just a month ago, the most powerful and famous agent of security Minister, Black Widow sneaked into the official residence of a senior official of General Andrew Vecchi, and killed him!”

“This incident made General Andrew Vecchio angry and directly issued a killing order to the “hawks” officials. It also led to the faction of the two factions, which directly entered the confrontational state of high alert.”

“Well…” Lyon touched his chin and continued to ask. “So, is there any news about Black Widow?”

“According to the latest updated information, the last place where Black Widow appeared was in Novosibirsk!”

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