Marvel Happy system ch 26

Chapter 26: Victims

“New Siberia…?”

When Lyon heard the news of Black Widow, he did not stupidly go to Novosibirsk to find the legendary Widow.

Instead, stay in Moscow and continue to collect information about the “Red House.”

After all, the task he received from Fury is to investigate the infighting situation of the “Red House.”

Have an intimate contact with Black Widow?

It is not the time now.


Perhaps it is time to come, Moscow in summer, can not be called cold.

Instead of the sky, it is the rainy summer.

After spending a month in Moscow, Lyon has informed of the latest situation of the “Red House” infighting through continuous intelligence gathering and investigation.

After all, the reason for the infighting is very simple: Don’t look good, send someone to assassinate you!

Two months ago, at an internal meeting, a senior official of the “Dove”, who had confronted the “hawkish” boss Luniov, directly caused him to be furious.

A few days later, the more he wanted to get angry, Luniov, directly sent his best assassin Black Widow to kill!

The “Dove” boss, General Andrew Vecchi, who was killed, will naturally not stop.

Such assassination is simply a provocation!

Tigers don’t show up, are you when I say HelloKitty?!

As a result, General Andrew Vecchi, who was irritated by anger, began a counterattack and sent assassins to assassinate the “hawks.”

This is the beginning of the infighting…

The infighting between the two sides has become more and more intense after the fermentation of the past two months.

There are more and more officials and agents of the corpse, and the situation has gradually separated from the control of both sides.

In this way, the organization’s upper head could not stand the two factions and continued to fuck, so they ordered the two bosses to solve this ‘slapstick’ as soon as possible.

Under the intervention of the above, the two factions sat at the negotiating table.

However, in this infighting, the ‘doves’ who have the upper hand have raised a somewhat unacceptable requirement: Hand over the murderer – Black Widow!

Only in this way can they accept peace.

After all, this infighting of some children needs a scapegoat to take responsibility.

Even if some are unwilling, the ‘Hawks’ are under the strong pressure from the top and decided to hand over Black Widows in exchange for peace.

However, what the two sides did not think was that Black Widow who died as a victim of infighting, even though some channels, got this amazing news!

Black Widow who knew that she was betrayed by the organization did not smash her hand, but instead lost her identity, residence, communication, and sneaked into the darkness.

And disappeared from the sight of everyone…

This can ruin the ‘Hawks’ people. If you can’t find Black Widow, then this peace talk will be ruined.

Worse, if the ‘Doves’ first caught Black Widow, then the entire ‘hawks’ may be swallowed up by the ‘Doves’ who took the opportunity to play!

Therefore, Black Widow who had been on the ‘Doves’ chasing and killing orders was also very honored to be the ‘Hawk’ herself and issued a hunt…

In other words, today’s Black Widow, like a rat crossing the street – everyone shouts!

However, in Lyon’s view, Black Widow is the key to his mission.

As a personal experience of the “Red House”, if you can find Black Widow in the first two factions, the SHIELD can get a lot of important information from Black Widow!

He felt that Black Widow who was betrayed by the organization and was indignant should not mind disclosing to the SHIELD the confidential information about the “Red House”.

In this way, he can complete the task that Fury gave him, and he can recognize the glamorous Widow.

Even, the opportunity to recruit the homeless Black Widow into the SHIELD, It is not impossible!

That is to say, however, it is not so easy to find Black Widow who is a ghost and hides deeply.

Lyon felt that he still relied on the long-term work of local agents.


The SHIELD station in Russia, in the Moscow security house.

“What intelligence do you have about this Black Widow?”

“Weight, hair color, pupil color, measurements… No matter how subtle clues can help me find this assassin hidden in the dark!”

Hearing the question of Lyon, Mayer, the deputy director of the Russian branch of SHIELD, also handed out a top-secret document and handed it to Lyon.

“The information we collected is mostly useless. After all, this is an assassin who has never been a ghost. The people who have seen her have fallen into a pool of blood, and there is no life.”

“We only know that Black Widow is a white woman, unknown in age, about five feet three inches to six inches tall, and is characterized by a red-blood color hair.”

“However, we believe that Black Widow has not left Russia.”

“After all, the people of the entire Red house have set up a large number of people at customs and airport various entry and exit points. It is very difficult to escape from the country by conventional means and flee abroad.”

When Lyon heard the very confident speech of Mayer, Lyon had a different opinion.

“I think she can leave, but she doesn’t want to.”

“Hey? How?”

Lyon placed the documents on the table and asked: “Imagine if it were you, the trusted organization betrayed, and was prepared to hand over it as a scapegoat.”

“Would you be willing to run away like this, and you will be chased and killed by people, and you will not be able to live in peace?”

Mayer’s brow wrinkled, and then looked at Lyon in a strange way with little hesitatingly: “You mean… She may still lurk in Russia, looking for opportunities to fight back to those who chase her?!”

“Maybe…” Lyon licked his temple and said: “And maybe she is just lost, I don’t know how to be good…”

“I am not her, I don’t know what she is thinking. Maybe, when we find her, we will find out…”

When Mayer heard the words of Lyon, Elster work standing on the side was a bit strange. “Well? Agent Lyon, are you not going to find this Black Widow?”

“Well, I have this idea.” Lyon nodded and explained: “As an insider of the organization, the intelligence that Black Widow knows is definitely more valuable than the intelligence we are constantly trying to test at the corners.”

“If we can get the source of information from her mouth, then it will be very helpful for our future actions in Russia.”

For Lyon’s calm, Elster’s work is a little excited: “That is what you say, but you have to know that what you have to face is a female assassin who never left anyone alive till now!”

“If we go to her, don’t say we can’t find it. If we find it, we won’t be able to catch her.”

“After all, the other is a Black Widow!”

Feeling the concern of Elster’s words, Lyon just smiled. “I don’t intend to let you go with me.”

“I am alone, it is enough.”

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