Marvel Happy system ch 27

Chapter 27: Opera House

After comparing the various data of the SHIELD and the inference of the clues, Lyon got three potential hiding points where he could find Black Widow.

They are Samara, Omsk, and Novosibirsk!

Samara is one of Russia’s most important transportation hubs. The route from Central and Eastern Europe to Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan to Samara is the shortest and the easiest to escape.

Omsk is the border city of Russia and the second largest city in the Siberian Federal District. It is a good choice to leave Russia for the first time.

The last Novosibirsk is the third most populous city in Russia, second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is a great place to hide and make people come and go.

Moreover, here, the last time Black Widow appeared…

However, Lyon was thinking about going alone, going to three hiding places and searching for Black Widow. In the end, he still couldn’t make it.

The same as the SHIELD agent, even knowing that Lyon’s skills are very good, and is also the famous ‘strongest newcomer’ of the SHIELD, the people of the Russian branch, still do not worry to let him alone to track Black Widow.

Besides, the efficiency of a person’s search is too low.

So, after sending two sets of agents to Samara and Omsk, Lyon can only choose to go to the last place to find the infamous woman…

On the latest flight, Lyon quickly came to Novosibirsk, the third largest city in Russia.

Siberia, meaning ‘land of tranquility.’

As the largest city in the entire Siberian region, Novosibirsk is not quiet, but very lively.

The sky is gray, perhaps thanks to the many factories here.

However, it still does not affect Novosibirsk and is a member of the list of the most popular tourist cities in Russia.

Before coming to Novosibirsk, Lyon was prepared for nothing.

This is the last place where Black Widow appeared. However, it has been a month since the information was sent.

Don’t say that a month, a week, a few days, or even just a few hours is enough to change a lot.

Maybe Black Widow has already left the city…

In any case, this is already the best way Lyon can think of.

If there is no clue in these three places, then he can only return to New York with less perfect information and report to Fury.

That ending is what Lyon wants the most and is the least acceptable.

So, next, he can only pray, pray that Black Widow did not leave Russia and stayed here…

Using fluent Russian, Lyon quickly settled down at a local hotel.

When he landed in Novosibirsk, it was already sunset.

When the night came, he left the hotel room, wearing a thin windbreaker, and went to the first place where Black Widow might appear: ‘Yelena’ ballet classroom.

According to intelligence, female agents trained from the ‘Red House’ will learn ballet.

On the one hand, it is to exercise the body and shape the beautiful body; on the other hand, it is to use this skill to serve as a ballerina in the future to cover up as a special agent.

Therefore, Lyon felt that it was necessary for him to search for all the ballet classrooms and ballet companies in New Siberia.

If you can find the traces of Black Widow, then it is worthwhile…

However, after a few hours of visits, he did not have any gains.

Standing in front of the traffic lights at the corner of the street, he looked at the traffic and sighed involuntarily.

“Call… the last one.”

Then he bowed his head, use the pen to cross the name of the last ballet classroom on the note and whisper.

“The next step is the Opera house…”

Lyon looked at the time in his watch. “It’s almost 10 o’clock, and the rehearsal of the ballet is almost over…”

At this moment, he suddenly reached out his hands and patted his cheeks, trying to get up.

“Come on, man, don’t give up!”

After giving himself a boost in his heart, Lyon moved forward to the next target location.

This time, it is the famous Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre.

In Russia, ballet dance is very popular. It can be said that Russian girls like this noble dance.

Ballet operas specializing in various classics are also very popular in Russia. Naturally, the theater is a public entertainment venue that is also spread throughout Russia.

There are many theatres in Russia, but the most famous ones are the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Novosibirsk.

As one of the three most famous song and dance theatres in Russia, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre is not only one of the most beautiful landmarks in New Siberia, but also a gorgeous stage where many ballerinas dream of wanting to board.

A number of well-known ballet companies are here to rehearse and perform.

Therefore, Lyon feels that he may get a piece of news from Black Widow from these people.

Thinking of this, Lyon’s pace has also accelerated a little.

Passing through the last sidewalk on Krasne Street, he can see the outline of the opera.

When he stood in the square in front of the opera house and looked at the circular building that was as beautiful as a star, he couldn’t say a single word and just sigh.

“What a nice view!”

Against the backdrop of the lights, the entire opera house looks like a sacred place, and people can’t help but fear.

Lyon stood in front of the main entrance of the opera house and deeply imprinted the whole opera house in his heart before it opened its long legs and entered the opera house.

Perhaps it was because there was no performance today, or there was a lot of audiences who came to watch the ballet rehearsal. The security personnel was not too distressed. Just simply asked him a few words and let him enter the small theater.

Lyon’s time is very accurate.

When he came to the small theater, the ballet on the stage had not finished the rehearsal, and still danced in the beautiful piano accompaniment.

And under the stage, he also sat down on the ground, and many came to watch the rehearsal audience.

Lyon, who is condescending, looks around and quickly sees the entire small theater environment.

He slowed down and walked along the aisle, step by step toward the stage.

Just as Lyon is about to come to the audience in the first few rows, the difference is steep!

A female audience sitting in the seat next to the aisle suddenly got up and was ready to turn and leave.

It happened that Lyon stood in front of her and blocked the other side’s way.


The two were too late to dodge and hit the face directly!

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