Marvel Happy system ch 28

Chapter 28: Natasha Romanoff


With an exclamation, the woman who was hitting was slightly back.

The step back, it is even a careless, stepping on the air!

Looking at the other person, the whole person fell backward, Lyon’s muscles tightened, quickly stretched out his right hand and fished, and hugged the other side’s waist.

Although she avoided the embarrassment that the woman fell backward, the coat that the woman was holding on her hand was floating on the ground.

However, at this moment, neither of them had time to pay attention to the coat that fell on the ground.

Four eyes, Lyon’s blue eyes, paired with a pair of hidden mysterious blue.

From those eyes, Lyon seems to have seen the inquiry, surprise, and a trace of confusion…

When Lyon was taken away by the pair of eyes that seemed to be able to suck the soul, the woman’s words recalled his reason.

“Now, you can let me go…”

“Hmm? Oh yes!”

Under the other’s reminder, Lyon hurriedly released the hand that clung to the other’s waist.

“Very embarrassed, I…”

As he explained, he moved his gaze from the other’s face.

Until now, Lyon has seen the other side’s appearance.

This does not matter, directly let his heart shake, the pupil suddenly magnified several times!

A soft black curly hair adds a touch of serenity to the charming face.

The blushing lips are set against the nose of the tall nose.

Everything in front of him shocked Lyon and couldn’t help but shouted.

“It’s not a waste of time to break through the iron shoes!”

The charming woman standing in front of Lyon is exactly the same as the widow’s sister in his heart!

From the head of the other side, ‘Natasha Romanoff, good feeling: cold’, you can know that this brunette beauty is exactly what he wants to see, and is also the person who has been pursuing this time. – “Black Widow” Natasha Romanoff!

Someone who is excited is not aware of how rude it is in the eyes of the other person who stares at each other in a blind eye.

The woman’s eyebrows are lightly wrinkled, slightly red lips, and said again: “It doesn’t matter…”

After that, the woman was slightly sideways and wanted to bend down and pick up her coat on the floor.

At this time, Lyon, who had already identified the other person’s identity in his heart, raised his eyebrows and bent down with his speed faster than the other side, and picked up her jacket.

Passing the coat to the other side, Lyon then showed a charming smile. “Your coat.”

“Thank you.”

The woman took the coat and thanked him and turned away.

Looking at the back of the woman’s gradual departure, Lyon stood in the same place, but the corner of his mouth slowly drawn an arc. “Finally found, my little toy, don’t let me down…”

. . . . . .

Just out of the opera house, Natasha Romanoff did not know why suddenly turned back and looked at the opera house behind her.

“That person…”

She has a feeling that it seems that something is wrong, but she can’t say it exactly what.

Natasha stood in the same place, pondered for a moment, and finally shook her head and left behind the messy thoughts and whispered: “Maybe I am so hearted…”

Later, she put on her coat and walked down to a few blocks away from the moonlight.

Just as Natasha left the scope of the opera house, a tall figure slowly walked out from the darkness of the opera door.

“Call… almost found, the vigilance is really high, it is best not to be too close…” Lyon whispered a few words, then pulled out his BlackBerry from his trouser pocket and opened the satellite positioning system.

After a while, a two-dimensional map appeared on the screen of the phone, a red and a green dot shining.

Seeing this scene, Lyon also showed a relaxed smile. “So now, see where you are going next!”

Five minutes ago…

In the opera house, although the time of the conversation between the two was not long.

However, while helping Natasha to pick her coat, Lyon put the micro tracker that he had taken from Leo Fitz to the other’s clothes!

That’s why, when he saw Natasha leave the opera, he didn’t try to stop or talk to her further.

Because he doesn’t want to expose his intentions so quickly…

With the tracker, he can find Natasha’s residence first, and then make contact after a period of observation, not too late.

With such an idea, Lyon took the phone and followed Natasha far away.

Perhaps she didn’t think that the man who met for the first time actually put the tracker on her coat; perhaps it was along the way, and the thoughts drifted into the distance.

All in all, until returning to her residence, ‘Black Widow’ Natasha, who was being tracked, did not find out that there was a pair of familiar eyes in the 700 meters, watching her closely.

Watching Natasha walk into a single-family apartment, hiding in the darkness, Lyon takes off the miniature telescopic glasses on the bridge of the nose and muttered to himself. “You lived here… but why?”

Find a place where the target is located, is more convenient next…

Lyon did not inform the SHIELD for the first time, calling for support, but rented an apartment a few blocks away from Natasha’s residence.

He was very curious. After Natasha was betrayed by the organization, why did she stay in Russia and did not flee immediately?

He feels that it is better to secretly observe than to ask people to be closer to the truth.

To this end, in the next two weeks, he did not deliberately approach Natasha but used the high-tech gadgets he brought from Fitz to monitor the other’s movements and try to find out the other’s life. So the pieces of broken pieces are pieced together.

In a short period of observation, the harvest is not too much.

As a very good spy, ‘Black Widow’ Natasha is not vegetarian.

Although She doesn’t know if her house has been exposed, and even being monitored. However, she completely followed the cautiousness of the deep blood and did not let Lyon get too much valuable information.

Basically, have no contact with outsiders!

No one has ever been to her residence!

Even the phone in the house didn’t ring!

It’s only a few habits in her life that Lyon could record in his notebook, and there were laws of work and rest.

For example: “Like a cup of hot milk before going to bed…”

“At 6 in the morning, get up on time; go out in the morning…”

“Go three times a week to the opera house and watch the rehearsal…”

Even Lyon saw the contents of his notes, but he also showed a bitter smile. He couldn’t help but swear: “What the hell am I doing?! How can it be like a voyeur…”

Just as Lyon hesitated, was it time to visit Natasha in person, let him unexpected things happen!

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