Marvel Super Extraction ch 1

chapter 1: Slept with Iron Man

“If I give you a chance to crossover to the Marvel World, are you willing?”

“Yes or No.”

Jiang Yuan looked at the prompts popping up on his computer screen and he was quite angry.

Although it is normal to put the virus on the seeds of the website, it seems that the 80% website contain viruses and my luck is so bad that I have access almost all of them. Now I am downloading a movie, It will be successful soon. At this moment, the computer suddenly comes a virus prompt. Jiang yuan really got frustrated.

Jiang Yuan, who did not want to handle this, so he first pulled out the computer’s internets network plug.

Regardless of whether it is corrupted or not, unplugging the network and disconnecting the network, this can effectively guarantee the security of one TB of resources in his computer.

After unplugging the internet, Jiang yuan did not use the mouse to point towards Yes or No, but directly forced to shut down by pressing the computer’s shutdown button.


Jiang Yuan was surprised when he is shutting down the PC.

No matter how much he presses the power button, he can’t turn off the computer.

“Sure enough, computer got the virus, I still don’t believe that I can’t shut down the system.” Jiang Yuan directly unplugged the computer.


Then the shocking scene appeared in front of Jiang Yuan’s, the computer still did not shut down.

Seeing such a situation, Jiang Yuan’s body was shaken by self-imposed tremors, and then quickly took the mobile phone on the side, opened the web link “Facebook”, quickly typed a line, and also took the computer desktop screenshot. Posting: “Suddenly meet the opportunity to cross, what should I do, online urgently? Quickly reply!”

“What are you waiting for, immediately crossover!”

“Through without hesitation!”

“Are you from the mental hospital?” Someone in the Qingshan Psychiatric Hospital ran out.”

“Is there an option to crossover in a group, if It is possible to please make me come with you…”

“Seek +1!”

“I also want to go with you ……”


Jiangyuan posted only out of habit, nowadays in the big network era, it is a normal thing to take a street shot, WeChat, friend circle.

This transcendence has always been a matter of being ridiculed by the people and thinking that it is impossible to really exist. Now it really appears in front of Jiang yuan, and his mood can be imagined how excited.

Sending a post is also to loose some pressure from the shock, by the way, after the computer is unplugged, it is a virtual power, or it is really a problem.

Slightly read the comments, waited for a few minutes, to make sure that the desktop computer is really unable to turn off the power, followed Jiang Yuan in the post below the reply: “Sorry bro, Only one can travel through, I am going to enjoy alone bye-bye.”

After replying, Jiang Yuan pressed ‘Yes’ on the display of the computer.


The next second, He saw that the suction suddenly came from the computer screen, turning into a black hole to suck him in the computer.

Suddenly his body turn into sand particles and entered into the computer screen.

“Sure enough, it is crossing.” Jiang Yuan’s eyes flashed and did not resist anything.

When Jiang yuan appeared again, he appeared in a room who has lots of sci-fi type of look which is just look like in movies.

On the surrounding walls, there are some virtual projections.

“It hurts, who is curseing at me…” Jiang Yuan swayed by his own painful head, then opened his eyes, subconsciously shouted, and then: “Fucking hell…” curse came from the mouth of Jiang Yuan, while the sound came out, it was accompanied by the sound of the object being thrown to the ground.

Jiang Yuan’s mood will be quite bad.

Although in the current situation, he really crossed.

But after he crossed, He is holding a man and sleeping together, what is this bad situation?

Am I became a Girl?

Or Am I a gay in this life?!

Whether Which one, the ending is quite bad.

Jiang Yuan has already begun to consider this, whether he should commit suicide.

“Good morning, Master Jiang Yuan.”

When Jiang yuan is thinking, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in the room.

“Jiang yuan, what are you doing?” With the mechanical sound, a man sound also comes from the bedside who was kicked on the ground by Jiang Yuan. He climbed on the bed and staring at Jiang Yuan.

This is a middle-aged man with jujube-coloured hair, a Western face, and a handsome man with a moustache.

At this time, the middle-aged uncle was very dissatisfied and looked at Jiangyuan.

Tony Stark!

Seeing the other side at the moment, Jiang Yuan recognized each other.

“First tell me what have you done.”

The next second, Jiang Yuan violently bounced off the bed and rushed to Tony Stark, who is on the ground and punched.


Tony Stark, who was attacked by the sneak attack, his eyes slammed by a punch and suddenly became a panda eye.

“Shit, Jiang Yuan, are you crazy, although dad” left a message before he died to let me take care of you, but it does not mean that you can beat me like this, I am your brother you know.” Tony Stark angry said to Jiang Yuan in an angry manner.

The two were instantly trying to beat each other.

After fifteen minutes.

The two separated and appeared in a living room.

At this time, the Pepper Potts was wearing a professional attire and was giving coffee to two people.

“Jiangyuan, you misunderstood Tony?” The Pepper made a coffee for two people and asked why the two men were fighting, and then smiled at Jiangyuan Road: “You and Tony last night was drinking with each other, I bring you and Tony from the Bar.”

“…” Jiang Yuan.

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